Going Out
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On 9/18/2011, SCP-703 manifested an instance of SCP-703-1. Analysis revealed it to be a list of items produced by SCP-703, dating back to its initial containment. Referencing with updated documentation has reinforced the classification of SCP-703 as a sapient non-organic. Analysis of this document's content is ongoing.

Item: Aluminum can.

Note: Weighed 21.32 grams.

Status: Retrieved 14.78 seconds after appearance.

Item: Red paper.

Note: Contained drawing of a circle.

Status: Retrieved 11.12 seconds after appearance.

Item: Green pen.

Note: Contained red ink.

Status: Retrieved 10.09 seconds after appearance.

Item: Stuffed tiger.

Note: Name was "Paulie."

Status: Taken after 9.00 seconds.

Item: Picture of me.

Note: Aesthetically pleasing.

Status: Taken after 10.01 seconds.

Item: White paint.

Note: Usable for restoration purposes.

Status: Stolen after 9.89 seconds. Was not used for restoration purposes.

Item: Three (3) bullets, .45 caliber, hollow point.

Note: Acceleration was below expectation.

Status: Stolen post-impact.

Item: Gaseous matter.

Note: Unsafe to breathe.

Status: Stolen via inhalation after 20.6 seconds.

Item: An apology

Note: Made with care.

Status: Taken after 45.78 seconds, without remark.

Item: Sweet things.

Note: Is this better

Status: It wasn't.

Item: Your briefcase.

Note: Left it in your office.

Status: Sorry about the stain.

Item: Sheaf of papers.

Note: Helpful.

Status: Helped.

Item: A better lock.

Note: You seemed worried about it.

Status: I'm sorry.

Item: One of the black boxes.

Note: I'm sorry I cheated, wanted to help you move.

Status: Went through them. Broken up.

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