Gamers Against Weed Hub
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jockjamsvol6: Hey. Got a second?
jockjamsvol6: There's this thing me and some other people do in another channel. 'Gamers Against Weed'.
jockjamsvol6: (The name is ironic.)
jockjamsvol6: Anyways, if you're interested, I can get you an invite.
jockjamsvol6: ... wait, what am I thinking? I should probably tell you what it *is* first.



jockjamsvol6: Just some regular folks having a good time with their friends.

polaricecraps: gay

SCP_Foundation: A loosely-organized network of anomalous individuals that produces anomalies for their own amusement and/or satirical purposes. The group organizes almost exclusively over the internet, and has roughly 40 members.
SCP_Foundation: Gamers Against Weed originated as a splinter of Are We Cool Yet? in 2013, though it appears to have largely abandoned the creation of anomalous art. While several GAW-produced anomalies pose serious threats to secrecy, the threat to human life has been minimal.
SCP_Foundation: The group is composed primarily of dispossessed or otherwise marginalized individuals aged 15-30 in the Western hemisphere (although associated groups are found worldwide), possessing a variety of anomalous properties. The group is aware of the Foundation's activities, but lacks the ability to locate or directly target the Foundation.

talman_corvett: we do magical jokes and pranks and shit

hetcopogg: Formed in 1969, Gamers Against Weed is on the front lines of the eternal war between the gamers and the stoners. With over 9,000 troops, we have participated in numerous raids on Al-Ganja and graduated top of our class in the Nintendo Seals of Quality.

kkrule: Pretty cool guys, htey fight boredom and only afraid of a few things

arewecoolyet: whom?

TrainerDP: A bunch of trolls, basically. except with superpowers.

GlobalOccultCoalition: A collective dedicated to the production of humorous and occasionally subversive material. No means of directly contacting Gamers Against Weed have been identified, and it is unclear whether they are unaware of the GOC or are simply uninterested. Their behavior has thus far been difficult to predict.

gaycopmp4: memeloving fucks

serpents-hand: A group of merrymakers, immersed in anomalous internet subcultures. We wish them well, but they will have to fight their own battles.

bluntfiend: It's something to bring a little light into the world, without anyone getting hurt.

MCD: Unlikely to become aware of or have any noticeable impact on Marshall, Carter, and Dark's activities. In the event that they become problematic, arrange to acquire key members or hire them as consultants.

harmpit: thew orld s largest pewidepie fanclub

W0nd3rt41nm3nt: "Little Misters" is the intellectual property of Dr. Wondertainment.

lesbian_gengar: nice try, officer.

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