Gamers Against War

Bluntfiend's Humble Doobie Barn

bluntfiend: Lmao someone just sent me this out of nowhere
lesbian_gengar sent you what?
bluntfiend: Give me a moment, I'm trying to send it
gaycopmp4: lmao


lesbian gengar: a
lesbian gengar: a
lesbian gengar: a
polaricecraps: ?
lesbian_gengar: a
lesbian_gengar: aa
lesbian_gengar: a
lesbian_gengar: a
lesbian_gengar: a
hetcopogg: wtf
lesbian_gengar: aaa
lesbian_gengar: a
harmpit: waht's goign onn?
lesbian_gengar: a
lesbian_gengar: a
lesbian_gengar: a
lesbian_gengar: a
lesbian_gengar: a
lesbian_gengar: a
lesbian_gengar: aa
lesbian_gengar: a
bluntfiend: What the fuck are you doing
lesbian_gengar: a
bones: I assume there is a good reason for this spam lesbian_gengar.
lesbian_gengar: sorry about that everyone
lesbian_gengar: had to get that image off the screen
gaycopmp4: lmao why
lesbian_gengar: bluntfiend wtf why would you send a memetic
jockjamsvol6: I was gone for like, 5 minutes.
harmpit: ohhh shtiitttt
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bluntfiend: What? It's just a stupid meme I found on twitter. You're not seriously saying that's a memetic.
lesbian_gengar: it is literally a memetic
kkrule: woah okay what
lesbian_gengar: have you noticed any changes in your behavior lately?
bluntfiend: No, I feel completely normal.
lesbian_gengar: are you sure?
bones: Judging by the content of the image in question, I would assume it has something to do with your prolific marijuana consumption.
polaricecraps: ^^^
bluntfiend: Oh shit, you're right.
lesbian_gengar: fuck
bluntfiend: I haven't had a smoke in at least a couple hours. I haven't even wanted to. Shit, this is weird.
gaycopmp4: now you're just fiend
jockjamsvol6: Our intrepid leader has been robbed of his namesake. I guess this means I take his place
jockjamsvol6: I officially declare us Gamers Against Jock Jams
lesbian_gengar: lmao no need
lesbian_gengar: i can make something to counteract it just give me a few minutes
bluntfiend: Shit, okay, thanks.
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gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: drugs are bad - gamers for weed
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jockjamsvol6: LMAO
polaricecraps: ??? wtf
lesbian_gengar: pfft
harmpit: hahahhshhaha
bluntfiend: Lmao Gamers For Weed is still a thing? I thought that was just a stupid meme
jockjamsvol6: No they kinda turned into their own thing.
gaycopmp4: trying to get me to stop smoking?
gaycopmp4: this cannot go unpunished
bluntfiend: Agreed. We won't let them rob our lifestyle from us.
lesbian_gengar: i have a few ideas
polaricecraps: wait so like what exactly is gfw
lesbian_gengar: us but bad /j
bluntfield: A few months ago jockjamsvol6 made a new IRC called "Gamers For Weed" for a meme. It was funny for a bit, but everyone got bored of it after a bit and left. Apparently, some people stayed.
lesbian_gengar: yeah, they've kinda formed their own community, half stupid bullshit and half support group for queer/anomalous teens
lesbian_gengar: its cool to see. i check in every once in a while
gaycopmp4: you mean they've been right under our noses this whole time??? those bastards!
lesbian_gengar: its mostly younger kids in gfw, like 13-18
jockjamsvol6: Yeah, it's really cool to see them grow and develop their own identity. But this insubordination will not stand. We must retaliate.
lesbian_gengar: ill pm you
kkrule: anyways
kkrule: does anyone wanna watch my stream?

