Gamers Against Weed Dossier
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Group of Interest: Gamers Against Weed

Group of Interest Number: 5869

AKAs: GAW, "Merrymakers", "Jesters"1, "Reefer"2

Threat Level: Yellow

Group Description: Gamers Against Weed is a loosely-organized network of anomalous individuals that produce anomalies for their own amusement and/or satirical purposes. Formation date of the group is uncertain, but based on collected documents and chat logs, it seems to have been formed sometime between the years 2008 to 2010 by Jude Kriyot, JJ3, and Esther4 as a splinter of Are We Cool Yet?, and became an online group with additional members in 2013, though it appears to have largely abandoned the creation of anomalous art. The group organizes almost exclusively over the internet, and has roughly 40 members. While several GAW-produced anomalies pose serious threats to secrecy, the threat to human life has been minimal.

The group is composed primarily of dispossessed or otherwise marginalized individuals aged 15 - 30 in the Western hemisphere, possessing a variety of anomalous properties. The group is aware of the Foundation's activities, but lacks the ability to locate or directly target the Foundation.

The capture of all members should be done non-lethally. Standard person of interest interview protocol should be followed, with members then amnesticized as needed and released.

Members: The following is a list of known members based on collected documents and chat logs. It is unknown if this is a comprehensive list of members. Real/full names and history are largely unknown. Locations are largely unknown, as members who are able to do so switch between locations once alerted to Foundation presence and knowledge.

