Game Day, Phase 2: Contain
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Act 2: This act takes place over an indefinite period of time following the events of Act 1 - somewhere around three to six months, give or take as needed for the purposes of story.

The situation is grim: a major attack on a Foundation Site by a previously unknown force has caused a major containment breach. Dozens, if not hundreds, of SCP artifacts have been released. Other occult organizations, upon seeing these events, are moving in. And to make matters worse, a few of the SCPs in question have their own agendas as well…

The theme for Phase 2 is CONTAIN. As opposed to Phase 1, which was about securing the Foundation from an attack, Phase 2 is focused on SCPs in the wild. A few story ideas:

  • MTFs capturing escaped SCPs.
  • Agents investigating the group that attacked the Foundation and who was supporting them.
  • SCPs fiendishly plotting to stay away from the Foundation and carry out their own evil plots.
  • Members of other organizations coming into conflict.
  • Repercussions of the worst attack on the Foundation in known recorded history.

Drawing from the lessons of Act 1, Act 2 will be more tightly organized than Act 1 was. Instead of a single long storyline that anyone can edit, Act 2 will be divided up into several self-contained short stories. This should keep things more easily readable, as well as allowing for individual short stories as well as collaborations. Also, it should allow for more freedom in how stories get written, as opposed to being limited to the logs and transcripts format.

This page here will serve as an index and reference for the Phase 2 storyline, including a rough timeline and index by storyline.

Finally: there is no "approved writers" list for Game Day Phase 2. Anyone and everyone should feel free to contribute to this as a writer: however, the normal rules for story deletion (deleted at -10 votes) still apply.

We now have a chatroom: #scpgameday on SynIRC


(Feel free to edit this as individual short stories get written).


Vector of Transmission (SCP-353)

Storyline Coordinators: Clef
Having escaped her captivity, the disease-controlling girl Vector and her small cadre of fanatically loyal reluctant followers pursue their her own ends.

Predator (SCP-953, The Proponents of Paranormal Rights)

Storyline Coordinators: Clef
An uneasy alliance between a group of paranormal conservationists and a creature out of myth yields strange fruit.

Monitor Lizard Gone Viral (SCP-229; SCP-682)

Storyline Coordinators: GrandEnder
At Site 17, researchers are forced to deal with the consequences of the attack, including a rapidly evolving cyberorganism made up of SCP-682 cross-contaminated with SCP-229

Pain Train (SCP-737; Marshall, Carter, and Dark)

Storyline Coordinators: Tanhony
A disgruntled former MC&D Employee tries to breed and market SCP-737 and gets into trouble both with the Foundation and his erstwhile associates.

  • A Little Chat (by Tanhony) Mr. Jacobs digs a little too deep.
  • Fun (by Tanhony) Sir Samuel Valley has some fun, then gets down to business.

And In The Wings, Shadows (Multiple subjects and items)

Storyline Coordinators Dr. Gears
Following the actions and movements of those who are using the disaster for their own ends. The exploits of Agents Kramer and Harken, The Bagman, and others.

  • A Working Lunch (by Clef). Kramer and Harken solicit for a good cause.
  • Like Clockwork (By Gears, with edits by Clef). A surgical action by Agent Kramer.
  • Reflections (By Gears, with edits by Clef). Agents Kramer and Harken get issued new orders.
  • F.U.B.A.R (By Gears, with edits by Clef). A simple recon mission becomes anything but.
  • Discovered Attack (By Gears, Eric_H, and Clef). Mr. Dark makes his opening moves.
  • Point In Line (by Gears and Clef). MC&D call in some specialists and make some acquisitions.
  • Angle of Attack (By Clef, Gears, and Eric_H). Things escalate.
  • Attacking The Darkness (By Clef and Gears). Things escalate further.
  • Settling Tabs (By Gears and Clef). Agent Harken follows up a lead.
  • Lost Time (By Gears). A loney mission on a lonely roof.

A Breath of Fresh Air (SCP-200)

Storyline Coordinator: Drewbear
Following the escape of the newly emerged SCP-200, it establishes itself within a small town, with unusual results.

  • Imago (by Drewbear). Waking from a long sleep, an adult catches some breakfast.
  • Inhale (by Drewbear). A small town gets comfortable with a new resident.
  • Holding It (by Drewbear). A few new faces come to visit and look for a lost acquaintance, while the townsfolk make preparations for a rite of passage.
  • Exhale (by Drewbear) (pending). The shit hits the fan, and nobody gets quite what they want.

Other Incidents

Other incidents falling outside the main storylines.

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