Smoke-Free Lounge

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gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: operation log onto gamers against weed irc chat and make them quit weed was a success
halpidkplz: Dude your names for things are too long
professorwhitesphere: or, alternatively: they aren't long enough
reaganomicks: yk what else isnt long enough
shiningsilver: Perfect. How'd they react?
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: not sure, I logged off before they could say anything
aaaaa: Fastest logout in the west ;D
reaganomicks: that's not the only thing they're fast at-
juice: reaganomicks Knock it off with the sexual innuendo. This is your last warning.
professorwhitesphere: lmao reaganomicks got told off
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: you think they're gonna retaliate?
shiningsilver: Yeah probably
mansplaining_kanaya: How So?
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: yeah what do you think theyre gonna do
shiningsilver: IDK, troll our socials maybe? I know they have some hackers so be prepared for that.
aaaaa: I don't want them to hurt my Instagram TvT
aaaaa: I just got to 300 followers!!! :D
hellcat: yeah what if they delete my meme page
shiningsilver: Guys, chill. They aren't going to do anything serious. They're not assholes.
halpidkplz: Tbh the internet would probably be better without most of us anyways
professorwhitesphere: i mean. yeah.
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: without us what would the world do? we're the last thing standing between civilized society and recreational marijuana
mansplaining_kanaya: Wait To Clarify We Don't Actually Have A Rule Against Weed Right?
hellcat: ^^^ was wondering that too
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: i will literally come to your house and slap you silly with a salmon if you do weed
halpidkplz: No weed allowed!! If you so much as THINK of smoking weed it's a permaban! /j
reaganomicks: weed is cringe dont smoke
firecacti: bold of you to assume I have a house gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed
shiningsilver: Knock yourself out. I don't smoke but I'm not gonna, like, ban anyone if you do. Your body your choice.
aaaaa: Weed smells bad :C
mansplaining_kanaya: Okay Good To Know, Thank You shiningsilver
shiningsilver: No problem.
professorwhitesphere: anyway has anyone seen the new portal game?
hellcat wait there's a new portal game??? holy shit???
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lesbian_gengar: this means war
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gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: yeah it's been out for a bit
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: AAAAAAAAAAAAAH
aaaaa: Yes? o/
halpidkplz: SHIT
hellcat: im guessing that's the memetic effect
mansplaining_kanaya: I Feel No Different
professorwhitesphere: lmaooooo we deserved it tbh
juice: halpidkplz Calm down. Just look at the memetic we made and it'll be fine.
shiningsilver: I guess this is war.
reaganomicks: the gamers against war
hellcat: i second that name
aaaaa: I third!!! XD
professorwhitesphere: i fifth
shiningsilver: It's settled. The Gamers Against War has officially begun.
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: ohhhhh shiiiiiiiit
professorwhitesphere: fuck yeah

Bluntfield's Humble War Room

hetcopogg: so then i blocked her
harmpit: jsesu htecpop waht apos
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mansplaining_kanaya: Take That Skunk-Smelling Swine
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bluntfiend: Okay, everyone's innocuated against this one already, right?
lesbian_gengar: yep i'm good
harmpit: a-okya
kektagon: Facing unparalleled drug abuse among our youth in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, visionary Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates and the Los Angeles Unified School District in 1983 launched an unprecedented and innovative substance abuse prevention education program – Drug Abuse Resistance Education.
bones: .mute kektagon
Server: 1 user has been muted
gaycopmp4: lmao dumbass
bluntfiend: Alright, that's it. I'm locking Gamers Against Weed to new members. We are in a state of war, and that means sacrifices need to be made.
Server: 5 channels have been locked
jockjamesvol6: kektagon I'll PM you the countermeme.
bluntfiend: BTW, lesbian_gengar are you ready with that next meme yet?
lesbian_gengar: finishing touches, give me a few
polaricecraps: whats this one going to do?
harmpit: rmemebr when gacoyp gto soooopsised att btlunfelid fro tath stuipd stpehn kgin jkoe
jockjamsvol6: HAHAHAHAHAHA
gaycopmp4: dude fuck you
hetcopogg: honey, its been months. are you really still upset about that?
bluntfiend: Are you really going to stand in the way of the war effort? Treason!
gaycopmp4: im not like, actively mad, just kind of frustrated bc i really don't think its a funny joke and he wont drop it
jockjamsvol6: gaycopmp4, you're entitled to your opinion and all, but can we please not do this again? I thought we were past this.
gaycopmp4: fine. this doesn't mean i think its funny, i just care more about winning the gamers against war than i do about this stupid joke
bluntfiend: Duly noted.
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kkrule: hey bluntfiend im trying to add my friend to the chat but it cant join, did the password change or something?
lesbian_gengar: we locked the chat to new members for now because we keep getting attacked
bluntfiend: I locked the chat to new- what she said.
kkrule: :(
lesbian_gengar: bluntfiend new meme is ready. should i send it or does somebody else want to do the honors?
kkrule: oh i want to!
jockjamsvol6: Godspeed, brave soldier. o/
gaycopmp4: o/
harmpit: o/
bluntfiend: o/
polaricecraps: o/
lesbian_gengar: lmao
lesbian_gengar: ill PM you the file. DO NOT look at it, okay?
kkrule: don't worry i know how to do this :)
hetcopogg: o/
hetcopogg: sorry for the late response i was making a bagel
harmpit: hwta kidn ofb agle?

