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The Greazeburger Incorporated Logo.

Background: In 2019, thousands of educational videos used within the American Public School System were spontaneously replaced with a documentary film detailing the origins of a multidimensional megacorporation known as Greazeburger Incorporated. Due to the surreal, vaguely humorous, and outright anomalous content featured within the film, both the video itself and its subsequent distribution were believed to be a project coordinated by individuals affiliated with the anomalous art organization AWCY.

However, almost a year later, Greazeburger Incorporated was revealed to be a legitimate corporate entity when they suddenly commandeered a former Walmart Supercenter from another third-party corporate entity that had claimed the location several months prior. While the exact circumstances behind this bizarre scenario are still unknown, this event sparked Greazeburger’s presence and involvement in this dimension.

Since then, Greazeburger Incorporated has been involved in numerous attempts to sell miscellaneous products to the general public and sub-veil customers alike.

Overview: Due to Greazeburger’s status as an interdimensional megacorporation, it is almost impossible to gain significant information about the exact size and scope of their influence. However, several key pieces of information have been obtained as a result of the released documentary and the unusually talkative manner present in most Greazeburger employees:

  • All individuals employed by Greazeburger are cloned from the apparent founder and owner, Ebenezer Greaze, and possess two-syllable first names in addition to the Greaze family name. While members of the Greaze family share almost-identical genetic code, various alterations cosmetic or functional in nature provide them with varying degrees of anomalous enhancements or physical variations not included in the standard genome.
  • Greazeburger’s involvement in this dimension is managed by Greazeburger Earth, a subsidiary company operated by Martin Greaze. Notably, they receive limited support from their parent company, leading Greazeburger Earth to construct partnerships with third-party sources.
  • Despite Greazeburger’s evident origins as a fast-food chain, Greazeburger Earth’s products are extremely varied. This is largely a result of their extraordinarily unprofessional and chaotic behavior, which is suspected to also continue within Greazeburger at large.
  • Most of Greazeburger and Greazeburger Earth’s goals seem to center around the production of ‘Greaze Juice’, a liquid substance that can apparently be created by mixing various potent anomalous ingredients together. The exact purpose of the substance is unknown, and an actual recipe seems to be nonexistent, with the selection of ingredients relying on personal opinion. Currently, no ‘Greaze Juice’ samples have been obtained.
  • Greazeburger employees that are considered valuable1 are subject to genetic duplication in event of death or departure from the company2, and are replaced with near-identical copies of the original. As a result, important Greazeburger staff are functionally immortal.
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