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On this day two years ago, SCP-5257 began experiencing some tech issues. Due to these issues, site staff had to lock it down to where an article could not take its place. Following this occurrence, four more SCP slots fell victim to this glitch. From this point forward, these slots became known as "Slot Goblins".

Well, these glitches have subsided and the slots are now officially free to be used. To celebrate, we're holding GoblinCon as a competition to fill these five slot goblins! To do so, each slot will be given its own theme and you will have seven days to write an SCP article for exactly one of those themes of your choice. Let GoblinCon commence!

So what's the gimmick here? Well, in honor of deletions being the cause of slot goblins — there can only be one! Any article that fails to win the contest (and be granted one of the formerly goblined slots) will be wiped away from the wiki! It's a battle royale, and only the last article standing will survive!

Well, okay, when we say "wiped away from the wiki", we mean unlisted for two weeks. We won't actually be deleting the articles (unless an author asks), but we'll be hiding them to get the ambiance as if we had and preserve upvotes/comments. At the end of the two week period, talk to a staff member and we'll relist your article into an open SCP slot.

Slot Goblins, Themes, and Winners:

3775 - Class of '76: A Wild Party

5257 - Glitches: A Crappy Idea

6467 - Fantasy Goblins: Boblin the Goblin

6109 - Battle Royale: Melitzah

6183 - Deletions: B L A C K B O X

Important Dates:

Announcement: May 12th, 2023, 12:01 AM Eastern Time
Posting Opens: May 19th, 2023, 12:01 AM Eastern Time
Posting Closes: May 25th, 2023, 11:59 PM Eastern Time
Results Decided: June 2nd, 2023, 12:01 AM Eastern Time
Articles Relisted: June 16th, 2023


Entries will appear here after the posting period begins on May 19th, 2022, 12:01 AM Eastern Time

SCP-3775 - Class of '76

SCP-5257 - Glitch

SCP-6467 - Fantasy Goblin

SCP-6109 - Battle Royale

SCP-6183 - Deletions

Final Results

Congratulations to BillithBillith for winning Goblincon with their entry, SCP-6183!

Entry Instructions:

This contest is a little bit different, so read carefully!

1. Post your entry to the site with the url 'goblincon-XXXX-[yourusername]' with the slot you are entering for in place of XXXX and your site user name in place of [yourusername]. You should give the article a title in the format of 'SCP-XXXX - YOUR TITLE'.

For example, if I (stormbreath) was submitting my article "Kirk Lonwood Community College" to the Class of '76 theme, my article would have the url 'goblincon-3775-stormbreath' and the title 'SCP-3775 - Kirk Lonwood Community College'.

2. Add the tag "goblincon2023" to your entry so it shows up on this page.

3. Add the corresponding theme tag for whichever theme you are interested in. The following are the available theme tags:

"_goblin-76" for SCP-3775
"_goblin-glitch" for SCP-5257
"_goblin-goblin" for SCP-6467
"_goblin-royale" for SCP-6109
"_goblin-deletions" for SCP-6183

Do not post before posting opens; this will result in a disqualification!


As previously stated, adding the tag "goblincon2023" to your entry will cause it to show up on this page and you will need to add your theme tag so we know which theme you are theme you wish to enter. We encourage you to also tag your entries yourself if you feel comfortable with doing so. To make the whole process smoother, we have Laymen's Tagging Guide and a list of all current tags. Please make sure to consult these when self-tagging, they're great resources!

Do not add the "scp" tag yourself! This must be performed by a member of the tagging team!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone in the tagging subteam for assistance, either via Wikidot PM or on MAST's official Discord server.


  • Be kind to others. Unsporting conduct will not be tolerated and can lead to disqualification of your own entry.
  • Only one entry is allowed per user and you are only allowed to choose one of the five themes. Collaborations are allowed, but that will count as the one entry for all collaborators. Collaborations must be under a single theme.
  • Pre-existing drafts are not allowed. All entries should be brand new in origin.
  • Edits are allowed while the posting period is ongoing. After the posting period is closed, edits that change the article's content significantly will no longer be permitted. SPaG edits are allowed, as are cases approved by the contest marshalls.
  • Articles can not be submitted anonymously for this contest due to time constraints regarding the short posting period.
  • Winners will be determined by vote count. There will be first-place winners for each theme, as well as a Grand Prize Winner for the entry with the highest overall vote count. The first-place winners will have their articles moved to their corresponding "slot-goblin" slots as their prize. The Grand Prize Winner will have an article of their choice featured on the front page.
  • Contest entries will undergo normal deletion processes.
  • Any contestant who takes unusual and/or negative actions to increase their vote total, or decrease that of their competitors, will be disqualified for the involved contest and potentially banned from further contests with the possibility of further disciplinary action being taken depending upon the act in question. Examples of shenanigans include, but are not limited to:
    • Downvoting all of your competitors' work within minutes of posting.
    • Spamming other users with messages concerning your work.
    • Spurring Malicious Upvoting/Downvoting, whether on your work or anyone else's.
  • The contest marshals for this contest are stormbreathstormbreath, ModulumModulum, NaepicNaepic and WhiteGuardWhiteGuard. As stated above, if you have questions concerning the contest, feel free to reach out to them or another Community Outreach team member. The contest marshals will have the ability to disqualify entries for violations of the above-listed rules, egregiously poor sportsmanship not otherwise enumerated, or failure to fit the theme. All decisions are appealable to the contest marshals.

Special thanks to ModulumModulum for the banner design created in preparation for this contest!

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