Smoke-Free Battlefield

mansplaining_kanaya: Guys Help My Parents Found My Rainbow Flag
halpidkplz: Oh shit, how'd they react?
firecacti: r u ok
mansplaining_kanaya: They Asked Why I Have It And I Said It Was A Gift For A Friend
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mansplaining_kanaya: I Don't Think They Believed Me
aaaaa: Oh no!!! D:
reaganomicks: shit you good
mansplaining_kanaya: Not Really
risingstorm: anything we can do?
mansplaining_kanaya: No I Think I Am Just Going To Go Cry For A Bit
mansplaining_kanaya: I Don't Know When I'll Be Able To Log On Again So I'll See You When I Can
professorwhitesphere: ok, feel better soon <3
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: we're here for you
halpidkplz: ^^^
shiningsilver: Good luck mansplaining_kanaya
mansplaining_kanaya: Thanks Guys
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aaaaa: Poor Kanaya :((( I hope they're okay
reaganomicks: yea me too
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: sorry to bring the conversation back to stupid shit but
halpidkplz: Go ahead
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: okay so what's our next move in the gamers against war
shiningsilver: Well, I'm working on setting up some more bot accounts on Tumblr. Anybody have any status updates?
elouanwastaken: Lmao you're still doing that?
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: we will not surrender
aaaaa: I am staying out of it! But it is funny to watch XD
reaganomicks: shiningsilver spamming subreddits as we speka
reaganomicks: speak8
reaganomicks: speak*
halpidkplz: Nice lmao
halpidkplz: I've spread some memetics around a couple Discords, I think they're gaining traction there
elouanwastaken: holy shit this is like an actual thing you're doing
shiningsilver: Yep.
elouanwastaken: i love this
hellcat: Did you know that world-renowned writer Stephen King was once hit by a car? Just something to consider.
professorwhitesphere: OH NO THEY GOT HELLCAT
juice: .mute hellcat
Server: 1 user has been muted
shiningsilver: Le sign.
shiningsilver: Welp, I gotta leave for school soon. Good luck comrades.
halpidkplz: See you later
eloaunwastaken: lmao ttyl
aaaaa: Byeeeee!! :D
risingstorm: have a good day
reaganomicks: byebye
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halpidkplz: Okay but does anyone else wonder if maybe we shouldn't be doing this?
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: doing what?
halpidkplz: All this memetic stuff, the Gamers Against War thing
halpidkplz: I mean I'm all for telling people not to do drugs, addiction is a scary thing but we're messing with people's minds
halpidkplz: There's no way this is healthy
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: i mean im sure the janitors do a shitton of that stuff anyways so does it really matter
halpidkplz: Just because they're doing it doesn't mean WE should too. They're professionals and we're just kids sitting in our rooms
professorwhitesphere: i mean these kinds of memetics arent really dangerous
professorwhitesphere: we're just putting an idea in people's heads
professorwhitesphere: its like talking just stronger and more direct
halpidkplz: Ugh idk, sorry
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: its fine don't worry
professorwhitesphere: halpidkplz i promise i wouldn't be encouraging this if it wasn't totally safe
halpidkplz: Yeah I know, sorry
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: no need to apologize
professorwhitesphere: ^ ^ ^ its good that some of us stop to think about our actions
halpidkplz: Thanks guys :)
halpidkplz: I gotta go, family stuff
halpidkplz: Ttyl
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: cya
professorwhitesphere: talk to you soon
firecacti: bai
risingstorm: shit sorry i missed all this, was in the middle of a game of rocket league
risingstorm: see you later halp!
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firecacti: did you win??