  • Jude Kriyot (PoI-6870): AKA bluntfiend, AKA The Roller, AKA Papa Smoke. 29. One of the three founders of GAW, formerly a member of Are We Cool Yet?. Roman Catholic. Known anomalies that Kriyot has created are SCP-1168, SCP-3015 (co-creator), SCP-2293, and possibly SCP-3420. Associated with JJ, Esther, and Armand in-person. Possess anomalous abilities to control electricity, the extent of which is unknown. Immune to amnestics and lethal audio cognitohazards; standard interview protocol should be done while Kriyot is unaware of the interview location, and released in a different location to maximize confusion and mimic amnestic abilities to the best of the Foundation's possibility.
  • JJ (PoI-6877): AKA jockjamsvol6. 28. One of the three founders of GAW. Jewish. Known anomalies that JJ has created are SCP-3015 and possibly Mr. Doggo along with polaricecraps. Associated with Jude, Esther, and Armand in-person. Current anomalous abilities are unknown but appear to be related to probability manipulation. Claims to have grown up at Site-216 (previously a safehouse before Foundation control) by himself since birth; no birth or family records for anyone assumed to be related to JJ in New England have been found. Associated in some fashion with the Serpent's Hand, and a frequenter of the Wanderer's Library. Attempts at captures for interviews have universally been unsuccessful and led to wasted resources.
  • Esther (PoI-6878): AKA lesbian_gengar. 28. One of the three founders of GAW. Orthodox Jewish. Possible anomalies that Esther has contributed to are SCP-2476 and SCP-2658. Associated with JJ and Jude in-person. Possesses the ability to create cognitohazards, commonly used as a means of disrupting Foundation raids on GAW locations. SCP-5218 is believed to be an example of a cognitohazard created by Esther.
  • Mr. Ominous (PoI-6879): Deceased. First member of GAW after the group was founded. Came up with the Misters Against Weed concept. See SCP-3012 for more information.
  • polaricecraps (PoI-6880): 17. British, though lives in the United States. Current anomalous abilities are unknown, though suspected to operate in a similar capacity to Kriyot's. Believed to have created Mr. Doggo along with JJ, is the primary creator of SCP-2826, as well as contributing to GAW's more political SCPs. Current examples include SCP-2586 and SCP-2658. Based on references to living in Northwestern United States in combination with their username, as well as information gained from the history of SCP-2658, polaricecraps is hypothesized to live in Washington.
  • Andressa Santos (PoI-6882): AKA gaycopmp4. Early 20s. Primary creator of SCP-3024 and SCP-2726, possible creator or user of SCP-3858. Current anomalous abilities possibly relate to hacking and computer science. College student in the United States, though location is unknown. Was the source for the start of SCP-2293 spreading, although location has been inconclusive despite investigation. In a relationship with Dahlia.
  • bones (PoI-6883): Based on collected logs, it is highly possible that bones is SCP-2721-LORD, AKA Eli, though not able to be proven at the moment. Operates in a moderator capacity for the chat. Has claimed to send gifts to various members on very rare occasions, though how this is done is unknown if it is SCP-2721-LORD. Invited into the chat by JJ.
  • Armand (PoI-6884): AKA harmpit. Early 20s. Believed to have anomalous abilities based on SCP-5218's description, but it is unknown what these are at this time. Disowned for being gay by his family and joined GAW sometime after. It is likely that Armand's frequent misspellings in chat are related to a supposed constant use of his anomalous abilities. Claims to not have inherent anomalous abilities, but is able to use said abilities "manually".
  • kkrule (PoI-6888): 15. Current anomalous abilities are unknown. The only known anomaly that kkrule has created is SCP-2433. Professes to be straight-edge and is known to frequently play video games more than the other members. Competes in "underground video game tournaments" to make a living; monitoring of eSports tournaments across the United States is underway, but is to be considered low-priority.
  • TrainerDP (PoI-6889): Age unknown. Current anomalous abilities are unknown, though it is claimed that they contributed to a Mister Against Weed. Rarely talks in chat. Due to radical differences in typing styles, there may be more than one individual using this username.
  • talman_corvett (PoI-6891): 23. Swedish. Hindu. Possesses the ability to create animated graffiti art in a similar manner to SCP-1446. Possible connection to Are We Cool Yet? is unknown although either unlikely or distant, as talman_corvett has shown a dislike for physical violence and pretentious art. Has linked to non-anomalous joke e-books on Amazon he's said to have published, although Amazon had issued takedown orders on them by the time the Foundation obtained logs. Claims to know TrainerDP, but has not elaborated further.
  • opossum (PoI-6892): 19. Claims to work as an animal handler. Current anomalous abilities are unknown, though references are made to it tying into animals. The only known anomaly that opossum has created is SCP-████, done separately from GAW, though brought up and mentioned shortly after Incident ████-A in the chat. Is a member of the furry community. Joined with tiedyeduck and DonDeLillo, and presumably knows them in-person.
  • tiedyeduck (PoI-6893): 22. Current anomalous abilities are unknown. Has worked with various political groups in order to disrupt and dismantle them. Shows a general dislike against opossum for unknown reasons. Joined with opossum and DonDeLillo, and presumably knows them in-person.
  • DonDeLillo (PoI-6894): 19. Believed to be one of the few members in GAW who are non-anomalous. Joined with opossum and tiedyeduck, and presumably knows them in-person. Dislikes kkrule greatly.
  • Nathan Pierce (PoI-6897): AKA Kektagon. 19. Low-level reality bender known for creating anomalies affected by the cognition of their users or viewers. Dislikes serious topics and tends to limit his chat interaction to attempts at humor. Shares the pacifist views of the group, but lack of forethought has resulted in some of his creations possessing dangerous applications. Creator of SCP-████, SCP-████, and SCP-3108.
  • FreakyGhostBed (PoI-6900): 18. Current anomalous abilities are related to incorporeal humanoid entities, though nothing else is known. Claims to be a ghost and inhabiting a computer run by a sibling. Frequent interactions with FreakyGhostBed have resulted in a user's computer being "haunted" by them, making precise location difficult.
  • _FuddruckeR_ (PoI-6906): 30. Current anomalous abilities are related to firearms. A lurker in the chat. Joined with orbhorse and CommunismAnarchismNihilism. Located in Southern United States and lives with orbhorse.
  • orbhorse (PoI-6907): 26. Buddhist. Possesses the anomalous abilities to inhabit and control equines. A lurker in the chat. Joined with _FuddruckeR_ and CommunismAnarchismNihilism. Located in Southern United States and lives with _FuddruckeR_.
  • CommunismAnarchismNihilism (PoI-6908): 22. British. Joined with _FuddruckeR_ and orbhorse. References writing for and publishing non-anomalous and anomalous "fanzines" relating to communism, leftism, and fringe religious groups. Based on this, possible connections to SCP-2573 may be plausible and investigated.
  • PCSatisfatorio (PoI-6920): 21. Brazilian. Current anomalous abilities are related to music in some form. Presumably knows goodpostskitty in-person, claiming to be in a band with her as well as joining chat with her. Has interacted with ex-Are We Cool Yet? musicians while touring in America and stricken up a rapport with them.
  • goodpostskitty (PoI-6921): 19. Brazilian. Claims to separate her online persona from her body, making references to communicating inside computers; it is unknown what this means at the current moment. Talks in duplicate messages; it is unknown if this connects to her anomalous abilities. Presumably knows PCSatisfatorio in-person, claiming to be in a band with him as well as joining chat with him.
  • ToasterDoot (PoI-6922): Age unknown. Located in the Midwestern United States. Believed to be a sapient automaton resembling a human female between 18 and 22 years of age. Displays a moderate amount of knowledge regarding paratechnology and artificial intelligence. Requires relocation frequently, and tends to disappear for extended lengths of time. Creator of SCP-1401-EX.
  • fallout_meta.txt (PoI-6926): Late 20s. Claims to have fled a right-wing group of interest in Southern United States. Anomalous powers revolve around a fascination with history, claiming to have dissolved a historical reenactment group via enchanting historical items. Has given several conflicting stories on how they obtained anomalous powers. Presumed to still be located in Southern United States.
  • FunkoPopFan1 (PoI-6927): Late 20s. Japanese. Current anomalous abilities are presumed to be media-based, but primarily anomalously creating bootleg collectibles and Funko Pops. A lurker in the chat.
  • Three6serpent (PoI-6945): Age unknown. Current anomalous abilities are unknown. Newest known member of GAW, whose sole message in chat has been "Hi! :3" on 3 February 2017.
  • Wren Masterson (PoI-6966): AKA steakshift, MxMasters and mxm. Age 3█. Nonbinary (they/them). Self-described "indie librarian"; known anomalous abilities include thoughtography and influence over magnetic media. Creator of SCP-4581.
  • Dove Nichols (PoI-6976): AKA chereamie. Aged 17 at the time of her death. Anomalous abilities revolve around healing, though specifics remain unknown. Volunteered at non-anomalous clinics semi-regularly.
  • Silas Ayers (PoI-7038): AKA greenmanwalking. Age unknown. Former member of the Global Occult Coalition, defected in 20██ during a mission directed by the GOC. Assumed to be non-anomalous.
  • tentacoolmon (PoI-6923): Real identity unknown. Has claimed on multiple occasions to be the reincarnation of UAE-Brasil-78 and to lack physical form, although the veracity of this is doubted.
  • Tayler Martell (PoI-8001): AKA tabris. 14. The child of Senior Researcher C. Martell. Practiced with astral projection and ontokinetic self-modification rituals until triggering a Category A/13 Nascent Ascension Event, which was averted shortly before it could complete. A week after the incident, Sr. Martell reported the disappearance of PoI-8001 from their home. Whereabouts are unknown.
  • Lilith (PoI-8002): AKA hybridRainbow. 14. An ontokinetic entity originating from the influence of [REDACTED] in SCP-████, active within New York state as a vagrant. Reports on civilian encounters suggest that the entity possesses a significant level of physical, metaphysical, and extra-ontological control, though all known behavior has not posed a major threat to normalcy. Monitoring is active where applicable.
  • Nova Alfarsi (PoI-8003): AKA starspark. 18. Confirmed to be active as SCP-████ in New York state. Acts a therapist and source of aid to transgender and anomalous youth. Anomalous abilities are poorly understood, seeming to involve the use of music as a medium for directed reality bending. Involvement in the disappearance of PoI-8001 is considered likely.
  • Gracidae Euphonium (PoI-8004): AKA chokerless, AKA Grace. 18. Joined the group while experiencing familial difficulties at age 15 and became a runaway at age 17. Stated abilities are apportation, applied to herself, her body parts, and her immediate surroundings. Resides in New York state. Has past connections to PoI-8003.
  • Cady Faust (PoI-8005): AKA bluefootedboobies. 17. Genderfluid. Holds an extreme degree of necrokinetic control over human cadavers, the range of which is unknown. References to summonings have been made by his acquaintances in the group; these are believed to involve the apportation of cadavers to the site of the summoner, which she can then use to hold direct interactions. Owing to an avoidance of topics surrounding her childhood, along with a difference between his chosen name and birth name, no background information has been discovered. Holds a noted interest in avian wildlife.
  • nemotode (PoI-8006): Unknown. Aside from mentions of their presence by other group members, no traces of them exist in recovered chatroom records. Relation to recent data loss in said records, specifically those involving PoI-8001, PoI-8002, PoI-8003, PoI-8004, and PoI-8005, is under active investigation.
  • Elvenia (PoI-6801): AKA druidontheweb. Appears around the age of 20, but claims to be centuries old. Utilizes botanokinetic abilities and says to be the voice of mother nature. Frequently spotted in the Wanderer’s Library.
  • PeppaPig'sStrongestSoldier1337 or PPSS1337 (PoI-6940): Unknown. A pataphysical prankster. Powers usually involve manipulating fiction and non-fiction materials. The CEO of Nokia and Monarch of the fictional country known as "Finland". Peppa fell under the Foundation's radar with Site-78 uncovered that they utilized SCP-4230 to trick the world into believing that a region known as "Greater Estonia" was actually a country called Finland. Pranks tend to border on the mean-spirited and is often in trouble with his GaW counterparts. Has a fascination and rivalry with SCP Researcher Greg Chudley.

