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Welcome to my Author's Page (Do I capitalize that? Does it matter?), dear reader. Now, I know why you're here, and that's to take a look at what I've got under my belt in terms of articles. Or you wanted to get in contact with me. Or you were just curious about me. Or you happened upon this page by stumbling upon the link. Or you found it through some other, esoteric process. There, I think I covered all my bases. Whatever the reason you come here, your questions should be answered below, in convenient tab view for ease of viewing, though of course I wouldn't mind it if you wanted to look at everything.

I'm GlassAutomatonGlassAutomaton, a writer on the wiki, and a member of IRC and Discord Crit staff as well as operational staff. My hobbies include writing to procrastinate, playing games to procrastinate from writing, and in case any workplace somehow found this from a background check, giving my all for the team and working hard to meet deadlines.

In terms of topics, in case you're interested in proposing a collab or something along those lines, they include but are not limited to:

  • Humanoids. This much should become evident upon looking through my articles.
  • Science fiction. Specifically androids for some reason. Couldn't tell you why.
  • Things with solid characters.
  • Fantasy things to do with gods.
  • A good creature feature.
  • Informative/technical documents about fictional systems or creatures. Which I get is like at least 15% of the stuff on here.
  • Comedic articles.
  • Corporate satire.
  • A lot of other stuff, so assume this is a non-exhaustive list.

Are you open to me writing about your articles, using characters from them, etc.?
I'd be more than happy if you used anything I wrote, be it an idea, character, or anything else I made. I just ask that you let me know beforehand, but I'm really open to most things, so feel free.

Would you like to do a collab?
I'm open to collaborating with others on a piece, so feel free to reach out. My availability for a piece might change, depending on if I'm working on something or if I have personal obligations. Then, of course, it comes down to whether or not it's something I want to work on. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

Why do most of your articles look like that?
I try to leave them on a neutral theme so as not to alienate any possible viewers who might look at a wacky theme and assume the article is part of some larger thing they've got to commit to reading. Also I'm largely unfamiliar with coding and multimedia creation.

Are all your articles in the same continuity?
In general, I'd say yes, although in most cases I assume the things I write will be able to be consumed individually, unless they're tales or series with that in mind. I know that might contradict part of my last Q&A but uhhh

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