what do I do if I have ghosts at home?

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BeardedBully 12/18/21 (Wed) 21:04:57 #35967821

Hi, i'm relatively new to the forums, i always read them for entertainment and i really like horror stories even though i've never been much of a believer in esoteric stuff and stuff. i wanted to ask for help or at least some advice for this situation i've been dealing with these last few weeks. i already talked to people in different forums and chat pages like reddit but no one takes me seriously.

a few weeks ago (about two weeks at least) i moved with my partner to a new home as we both got jobs in a city close to where i used to live and it was more comfortable for us to move together to a new home to start a new life as adults and blah blah blah blah.

the thing is that as soon as we finished moving we decided to relax and have a barbecue in the backyard of the house. so far we had not had any problems, neither with the neighbors nor with the house itself. but still something felt out of place, i don't know. the vibes?? i don't quite understand how that works but my girlfriend mentioned it several times.

to give you some context, our new home is located on the edge of a beautiful forest. close to the house there are also large parking lots and large green areas beyond the forest behind the house. basically it is our huge backyard shared with the neighborhood.

the first few days living there we didn't have many problems since, well, at least i didn't often find myself at home. i am a doctor and we have been very busy lately.

back on topic, my girlfriend told me several times that she found things out of the place where she left them. at first i thought it was because (probably) she was too proud to admit that she lost things or just forgot where she left them.

or so i thought until it started to happen to me too. first with small things, the playstation joystick, the car keys or my socks for my slippers. then, it started to be bigger things and therefore annoying. a vase we had in the dining room changed places four times in one week.

the televisions started to fail, the internet too. we called the service provider to complain and got them to send technicians to check what was going on. they told us that the electrical box had sulfated fuses and that they had already changed them. a few days later, everything started to fail again, same complaint, same procedure and same problem.

all this wouldn't be much of a problem if it hadn't been for the fact that something horrible happened last night. We were getting ready to go to bed and we did our routine: we cleaned up, locked all the doors and turned off the lights downstairs (where the dining room, kitchen and so on were located).

we went upstairs, went to bed and i put on headphones with music to sleep. my girlfriend watched tv for a while until i fell asleep. after an hour or so, my girlfriend woke me up with a jolt. i took off the headphones and a little confused i asked her what was going on.

she signaled me to be quiet and we stood still in the dark. i didn't quite understand what she meant, but just as i was about to complain i was interrupted by some banging. on the first floor there was a very, very loud banging, as if the front door was being kicked in or something.

i immediately got up and asked my girlfriend to call the police. i put on a pair of pants and went downstairs to see what was going on. when i got to the stairs i found that the living room light was on. which was totally ridiculous because we always made sure everything was off, it was routine.

standing on the stairs, i looked straight at the front door leading to the street. the knocking had stopped but i was still on the lookout for anything that might happen. i yelled to my girlfriend to come down and join me but she refused.

i finished going downstairs to turn off the light in the living room and they started banging on the door again. like they were desperate to open it or something. i have no weapons, i had nothing to defend myself with so i grabbed a knife from the kitchen.

i'm not entirely sure about this part but i think it went something like this: i was about to turn off the light and when i approached the switch near the door i could hear someone turning the lock on the door, as if the lock was being removed.

i got really scared, i'm not the bravest person in the world but i still stood still waiting for something to happen.

the door opened by itself after a few seconds. and nothing else.

that moment was horrible and will probably be a trigger to move (again). i'm very concerned about the safety of both of us so right now i'm looking for another place in case something happens. these days i'm going to change the locks on the house too. oh, the police never showed up.

now, with the context. what do i do? i was told to talk to a priest because what happened is not normal, but i don't know how it all works. i was also told to put salt at the entrances of the house and to look for quartz stones to protect me from bad spirits. does anyone have information about that?

solarplexusclownglider 12/18/21 (Wed) 23:01:28 #66987523

good creepypasta. its kind of gone out of fashion isnt it??

CelticPumpkin 12/18/21 (Wed) 23:25:21 #24427475

I'm going to ignore the fact that there are no capital letters in your text, and I'm going to think that everything you say is true. Have you already tried putting black or gray candles near the entrances to the home?

It is often said that salt is useful to keep out spirits and all bad energies, but it is not infallible and energetic charges involve more complicated things than just pouring salt in your home to keep them away.

Regarding candles, they are capable of channeling certain energy in the same way that some minerals would do, citrine quartz necklaces are also useful.