Washington Post

Democracy Dies in Darkness

Washington June 8th, 2022


New Pro-Marijuana And Anti-Marijuana Campaigns On Social Media Are Influencing Today's Youth

Bluntfiend's Humble War Room

bluntfiend: Okay so
polaricecraps: ?
bluntfiend: shiningsilver, Gamers For Weed's leader, contacted me about a truce. He wants to speak with us. Should I add her to the chat?
lesbian_gengar: i say go for it
harmpit: srue
jockjamsvol6: It couldn't hurt.
gaycopmp4: what they said
bluntfiend: Alright, give me a moment.
Server: 1 user has joined
bluntfiend: Welcome, shiningsilver
shiningsilver: Hello all. I have come to propose an end to the Gamers Against War.
kkrule: :O
bluntfiend: May I ask why?
lesbian_gengar: ^^^ im curious too
shiningsilver: It's been a few weeks, and the joke is kind of wearing off. The members of GFW are getting tired of having to avoid memetics on social media, and the Janitors are getting pissed. Plus hellcat won't stop talking about Stephen King and nobody knows how to fix them.
gaycopmp4: ok maybe it is a little funny
polaricecraps: rofl
lesbian_gengar: lmao i can take care of that
bluntfiend: Back to the topic at hand, what exactly do you propose?
shiningsilver: I propose we call an immediate ceasefire in the Gamers Against War.
jockjamsvol6: So we win?
gaycopmp4: of course we win they're surrendering
shiningsilver: No. I am suggesting a draw.
harmpit: ok wec an clal ita dawr
harmpit: but erveyon nkows we raely wown
gaycopm4: ^
lesbian_gengar: lmao
bluntfiend: Okay, deal. It's settled. The Gamers Against War has officially come to an end.
jockjamsvol6: Many smokers were lost, but just as many were gained. Truly a devastating conflict.
shiningsilver: It was a pleasure, gentlemen/women/people.
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kkrule: now that that's over, im starting a stream, does anyone want to watch?
bones: I will watch kkrule. Send me the hyperlink in a private message.
kkrule: thank you! :D
gaycopmp4: well it was fun while it lasted lmao
bluntfiend: I need a smoke.

Smoke-Free Battlefield

shiningsilver: Okay, back from Gamers Against Weed.
risingstorm: how'd it go?
shiningsilver: The Gamers Against War is officially at an end.
professorwhitesphere: aw, already? i never even got to finish the billboard
aaaaa: Yayyyyyy!! :DDD
firecacti: gg
hellcat: Did you know that world-renowned writer Stephen King was once hit by a car? Just something to consider.
juice: .mute hellcat
juice: sigh
reaganomicks: f for hellcat
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: f
halpidkplz: f
aaaaa: F :C
shiningsilver: f
risingstorm: f lmao
professorwhitesphere: f
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mansplaining_kanaya: Hey Guys
aaaaa: Kanaya!!!! :OOO
halpidkplz: Hi mansplaining_kanaya!
shiningsilver: Welcome back! Are you feeling any better?
firecacti: yea r u good
mansplaining_kanaya: Yeah I'm Much Better, Sorry For Worrying You
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: what happened?
professorwhitesphere: no need to apologize
elouanwastaken: yeah its all chill dude
mansplaining_kanaya: They Asked Who The Flag Was A Gift For And I Told Them It Was For One Of My IRLs
mansplaining_kanaya: So Now She Can't Come Over Anymore Which Sucks I Guess But At Least They Didn't Find Out
shiningsilver: I'm sorry. You deserve better parents than that
halpidkplz: Yeah fr, what assholes
professorwhitesphere: just glad you're okay <3
aaaaa: ^ ^ ^ We missed you :333
mansplaining_kanaya: I Missed You Too
mansplaining_kanaya: So What Did I Miss?
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: well, the gamers against war is over
mansplaining_kanaya: Oh, It Is? I Never Even Finished My Memetic
shiningsilver: It's for the best, it was getting out of hand
risingstorm: yeah lmao i couldn't go on facebook without wanting to either smoke a joint or stay 20 miles from any dispensary
reaganomicks: lmao you use facebook?
gamemasterkindaforalittlebitofweed: HAHAHAHAHAHA
aaaaa: Hey, I like Facebook too! >:/
halpidkplz: No offense aaaaa but you're officially a boomer
risingstorm: maybe we'll just leave and make our own group called boomers for weed
risingstorm: how would you like that??? huh??? /lh
mansplaining_kanaya: Haha I Really Missed You Guys
professorwhitesphere: awww we really missed you too <333
mansplaining_kanaya: Though It Really Is A Shame I Missed The End Of The War
shiningsilver: Well, there's always next time.
halpidkplz: Please no-
risingstorm: lmao

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