Gamers Against Creativity
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Yesterday at 9:48 PM

Crowenobi: wow it's depressingly quiet in here
Cameramerian: Yep
Pangaea: Yeah
rocknrow: affirmative
goopworld: fear not, for i have a cool new thing that will surely shake your lives to their very cores
Pangaea: What it be chief
goopworld: well it's really just an idea at this point
Pangaea: wow a whole idea
goopworld: i promise it's cool
goopworld: you know Pulp Fiction right
goopworld: what if i just play on that and make actual fiction made out of pulps
Mangadose: Do you not know where the combination of the words Pulp and Fiction originates
goopworld: frick
goopworld: well what about fuckin uh
goopworld: something that grinds up fictions and makes them edible
Pangaea: i think someone was making a machine like that already
goopworld: jesus christ
Pangaea: @Obode weren't you making a fiction juicer
goopworld: what's making everyone so obsessed with pulp fiction nowadays
Malleable: truly a mystery for the ages

Today at 6:34 AM

goopworld: i got it
Pangaea: What's It
goopworld: the best idea i can make out of pulp fiction
Pangaea: You're really gunning for this, huh
Pangaea: Hit me
Malleable: @NegativeTesticles do you have any torrents of Spiderverse
goopworld: how about I make the dude who played the coffee shop owner in pulp fiction's corpse into an actual coffee shop
bootleg_name: He already is
goopworld: wow that's a horrible sentence i made
goopworld: wait im sorry what
NegativeTesticles: @Malleable It's out on digital just buy it
bootleg_name: The dude has a shop in his organs
bootleg_name: You haven't seen the Foundation recently?
goopworld: no because i don't want to get TRACKED, LOCATED, AND DETAINED
goopworld: also i've been only playing minecraft
bootleg_name: well there's your problem

Today at 12:20 PM

goopworld: man
goopworld: i feel like my life has no purpose now
goopworld: i don't have any pulp fiction jokes left in my system what is my life without it
Pangaea: You know what they say
Pangaea: Life without pulp jokes is like life with pulp jokes
Pangaea: nothing changes if you have them and they will not improve your quality of life
goopworld: thank you for the uplifting speech Pangaea
Pangaea: no problem
goopworld: i know what i'm going to do though
Pangaea: Make sure it doesn't already exist
goopworld: alright so
Pangaea: and you're already talking
goopworld: i'm gonna make a dog
goopworld: but it speaks like Shaggy from scooby doo

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