Gears Day Collection

Dr. Gears by Shiro

To say Dr GearsDr Gears' importance to the site is monumental would be an understatement.

He has authored many classics such as SCP-682 and The Young Man, birthed the Church of the Broken God, and is (at time of writing) the second highest rated author on the site according to SCPPER. He has served as Site Administrator, been a mentor to some, and role model to many. Putting it shortly, the SCP Wiki would not be the same without him.

As a means of thanking (and sustaining) the one and only Gears, we offer upon him Creepy Pastas once yearly on the 18th of August. Below are the pages of Gears Days past; classic-style original creepypasta collections put together specially for Gears birthday, all open for his and your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

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