Other Branches: Reports from multiple branches of the Foundation indicate the existence of more than one Gamers Against Weed branches internationally. All currently known and reported branches include:

The full extent of activities across all branches, crossover in membership, and any other connections are unknown at this time. Other branches of the Foundation have not yet reported any existence of a group similar to Gamers Against Weed, but are informed to watch out for such.

Group of Interest Interactions: Gamers Against Weed have had contact with limited numbers of notable group of interests. Known interactions are listed here.

  • Are We Cool Yet?: Several members are either ex-members or know people who are/were members. Hostility and animosity exists between the two groups, although there have been no formal interactions or conflicts since GAW's inception.
  • Doctor Wondertainment: The Misters Against Weed concept is a parody of the Little Misters products. See SCP-3012 for more information. Wondertainment appears to have not heard of, or not recognize, GAW.
  • The Factory: The events surrounding SCP-2658 suggest that either the Factory is aware of GAW to some degree, GAW is aware of the Factory to some degree, or there is a third party aware of both that is attempting to mimic GAW.
  • Serpent's Hand: JJ is a member and spends time at the Wanderer's Library. Esther knows of the group, and has possibly also visited the Library, as well as polaricecraps. Aside from this, the Serpent's Hand do not affiliate with nor wholly approve of any GAW actions.

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