Gargus' Author Page

Please note that due to numerous infractions of Foundation policy, Researcher Gargus has been suspended from their duties with the SCP Foundation. The following is kept as an archive of their work, and a detailing of their infractions for posterity.




My Hell
Eldritch Application
Catch Your Death
Betrayal Will Not Save You
Poor Bastard
People Are Not Wearing Enough Hats
What is Wrong With You?
Translated from Palauan
Foundation Burger
From the Mists of Time
You Are Not Insignificant
Sgt. Pepper
Don't Blink
It's Not Spelled Like That!
If It Were the 80s
Stepping Out
Have A Heart
About Tree Fiddy
One Last Punch for the Road
The Czar Cometh (Part of the LOLFoundation Canon)
Piercing the Night Vale
After Amusement

Researcher Gargus has been suspended from Foundation duties for the following reasons:

  • Setting up giant glass walls around a condemned factory and submitting it as an SCP.
  • Chemically altering a series of water beads to infinitely absorb water and submitting them as an SCP.
  • Attempting to pass off a book of poems by Emily Dickinson as an SCP.
  • Using several SCPs to alter the gravity surrounding a cliff and submitting it as an SCP.
  • Attempting to set up a fight between SCP-343 and a hive-minded computer.
  • Infesting a small town with a strain of bacteria that turned water into fire and submitting it as an SCP.
  • Overriding the automated message sending system and sending a group of Agents to a suicide mission in Antarctica.
  • Injecting a D-Class with several strong hallucinogens and submitting his glasses as an SCP.
  • Placing SCP-294 into SCP-423's possession.
  • Placing SCP-231 in a position of [DATA EXPUNGED] for two weeks in order to horrify a Foundation Agent.
  • Fusing SCP-050 to SCP-173.
  • Proposing that SCP-173 be made the head of the Foundation.
  • Collaborating with Researcher Nyttyn for the purpose of creating a spatial anomaly based around an owl and a toilet and submitting it as an SCP.
  • Attaching a propeller and a meat grinder to a cheesesteak and submitting it as an SCP.
  • Attempting to pass off a regular star fruit as an SCP.
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