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You know what’s more terrifying than an all-powerful, secret organization that hides monsters in the shadows? Covering our eyes to the real terrors of the world, controlling everything we know?


They’re not alone.

Welcome, artists of yore, to


An unofficial SCP art challenge for all,
created and ran by assorted members of the community!

The idea is simple: for every day in October, the curators of this artistic frenzy have given a specific tag to have art created for and articles read from — think SCiPTEMBER, the idea that unfortunately didn’t hit full swing this year and as such inspired GOITOBER.

But of course, it could never be so simple. We don’t work with ordinary tags here; every single day is a different GOI, POI or GOI-related-character tag for you to choose from — enough of that Foundation, it’s time for others to shine.

When you've read a great article from the tag, feel free to leave a comment and talk about how you liked it! If you made art and posted it offsite, feel free to link it using the following format, under the respective tab:

[[div class="blockquote"]]
[your-link ARTICLE TITLE] by [[*user yourusername]] (ART--OFF-WIKI)

//{{Optional flavor text!}}//

If you posted straight to the wiki, link it using this slightly different code:

[[div class="blockquote"]]
[[[/article-slug|Title of your art / article page!]]] by [[*user yourusername]] (WRITING / ART)

//{{Optional flavor text!}}//

There’s no enforcement on theme — though it is spooky month — so go buck wild. From big to small, major to minor, 500 articles to 5 articles, here are your tags for GOITOBER 2023. Good luck.

Use the Tag Search to find articles!


And now, a collection of works.


Researcher Jamison’s Submissions, Day 1: SCP-7853 by Bapycara (ART)

An amazing read.

Flores' GOITOBER Submissions 2023, Day 001 by MasonFloresMasonFlores (ART)

I like his character so much, cunning and charismatic at the same time

Tuukon's submissions GOITOBER 2023: Day 1! by TuukonTuukon (ART)

Something funny to offset all the spooky stuff.

SCP-4256 - Bootlegger's Press by RhineriverRhineriver (ART—OFF-WIKI)

Big fan of fucked up thaumiels

GOITOBER Day 1 - Chicago Spirit by Dino--DrawsDino--Draws (ART)

Chose Carrol #105: The Jabberwock by GremlinWC! For my first GOITOBER piece! It was a fun read, and I am a sucker for face-stealing monsters. Interpreting its design was a real treat for my creature-design enjoying heart.

GOITOBER DAY 1: Chicago Spirit by @fungiwhale (ART—OFF-WIKI)

Very cool!

GoItober day 1: Chicago Spirit by GuezmaGuezma (MEME—OFF-WIKI)

A man and his entourage.


Flores' GOITOBER Submissions 2023, Day 016 by MasonFloresMasonFlores (ART)

Do you ever wanna watch a movie dedicated to you?

GOITOBER Day 16 - Vikander Kneed by Dino--DrawsDino--Draws (ART)

SCP-7806 by HarryBlank sure was something to read KJHDFGKJHDFGKDHF so here have. This drawing.

SCP-6780 - 'helth by dado' Brought to You by Vikander-Kneed by RhineriverRhineriver (ART—OFF-WIKI)

Crossover of the century

GoItober day 16: VKTM by GuezmaGuezma (MEME—OFF-WIKI)

You ever noticed how many of their productions include big stars who can never remember participating?

period drama, by melendeztmelendezt (ART—OFF-WIKI)

i barely understood the joke, can anyone explain? 👉👈

Spot's GOITOBER2023 Submissions, Day 16: Vikander Kneed by spotkittyspotkitty (ART)

Looks like Mari MacPherson wants to show off her human head pumpkin carving skills that she learned from Sam Hain. Don't worry, the pumpkin is probably fine.

Thanks for reading, writing, and creating.

GOITOBER is an unofficial event and is not organized by or affiliated with wiki staff; rather, it would not have been possible without the work and ideation and “very smart big brains”1 of RhineriverRhineriver, ThatGuyThatTimeThatGuyThatTime, AwhRyanAwhRyan, Cicada3301FanCicada3301Fan, and typoenjoyertypoenjoyer! If you have any questions, contact any of those mentioned via Wikidot PM or Discord.

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