Groups of Interest Contest!

Winners Announced! :D

Some Comments from Judges!

Current Teams

Team Name: Constellation Starfish
Members: faminepulse (Captain), SoullessSingularity, djkaktus
Group of Interest: Fifthism (5)

Team Name: Rapid Nomenclature Shift
Members: Ihp (Captain), HammerMaiden, Von Pincier
Group of Interest: Church of the Broken God (CotBG)

Team Name: The Goddamn Robots, John!
Members: toadking07 (Captain), Dr Reach, AndarielHalo, and Tagliafierro
Group of Interest: Manna Charitable Foundation (MCF)
Team quote: "Relief, Where It Belongs."

Team Name: Those Other Guys
Members: Crayne (Captain), Rejekyll, OZ Ouroboros
Group of Interest: Herman Fuller’s Circus of the Disquieting Hub

Team Name: Captain Roget's Merry Skip Club Band
Members: Roget (Captain), Drewbear, weizhong
Group of Interest: Unusual Incidents Unit (UIU)
Team quote: "You used to tell me stories, as if my dreams were boring. We all know conspiracies are dumb."

Team Name: Total Newbs
Members: Ryuta, GuardedFlames
Group of Interest: Doctor Wondertainment Hub (DRW)
Team quote: "Half of us are irrelevant. Half of us are overachievers."

Team Name: FederationOfMisconception
Members: Dr Hockenberry (Captain), Dr Poke, Nighkos
Group of Interest: "Nobody" HUB (NB)

Team Name: Peace, Love, and [REDACTED]
Members: Smapti (Captain), InsipidParoxysm, Zolgamax, giant enemy spycrab
Group of Interest: Are We Cool Yet? Hub
Team quote: "Are we contest yet?"

Team Name: SHAYTAN
Members: Eskobar (Captain), Dancin Bear, Pemander007.
Group of Interest: Office for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts (ORIA)

Team Name: Non Sequitur
Members: A Random Day (Captain), Sad Xiao, DrKidd, EdAWACSdenyY
Group of Interest: Prometheus Labs Hub (PL)
Team quote: "Won't the Real Slim Shady please stand up?"

Team Name: Team Muppets
Members: TwistedGears (Captain), Chubert, MissMercurial
Group of Interest: Chaos Insurgency (CI)

Team Name: Isinglass
Members: thedeadlymoose (Captain), Dexanote, Vivax, Zyn
Group of Interest: The Serpent's Hand (SH)
Team quote: "Sturgeon bladder."

Team Name: The Other Game In Town
Members: Gaffsey does not match any existing user name (Captain), Silberescher, rumetzen
Group of Interest: The Black Queen (TBQ)
Team quote: "Self-esteem is for losers."

Team Name: Djoric's Mojo
Members: Captain Cain (Captain), Randomini, DrKens, Jabonicus does not match any existing user name
Group of Interest: Marshall, Carter, and Dark (MC&D)
Team quote: "Damn it Kens! You're the fucking Peter Pettigrew of this ensemble!"

Team Name: The Team That May Or May Not Be Called FRAF
Members: Rathayibacter (Captain), Synthrax
Group of Interest: Global Occult Coalition (GOC)
Team quote: "Cameraman visibly recoils and whispers an obscenity."

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