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hi my name is dolphin and welcome to my poetry corner. please listen to this music for me. it’s good.

i dont have any fancy css or anything.


anyway. the general format of this author page is as follows:

1. poem title is a link

2. poem is about the link

3. theres author commentary if you click the last line of poem

0. there are some headers if you want.

its there.




SCP-2755, Brevity of Writ

in jest, i find

my heart, beat hard

SCP-1168, A Highly Immature and Completely Unofficial Parody


the fire

that burns our tongue;


the flames

that scorch our flesh;

the poison's deadly pepper

the iron, branding hide—

sanctifying passion, come

SCP-4166, (Former) Teenage Succubus

holy water burn me

stake of mine strike true

with innocence arrested

what are we, but the

somethings in the back of our minds

SCP-4070, Just Something He Thinks About


I found the truth

through gas' fire;

it shimmers in God's light

But truth will never set me free—

SCP-4830, Head Like a Hole

Hard to be a human

Hard to give a shit

Bullet to the temple


SCP-2721, Eli and Lyris


they are one grotesque amalgam of flesh

she is a horrorterror of tissues

i am the eldritch fuckup

"lovecrafts shitstain" medium: asspaper

SCP-ℸp♡9, - or, KTE-6561-Black, or, dolphinslugchugger and scarhaver's GAW-1 proposal, or, 8008132, or, Our Friend Who Lives By The Lake, or, The Lake, or, A Very Important Question, or, The Reason We Did Something New This Time, or, Go Big or Go Home

Why does blood, not stone, run through your veins?

If you were to find a berry in the woods, would you eat it?

If you were to find a stream, would you drink of it?

Be still.

Breathe in.

As you know yourself,

as you know these answers,

SCP-4405, Time Ends on a Fridays

Our legacy,

Our heritage:


fuck there are so many of these god damn things. theres so so many. im so tired.

im gonna go to my default of haikus for most of these.

Alto Clef Jr.: Fins of the Father

As his father was

He rises from the ashes


He who cleans a mess

Yet doesn't love the cleanly


Outside, ozone, suffocating.

Lightning striking



bodies electric,

a bank of payphones desperately ringing





I ain't a kid anymore.

I got a job,

got lives in my hands.

Human race 'n all.

But I still cry.

I still cry in the rain.

I miss the dirt.

I miss the feeling.

I miss feeling…

Chaos Praxis

He took out his pocket knife.

There was blood.

It happens.

He'd put the pillow from his bed against his mouth, and…

He'd always hated this part.

He'd always hated this part.

Alto Clef Jr.: Virus Alert

Backlit by starlight,

front lit by lamplight,

a figure descended the concrete steps

pausing before the door,

closing his eyes

Alto Clef Jr.: Étoile et toi

Amber coronas

upon eclipses

and he,

Agent Pocket Ukulele Through the Fire and Flames

In front of her

her mounds of paperwork were infernal.

Walls were draped in flame.

Her wood filing cabinets, even, alight.

What? she thought.

The Hotel California Presents: Ecce Farcio

Buck scraped the ground in front of him, pointing his bat to the sun,

wound up,

and swung right into Zeke Don's worthless skull



the skull breaking in, head caving,

three times,


brain and blood squishing out and backspattering from the newbroken scalp,


six times,

splattering outwards, sticking onto the baseball bat's shaft, spilling onto the beach, like a semicongealed pudding.

Some People Call Me the Goose Cowboy

You can call yourself a joke

but that doesn't make you funny.

Do you know what you are?

The Cure

Silence filled the cabin.

All there was was only the steady hum of engine,

and bumps from potholes,

and a lunatic filling the air.

Empire of Sand

The sun hung sliverthin upon the dunes

behind the gunman as he got up.

He brushed some of the sand off his pants

put his wings into his pockets.

And he walked towards it

over the dune.

GOC Agent x Reader (Reader is a Gun) [GONE WILD] [GONE SEXUAL]

you lie,

you both,

for what seems like hours.

sharing the heat.

【Nightcore】Dopesmoker by Sleep (Full Album) and the Revenge of Drone

Upon the dunes of the Algodones stood a man, imposing upon midnight.

The fruits of his labor bore upon him in the night:

muscles burning

lungs ragged

and a small ceramic urn.

He picked it up,

held it close to his chest

and fell backwards into the sands

To The Sickest Bastard i Knew

Dear Child Gregoriy:

Every single time I lay down my head to sleep I see those wreched Gallows.

I see that bloody sun drench the gnarled timbers of that damned engine, oozing upon it as it churns, as it whines, spits; I see it beat down upon both the watchers and the observers alike. Like they deserve to be. I see those spattered planks span the horizon, splattered by the sweat and the tears and the piss and the vomit. And I see the Children, dressed in those rough sinewcloth cloaks, marching their oblations into the engine's gaping maw, the stewards wrenching all-who-gaze's heads to abrupt attention, to pull them fully into the spectacle.

And I looked.


Anime is Art Too, Guys

He watched the buildings,

and the sights,

and the people

all blur together in his gaze outside the train,

forehead placed against the glass,


april fools haha. author pages are for dorks

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