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Audio Log Site 17 PA System

The following was taken from backup recordings of Site 17 PA Logs. Due to the circumstance of their retrieval, some of the recordings have been lost or damaged. The timeline of the recordings has been reconstructed based on the events during Incident 234-900-Tempest Night.

1-1143: Wastes of skin, revolting bags of meat.

1-1245: [Electronic noise for 12 seconds]

1-1247: Rankling little piece of shit.

1-1283: Foreign [EXPLETIVE].

1-1286: [Electronic noise for 33 seconds]ut up.

1-1304: Level of a zoophyte, suited only for pond scum. You are disgusting.

1-1306: [Electronic noise for 23 seconds] [EXPLETIVE] [EXPLETIVE] [EXPLETIVE].

Blackguard Feed 087-104

1-1404 MTF-Ω1 (Blackguards), enters Sublevel-C3 from Stairwell 46.

MTF-Ω1-1: Stairwell 46 has become choked with debris. We are unable to proceed further. We will begin sterilizing Sublevel-C3 and head down through this section's sublevels from here.

OP-Ω1-1: Operator confirms.

1-1407 MTF-Ω1-4 and MTF-Ω1-5 open the electrical junction box for Sublevel-C3, revealing the interior circuitry, having since been heavily infested by SCP-229 and partially converted into a biological substrate by the effects of SCP-890. MTF-Ω1-4 begins severing SCP-229 using an oxyacetylene torch.

1-1408 Lighting fails in Hallway 67, MTF-Ω1 members activate helmet-mounted maglites. Electrical disturbances in Sublevel-C3 begin increasing in intensity.

1-1410 MTF-Ω1-4 has dislodged roughly 50 percent of the SCP-229 infestation.

MTF-Ω1-6: Did you hear that? [Insufficient Audio to Confirm]

MTF-Ω1-6 and MTF-Ω1-7 begin moving down Hallway 67, using the ignition flame of their XFOF7s to provide additional illumination.

MTF-Ω1-7: We got the front, one-five.

1-1411 All electronic systems in Sublevel-C3 fail simultaneously. Wires and cabling begin erupting from the walls around MTF-Ω1, severally wounding MTF-Ω1-4. MTF-Ω1-6 and MTF-Ω1-7 barrage numerous SCP-229 instances with chemical fire propellant. MTF-Ω1-1 engages masses of wires in melee combat with a trench knife, while pulling MTF-Ω1-4 to relative safety.

MTF-Ω1-1 [EXPLETIVE] they got the [EXPLETIVE] Intel wrong again. Since when has 229 been prehensile?!

MTF-Ω1-2 retrieves oxyacetylene torch and continues severing the main junction box. MTF-Ω1-3 covers MTF-Ω1-2's position from the southern flank.

1-1412 Instances of SCP-229 lose much of their cohesion as the main junction box is largely destroyed. Instances are observed to infest each other, however by this time the SCP-229 population has been decimated by sustained fire from MTF-Ω1-6 and MTF-Ω1-7.

1-1413 Remaining SCP-229 entities rendered combat ineffective. MTF-Ω1-4 given first-aid, administered painkillers and an analgesic wrap to wounds sustained to the left arm and torso. MTF-Ω1-6 and MTF-Ω1-7 begin standard mop-up procedure while MTF-Ω1-1 through MTF-Ω1-5 begin searching for survivors and SCP objects.

1-1424 MTF-Ω1 exits Sublevel C-3.

Recovered Documents from [REDACTED]

Memo Advanced Stages of Infection

Compromised systems exhibit intelligence. Experiment terminated.

[Documents continue on file MEMO-299-D7]

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