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Legal Designations: Dr. Horatio Gifts and Dr. Eleanor Gentle

Positions: Researchers, Site-11

Clearance Levels: Level 3

Works in Progress: See attached drafts

An Interview with Dr. Gifts:

An Interview with Dr. Gentle:

Articles Written By GentleGifts

SCP-4001 - Alexandria Eternal - Rating: +1039, Comments: 103
The contents of the books represent the absolute truth and history of the individuals contained within.

SCP-4042 - Somebody to Love - Rating: +124, Comments: 16
"At least I'll always remember the sound of her crying."

SCP-4043 - Gaia - Rating: +441, Comments: 44
"It'll be bad, and we'll see a lot of complex species go extinct. Probably including us."

SCP-5052 - The Hand that Mocked and the Heart that Fed - Rating: +144, Comments: 21
"The Words of Truth are a lie."

Tales Written By GentleGifts

Alexandria Burning - Rating: +332, Comments: 14
In the darkness, she heard a voice speak: 'No. But I will remember you.'

Family Matters - Rating: +25, Comments: 6
"I've always wanted to meet your folks. Are they anything like you?"

Other Pieces Written By GentleGifts

SCP-4001-J - Life, Read Right to Left - Rating: +90, Comments: 13
Though we'd all feel a lot better if this thing that will kill us all if it burns or floods wasn't located underground in the most earthquake-prone nation on Earth.

To Swear An Oath - Rating: +25, Comments: 8
I do accept that I will be a judge and a jury to them that I shall keep,
But not an executioner.

Collaborations and Contributions

If You Are Reading This - Rating: +154, Comments: 40
If you're reading this, then I'm dead.

A small addition to the collaboration between Jacob Conwell, djkaktus, Zyn, Decibelles, and Roget.


SCP-089 - Tophet
Sacrificing one person for the good of the many is straightforward enough, yes?

SCP-1342 - To the Makers of Music
Their final message to the beings that unjustly and selfishly killed them was a mesage of love and peace.

SCP-4001 - Alexandria Eternal
This feels like something out of a Series I SCP, and is pretty cliched, but it's all adding towards the idea that this anomaly cannot leave Foundation control, regardless of the cost.

SCP-4231 - The Montauk House, Part One
Here's the mindset of our abuser. She feels like she's owed this, like she's owed his body. He is hers.

SCP-4231 - The Montauk House, Part Two
They don't really care if they are innocent, and didn't yet deserve to die, because to leave them unchecked would be catastrophic.

SCP-309-J - how do i delete articles
After all, we were all noobs who had only read 173 and 682 at some point, and we should remember the joy and wonder we had at that time.

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