Grabnok The Destroyer
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Grabnok the Destroyer12

Thomas Yaltz, SCP-507-R3, The Reaper4


Our group has a certain reputation of sorts, you can say5. That of wanting all walks of life, whether mundane or not, to be free. Free to live out their lives without the Jailor's shackles and cages for the sake of "normalcy." Free to be themselves. Free to just…exist. And usually, people would be right to assume that of us.

However, there must always be some exceptions. Grabnok the Destroyer is one of those, and quite a monumental one. Because their presence would mean the death of all life as we know it.



A still from footage of an unfortunate world Grabnok the Destroyer manifested in, captured by SH-Drone 100308 prior to their self-destruction67.


Traits: Because of the inherent effect that Grabnok the Destroyer possesses, it is impossible for us to accurately describe their visage. However, it can be surmised that they look similar, if not identical, to most other variants of Thomas Yaltz8 that the Jailors across the World Tree have imprisoned within their walls.

Grabnok possesses a latent ability to disappear from its home universe and manifest in another, random universe in at least two week intervals9. Based on our encounters with previous versions of Mister Yaltz, Grabnok cannot control this ability. Unlike the effect that they are most known for, this is one they have possessed since birth.

Grabnok's very presence causes the instantaneous death of all beings who inhabit the same universe they are in101112. This occurs regardless of the species, flesh or lack thereof, or complete sentience and sapience of these beings, down to a cellular and bacterial level. This effect ignores distance and dimensional barriers, and has resulted in no shortage of Libraries having become forever and permanently silent.13

Nature: Despite their name and devastating ability, Grabnok the Destroyer is not doing all of this out of malice.1415 In fact, the few glimpses we were able to receive of them, thanks to assistance from crafts donated to us by The Tinkerers, Grabnok appears to be forlorn, dark circles around their eyes and what appear to be self-inflicted scars across their arms.16

However, just because its effects are something they don't want anything to do with, doesn't make them any less dangerous as a being. It is estimated that Grabnok the Destroyer has caused the total loss of life in at least 260 universes across Yggdrasil.

History & Associated Parties: Grabnok the Destroyer was originally imprisoned by the Jailors of their universe, as is the unfortunate fate of the majority of Thomas Yaltz versions throughout the World Tree.171819 From recovered information about them, their life under internment was uneventful, until they had Shifted into a world affected by The Reaper's Cave.

By the time they returned to their home world, whatever vector causes people who pass through The Reaper's Cave and "become death" in order to spread its effect had latched onto Grabnok, causing the death of their home universe in the blink of an eye.

It is not known how long it took Grabnok to connect the dots between the dead world they had Shifted into and the reality they are now in; nor how many universes they have doomed because of these two abilities that they cannot control. But it is believed that it has all had, at best, a severely deleterious and depressive effect on their mind.

Approach: If Grabnok ever appears in your universe, it is already too late for you and everyone else. The best you can do - any of us can do - is pray to whatever gods you adhere to that they do not show up2021.

Other Detail: It is not known if Grabnok the Destroyer has attempted to travel via the Ways. However, given the continued existence of The Gardeners222324, either they have not done so, or the Gardeners are immune to the vector. It is a minuscule comfort either way.

Observations & Stories

"Grabnok the Destroyer…such a silly name, for someone who's unwantingly caused omnicide to so many worlds252627

"I've been fortunate enough to never have stumbled upon the worlds that have fallen to 'Grabnok' and the biohazardous effect that's befallen them2829. I count myself lucky every day, all the while fearing that at some time, within the infinite branches of our World Tree, my luck might soon run out30.

"The truth is, however, that I'm not afraid of them, not specifically313233. In fact, I pity them, for a fate that was forcefully put upon them. I am afraid, however, that I, too, could end up in a world ravaged by the Reaper's Cave, and end up just like them."

(They shudder, and do not speak about Grabnok for the rest of their time here.)

- Visiting Agent Hopper34

Item No.: SCP-507-R

Object Class: Apollyon35

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-507-R's return to our universe is an inevitability that the Foundation has no counter-measures against. The option of the Euthanasia Protocol is being considered by O5 comm|

- Recovered documentation from what is presumed to be Grabnok the Destroyer's home universe, retrieved by Sentry 72 prior to their self-destruction36.


- Graffiti etched onto a derelict building in branch WL2935-T, presumed to have been written by Grabnok themselves. Captured by SH-Drone 241 prior to their self-destruction37.


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