✨ KoreSephone ✨ 12/18/21 (Wed) 23:45:30 #21047518

Oh, thread about energies. One piece of advice I can give you is that you and your girlfriend should vibrate high. Good auras are always the pillar to avoid bad energies in and out of your daily life and home. :DDD

rONIn 12/19/21 (Thu) 00:07:06 #38047575

You're not going to tell me that you really believe him. xD

CelticPumpkin 12/19/21 (Thu) 00:10:55 #24427475

Why not? If he asks for help, it's probably because he needs it. If he is an ARG or something like that, he is the one wasting his time. It doesn't affect me at all, and it probably doesn't affect you either, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

BeardedBully 12/19/21 (Thu) 00:20:20 #35967821

I'm back. In answer to celtipumpking I want to say that I still don't know how to use the computer very well, I'm old-fashioned but I manage to do something, my girlfriend is helping me and correcting me as much as she can.

We are going to try all your advice, we are scared but we are also trying to face the situation with the best possible attitude. I googled a couple of things and saw something that may help us. But for now we are sticking with the initial advice. Now I must go to rest, these are not very pleasant days.

✨ KoreSephone ✨ 12/19/21 (Thu) 01:11:14 #21047518

Best of luck bbys. <3

PyroHeim 🔥 12/19/21 (Thu) 05:04:33 #21047518

Finally an interesting thread. 👀

solarplexusclownglider 12/22/21 (Sun) 14:55:32 #66987523

what happened in the end? did they die or what's up?

PyroHeim 🔥 12/22/21 (Sun) 18:44:44 #21047518

idk, I'm still waiting. he said he was a doctor or something so they must be busy or probably got eaten by the boogeyman.

BeardedBully 12/22/21 (Sun) 22:00:21 #35967821

Things did not get any better.

We have a very, very strong feeling that someone is watching us all the time. We also get sudden chills and can hardly fall asleep. And yet, all this is not the worst of evils.

rONIn 12/22/21 (Do.) 22:10:12 #38047575

And why don't they just move house or something like that? I mean, it seems stupid to me that they look for a solution in internet forums COINCIDENTALLY ORIENTED TO PARANORMAL AND MYSTERIES.

✨ KoreSephone ✨ 12/22/21 (Sun) 22:12:00 #21047518

Shut your mouth, asshole. :D

bluehairtwins 🦝 12/22/21 (Sun) 22:16:13 #00330033

Shut up, the guy is trying to tell what happened to him.

PyroHeim 🔥 12/22/21 (Sun) 22:17:20 #21047518


BeardedBully 12/22/21 (Sun) 22:20:22 #35967821

A while earlier my partner let me know she was on her way home, she was at work and I stayed behind to fix things.

I was struck by the fact that she was taking longer than usual so I called her a couple of times but she didn't answer her cell phone. Clearly I was concerned, but I tried not to pay too much attention to her because she had probably been delayed with something at work, which can happen.

Within minutes she sent me this image:


She told me that she was very scared and that it had been haunting her for a couple of minutes.

She is with me now. She is still very scared.

PyroHeim 🔥 12/22/21 (Sun) 22:21:44 #21047518

well. shit.

✨ KoreSephone ✨ 12/22/21 (Sun) 22:23:07 #21047518

Scary. ;;;

CultistPumpkin 12/22/21 (Sun) 22:30:05 #24427475

Sounds like you guys have worse problems than a couple of bad vibes.

I can only recommend that you get out of there urgently, seek help somewhere other than the internet. Perhaps a pastor at the nearest chapel might be of more help to you. Whatever you do, do it very carefully.

beholdthebananafury 🍌🍌 12/22/21 (Sun) 22:34:23 #44484432

for some reason they remind me of the guls, they're like some kind of corpse-eating demon or something. idk if it's a real thing but be careful anyway.

rONIn 22/12/21 (Sun) 22:35:55 #38047575

It is a bad photoshop, bad resolution. :pp

solarplexusclownglider 12/22/21 (Sun) 23:01:24 #66987523

now that there is a photo, i don't know whether to believe it or not. anyway, i dont know, be careful just in case.

BeardedBully 12/22/21 (Sun) 23:30:24 #35967821

We decided to go to my mother's house. None of us want to stay another night around here. Thanks to everyone for the advice. We will probably take a break from everything until we find out what is going on.

✨ KoreSephone ✨ 12/22/21 (Sun) 23:31:21 #21047518

It is probably the best choice. Good luck good luck ✨✨✨

CultistPumpkin 12/22/21 (Sun) 22:35:05 #24427475

I'll keep an eye out just in case. Good luck, cowboy.

✨ KoreSephone ✨ 12/22/21 (Sun) 23:36:28 #21047518

What happened to them? I have never in my life been so attentive to a thread hshshshsh

Bully said they lived near a forest or something. Do you think it could have been a monster from there?

beholdthebananafury 🍌🍌 12/22/21 (Sun) 23:37:37 #44484432

I spent all my time stalking this forum but from what I could see it looks like something very bad. I pray I never come across something like that in my life.

