General Harland's Personnel File

Name: Harland Sanders.
Since recruitment by the Foundation, he has attained the rank of General.
Note: This rank is as legitimate as the original “Colonel.”

Security Clearance: Level 2

Position: Head Chef
Sub-Position: Assistant Researcher

History: Harland Sanders was brought to the Foundation’s attention in 1955, when his now-famous restaurant ███ was gaining notoriety and rapidly spreading across the nation. A Foundation agent, upon tasting the food, reported that he suspected an addictive, anomalous agent was present in the food, presumably introduced via the signature “11 Secret Herbs and Spices,” and recommended Harland Sanders be brought in for questioning.

After suitable analysis determined there were no anomalous properties other than fresh, delicious ingredients, Harland Sanders expressed interest in a job. After heavy debate involving “he’s a civilian, and a security risk,” countered by “but, his chicken is really good,” Harland Sanders was offered a minor position as Head Chef in the breakroom of site ██, after administration of Class-A amnestics to ensure he had no actual knowledge of the Foundation’s activities.

After Incident-4571-C, Harland Sanders was offered a permanent position as Assistant Researcher, and reports of his death were dispersed in 1980. He has caused pleasantly few containment breaches.

SCPs Documented by General Harland
SCP-1283- Radio Panic
SCP-1309- Time-Locked Town
SCP-1468- Literature Birds

SCPs Documented in Collaboration with others
SCP-1577- A Flare Gun, with Researcher Voct
SCP-1992- Indecisive Mobile Home, with Dr. Roget

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