Golden Moth Museum

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Welcome to…


Good day, visitor! Welcome to my museum and R&D. Here at Golden Moth, we value the research and preservation of only the highest quality artifac-

What's that?

The artifacts here aren't that good?

Well you can bugger off then.


Welcome to our Metaphysics department! It's a fledgling research department all about, you guessed it, the metaphysical world.



Fun fact, the Golden Moth institution was founded after we discovered this marvelous specimen! We helped discover the mechanisms by which life functions in the metaphysical realm.


Ah! I see you've found our Egyptology department! It's quite small so far but our teams are actively searching for more to put on display. Just across the corridor, to the left of our patented Crocodile Death Pit, you'll find a cat adoption center. Please do pay it a visit!



Our Egyptology research team had a lot of fun finding this one. Ever wondered about ancient aliens? Well, we finally have an explanation for that; this artifact!


Welcome to our Internet Culture and History department! Despite it being staffed exclusively by teenaged interns who are payed in "dank memes", the area is surprisingly clean! Do mind the stray memetic hazard.



This artifact was a joint project with the wonderful curator hungrypossumhungrypossum. Surprisingly enough this qualifies as an artifact, by our standards at least! We've thoroughly scrubbed any and all memetic hazards from this artifact, so you should be free to look at it without worrying about waking up on a bathroom floor at 3 AM.


This is our newley opened Entomology Department! Hold your party poppers, you don't want to startle the insects. Please do read the posters, and just follow me-

No, that's not a typo. Our guards will beat you with life-sized replicas of various insect wings until you leave if you erroneously use "bug" and "insect" interchangably.



You wanted a golden moth? You got it baby! This specimen is our largest yet, actually. Now we can officially say we have the largest lamp in town. 😎

Well, that's the end of this guided tour! I sincerely hope you enjoyed this.

…yes that's it.

Yes, there's only 4 departments with 1 artifact each right now. But stay tuned! We're steali- pardon me, we're searching for more constantly! Keep checking back here to see what we've got.


Reviews for the Golden Moth Institution have rolled in! Let's take a look.

"4/5 stars, the museum is great but the staff wouldn’t show me the 'golden' 'moth'" - FishishFishish

"1/5 - damn the writings pretty good but i thought this was the golden goth museum. very disappointed" - SketchyTh0ughtsSketchyTh0ughts

"4.5 stars - Excellent aesthetic here and the curator is a class act. Artifacts are interesting, I'll tell ya that! Quite…valuable…as well, hehe!" - Dr LercheDr Lerche

"0/5 stars, not enough moths" - RhineriverRhineriver

"Why do they call it museum of gold moth when you see em the gold moth of out read the muse articles?" - Boogey_Man23Boogey_Man23

"Where. Is. My. Golden. Moth? I've been looking all over the souvenir shop yet nothing. Apart from that, it's alright. 3/5 stars." - winkwonkboiwinkwonkboi

"3.5/5 I was told I would get a real golden moth at the end of the tour but all I got was this rock covered in highly-toxic lead paint. The artifacts were pretty sick though." - cwazzycwaftercwazzycwafter

"I've seen the golden moth. They showed it to me. This did happen. I did see it. It was beautiful. I'm not lying. I promise it was real. I definitely know that it happened. I'm pretty sure what I saw was the golden moth. 0/5 stars." - DeadcanonsDeadcanons

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