CultistPumpkin 12/22/21 (Sun) 23:40:05 #24427475

I'd say stop talking and wait to see what happens, I'll keep an eye out in case OP posts something again.

BeardedBully 12/23/21 (Mon) 03:33:33 #35967821

Hey. We arrived at the town where my mother lives, we were looking for parking near the subdivision where she lives, and…


solarplexusclownglider 23/23/21 (Mon) 03:34:02 #66987523

i am almost 100% sure that it is not edited

beholdthebananafury 🍌🍌 12/23/21 (Mon) 03:37:45 #44484432

what the fuck is with the thing in the back, is it the camera angle or is it FUCKING HUGE?

CultistPumpkin 12/23/21 (Mon) 04:20:05 #24427475

I hope I am not late. Don't leave the house for now, especially when there is no light. If I remember correctly I read a report about creatures like that, they have a horrible smell whenever they are near and they are not hostile but they are an omen of bad omen. Please, and I insist, take care of yourselves.

rONIn 12/23/21 (Mon) 07:02:24 #66987523

The only thing missing is for them to make a video, some famous youtuber or something like that, and you're done. Better ARG 2021.

solarplexusclownglider 12/23/21 (Mon) 08:30:22 #66987523

oh brother what a pain in the ass you are, go to hell

✨ KoreSephone ✨ 12/23/21 (Mon) 09:55:16 #21047518

I just woke up and came running to see if anything had happened. I hope OP is ok. :(

CultistPumpkin 12/23/21 (Mon) 12:25:05 #24427475

Yes… Me too. I want to imagine that everything I read are conspiracies or rumors, they were very ugly things.

PyroHeim 🔥 12/23/21 (Mon) 16:33:44 #21047518

Not to be the annoying killjoy, but if it's what I think CultistPumpkin says it is, then OP probably isn't the best guy in the world. The faileas are entities of misfortune and ill omen that haunt people with corrupt souls or something like that. Here's a report which talks a bit about that: http;//www.paranormalfilesandcryptids.net/9847_gaélic-shadow-disgrace.

CultistPumpkin 12/23/21 (Mon) 17:32:45 #24427475

I didn't want to say anything, but…

bluehairtwins 🦝 12/23/21 (Mon) 22:32:43 #00330033

Bearded didn't post anything, can you let me know if anything happens? By private chat please.

✨ KoreSephone ✨ 12/23/21 (Mon) 23:41:22 #21047518

I'll let you know, no drama. I'm also pending :(

solarplexusclownglider 12/25/21 (Wed) 19:00:44 #66987523


rONIn 12/25/21 (Wed) 22:23:11 #66987523

The champion seems to have run out of ideas.

PyroHeim 🔥 12/25/21 (Wed) 22:55:11 #21047518

I don't think so. It looked like something serious, and compared to other things I saw, I don't think it's a fake.

CultistPumpkin 12/29/21 (Sun) 17:30:00 #24427475

Well, I have news.

bluehairtwins 🦝 12/29/21 (Sun) 17:31:00 #21047518


✨ KoreSephone ✨ 12/29/21 (Sun) 17:32:10 #21047518


CultistPumpkin 12/29/21 (Sun) 18:00:01 #24427475

"Said occurrence took place on or about the 05th day of the present month. Local authorities report that the accused subject carried his victim, his wife, for two weeks before he was properly apprehended. The detainee was found at the home of his mother, who refused to cooperate with authorities in locating his whereabouts. News in progress."

"Experts affirm that the man suffered from mystical delusions, suspecting paranoid schizophrenia. In addition, he had 3 complaints of domestic abuse at the time of his arrest."


✨ KoreSephone ✨ 12/29/21 (Sun) 18:02:10 #21047518

My God… I can't believe it. I can't believe it. are you sure it's the same person from the posts?

CultistPumpkin 12/29/21 (Sun) 18:03:04 #24427475

Quite a lot, at least for me. If you look at the photos in the story, you'll notice that one of the places where the reporter is standing is almost identical to the place in the last photo he sent.

bluehairtwins 🦝 12/29/21 (Sun) 18:05:21 #21047518

I don't know what to say…

rONIn 12/29/21 (Sun) 19:43:11 #66987523

I just saw it on the news, the guy lived near me. I'm not sure how to feel.

PyroHeim 🔥 12/29/21 (Sun) 19:55:48 #21047518

I'm not quite sure what to say either.

beholdthebananafury 🍌🍌 12/29/21 (Sun) 20:02:02 #44484432

It seems to me that the smartest thing to do would be to say nothing.

🗿 IbarraWasntHere 12/29/21 (Sun) 20:04:00 #99989765

Banana is right. I've been monitoring this and just realized I should have closed it long ago. Get on with something else before you get in trouble.


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