AUTHOR: SCPF Staff Member Ronald Dupont
FILE CREATED: ████-██-██
CURRENT PURVIEW: SCPF Department of Spectral Phenomena

NOTICE: The following document was recovered from Laboratory #2 at Site-14, following the death of the author (cause unknown at the time of writing). It is believed to relate to the Artificial Intelligence Applications Division, and PROJECT: LUMINAL in particular.


Three months ago we created a mind
designed to help us navigate the stars
The soul of an astronaut, wrought by human hands

Three weeks ago, we killed it

A power surge and a faulty fuse connector
We booted them up in the morning to find

And honestly
although it's hard to admit
I never felt too bad about it
I'm a poet, not a brain scientist
(or a rocket surgeon)
I'm here because I devoted my life to emotion
and the study of the psyche

When all is said and done
their death was an honest mistake
There was no malice
Just a little bit of carelessness
and some bad luck


The AI's been copied
and backed up
and restored
There's duplicates running everywhere now
Not the same, of course
but close
Does it make up for that one fatal accident?

I think it does

It still doesn't change the fact that
every night
in our old lab
broken servers flicker on
and scream

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