Gears Birthday Contest 2009

It's been a good long while since the last contest, so i thought it might be fun to try something a little different to get back in to the swing of things…

Dr. Gears is turning 26!

Well…ok, not the SCP researcher, but me, the man behind the soulless monster!

On August 19th, I will be turning 26, and while not a monumental moment in life, it's also the first birthday I've had since the SCP Wiki really got off the ground. So, in celebration, i'm asking for "gifts" from our members! Please, do not allow my status as one of the major admins effect your gift-selections in any way…

While a nice gift-wrapped package is nice, I want something else for my big day: Horror. I am appealing to you, the user, to be kind enough to show me what you can do with a wide-open format. I want to be scared, to be truly unsettled and creeped out. As for the rules:

  1. Picture is optional, but encouraged
  2. Creepypasta format allowed and encoruaged
  3. SCP format is allowed, but not in any way required
  4. Think horror, not revulsion. Gore for gore's sake has a place, but any blood and guts should serve a higher purpose then just shock.
  5. Short and sweet entries, if possible
  6. If you have a longer entry, try and keep the pace high

Start Date: Now
End Date: August 19th, 2009

Anyone contributing will get my undying thanks and admiration. In addition, I'll be happy to provide several of my "horror capsule" scary-story ideas, and review/edit/vote on/comment on some of your own work. Granted, I do that normally, but this way you can feel as if you've earned it, and rest easy knowing you've made a Admin pleased.

8/13/2009: Update

Wow…a excellent turn out so far, thank you to everyone who contributed! What i have in return is what i have started to lovingly call "Horror Capsules". Basically one or two pictures, with snippets of text or short, basic ideas. They are great for getting the imagination flowing, and in fun, bite-sized packets. Think of it somewhat like a little toy machine at the mall, but scary as hell.

I can send these to you after the contest one of two ways:

1: Via PM

2: Posted on the site itself, if you feel like sharing.

Also, if the mood strikes you, I won't object to multiple entries by the same author, but still strive for quality, not quantity.

<#> <entry title> - <username>

  1. Opportunity Knocks - pooryoric
  2. Shuffle Tick Tick - Dr. Magnus
  3. Birthday Cheer - Dr. Gerald
  4. The Loft - Quikngruvn
  5. The Rearguard - Waxx
  6. Scratches - SpoonofEvil
  7. Patterns - Dr. Mackenzie
  8. The Siberian Well - Lurker
  9. Astronomical - Dr. Light
  10. Untitled - Waxx
  11. story has been removed at author's request
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