Game Day, Phase 3: Protect
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Act 3: This act takes place over an indefinite period of time following the events of Act 2 - somewhere around three to six months, give or take as needed for the purposes of story.

Everything has gone wrong. The Foundation is on its back foot. Chaos Insurgency elements are openly attacking SCP Foundation facilities. Marshall, Carter, and Dark are rushing around snatching up everything they can find. The war of the paranormal has gone overt.

The theme for Phase 3 is PROTECT. This is the Foundation's darkest hour. They are in a fight for their own survival. Some story ideas include:

  • Tempest Night 2: a massive-scale attack on multiple Foundation sites.
  • Pizzicato: Will the GOC join the overt war? And what will happen if they do?

Act 3 is wide-open. Anyone can contribute a story to this metaplot. Go nuts. Refer to other stories. Let's build a world.

This page here will serve as an index and reference for the Phase 3 storyline, including a rough timeline and index by storyline.

Finally: there is no "approved writers" list for Game Day Phase 3. Anyone and everyone should feel free to contribute to this as a writer: however, the normal rules for story deletion (deleted at -10 votes) still apply.

We now have a chatroom: #scpgameday on SynIRC

Game Day Part 3: Synchronous by Anonymous

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