Excerpts from PHYSICS Division Threat Entity Database
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The Global Occult Coalition classifies paranormal Threat Entities into five broad categories, based on the general knowledge available regarding said entity. Threat Entities are named using the following format:

  • A three-letter code indicating threat category.
  • A unique casefile number.
  • One or more codeword descriptors.
  • An informal description of the threat entity.

EXAMPLE: KTE-7912-Spiral-Blackchild: "Alternate Dimension Portal, Cornwall."
The nomenclature indicates that this is a Known Threat Entity (KTE), casefile number 7912, that it is both a localized space-time rupture (codeword Spiral), and that it was created by a demi-deity (codeword Black [demi-deity], modifier -child [paranormal artifact created by]).

PHYSICS Division Field Manuals
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