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Hey there, my name is Rohan and I write horror stories that are impossible to do fan art for could be happening to you right this second without you realizing it.

SCPs Written


The foyer of SCP-2329, October 3rd, 1914. Records show four Foundation personnel were present in the room when this picture was taken, one sitting in each chair.


…But Nobody's Home


Activated instance of SCP-2453.


Pregnancy Test


The transmitter unit (left) and receiver unit (right) of one instance of SCP-2672.


Baby Monitor


A sample SCP-3525 manifestation, with identifying location information redacted.
The identity of the driver pictured is currently unknown.


A 5-Star Lyft Driver


Test subject after 7 months of exposure to SCP-3948 (left) and his SCP-3948-altered reflection (right). Note differences in hairstyle, nose and lip shape, and facial hair.


The Man in the Mirror


Provisional Site 4330-31 after a failed attempt at subverting SCP-4330, June 3rd, 2010


A Moment of Silence


The planet Earth, now abandoned, is the most specific known location of SCP-4266.


The Thing that Makes You Kill People


The DVD case of SCP-4964.


A Bootleg DVD of The Shaggy Dog


William Shatner (pictured above) is both immune to SCP-4429's primary effect and the target of its secondary effect.


William Shatner's Cover of "Common People"


SCP-4767's current logo, constructed from subject testimony. The Latin inscription roughly translates to "Please Wear Pants".


Oh God, I Forgot I Had This Class

and the Final Exam is Today


William Porter, pictured above at age 5, is an exact genetic match for every instance of SCP-4662.


Billy's Already Home


In lieu of a bunch of author commentary, here's a bunch of cool things that inspired my writing, all of which I recommend checking out.

SCP-2329: …But Nobody's Home

I was originally planning on linking here to an old SomethingAwful forum thread about a (supposedly real) insane story where the poster starting realizing that he was the only tenant of his apartment building but I can't seem to find it anymore, so instead I'll go to bat for The Twilight Zone. Over the years I think the show has become more known for its twist endings than anything else, which is a shame because there's some damn good storytelling on display. I'd argue that there's no other work of fiction with as great an influence on this wiki - even if you've never watched it, you've definitely watched things by people who have. A few favorite episodes, in no particular order: "Shadow Play", "Number 12 Looks Just Like You", "Long-Distance Call", "The Hunt", and "Nick of Time".

SCP-2453: Pregnancy Test

This SCP started out life as a sort of "evil twin" to SCP-348 by Zyn, although it ended up in a very different place - thanks in no small part to Zyn herself, who coauthored 2453! I don't know if anyone reading this is unfamiliar with 348 but it's perhaps my favorite non-horror piece on the site so I'm recommending it regardless.

SCP-2672: Baby Monitor

Horror is subjective, so I can't be sure that Mockingbird will have an effect on you. But it certainly has one on me, to the extent that I'd rank it among the most chilling pieces of horror fiction ever made. It was originally created by a short horror film collective called Fewdio, whose videos you can view here - I've sorted it oldest-to-newest because all of their old stuff is worth watching, up to and including "Baby Sounds", after which I think the main creative minds behind the channel left and all the videos afterwards are pretty skippable. Some of those minds then went on to create a new channel, Daywalt Fear Factory, whose videos you can view here.

SCP-3525: A 5-Star Lyft Driver

This SCP has a digression into baseball statistics that I'm mentioning here mainly because I don't actually particularly like baseball much… but I really enjoy the work of Jon Bois, a sportswriter/humorist/speculative-fiction author/video producer who I really like. In particular, I had just watched his video on Lonnie Smith, which is a story about a player I'd never heard about in a sport I don't care about that I've now watched multiple times. You can read/watch more of his stuff here; if you only have time for one, I'd recommend this one on the most lopsided (and insane) football game of all time.

SCP-3948: The Man in the Mirror

The most surprising thing about Bubba Ho-Tep - a movie where an Elvis impersonator who thinks he's the real deal and a black guy who thinks he's JFK team up to defeat an Egyptian mummy in their nursing home - isn't that it's funny, because of course it is, but that it treats its protagonists with dignity. Well, mostly.

SCP-4330: A Moment of Silence

I genuinely don't know where the idea for this came from but while writing it I ended up dropping in a few references to avant-garde composer John Cage so I'll talk about him. Cage is best known for his piece 4'33", where for 4 minutes and 33 seconds the orchestra does not play their instruments and the music is instead supplied by any ambient noise that happens during that time. He also is responsible for a number of works created randomly (literally, randomly) using star charts and the I Ching, a Chinese divination text. Consequently there are a number of people who dismiss him as a hack or a fraud or a pretentious ass, which I totally understand and agreed with for a long time (and honestly it still might be true). The thing that turned me around, though, was this interview with him where he lays out his philosophy on music and sound; if he's a fraud, he's at least a committed one.

SCP-4266: The Thing That Makes You Kill People

The Expanse is one of the best TV shows ever made and one of the few works of science fiction where both the science and the fiction aspects are treated with respect. It combines politics, culture, good old-fashioned space explosions, and genuine hard science in a way that I've really never seen and only occasionally read. Fair warning, while it's decent from the start I think it really only gets cooking by episode 4 of season 1.

Jam-Con Entries! (SCP-4964, SCP-4429, SCP-4767)

These stories were made for Jam-Con 2019, where entrants only had 48 hours to conceive and write fiction. Quickfire entries deserve quickfire inspiration, so…
SCP-4964: A Bootleg DVD of The Shaggy Dog - Check out this incredible somethingawful review of Tim Allen's terrible show, Last Man Standing.
SCP-4429: William Shatner's Cover of 'Common People' - Apart from the obvious, this is inspired by this catastrophe of an interview with movie star Billy Bob Thornton.
SCP-4767: Oh God, I Forgot I Had This Class and the Final Exam is Today - Y'all, everyone should read Douglas Adams. If you've already read him, it's time for a re-read.

Other Stuff

I've written a number of freelance articles for, which you can check out here (although their author pages seem to be a little broken at the moment as I've definitely written more stuff than listed). If you only have time for one, you might enjoy this one about a dumb fan-theory I came up with for The Shining.

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