Game Day, Phase 1: Secure
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Excerpt from official after-action report compiled by Dr. Alto Clef regarding Incident 234-900-Tempest Night.

0811 to 0813: Initial Contact

At 0811 hours on ██-██-████, multiple containment breaches occured at Humanoid Containment Site-17, caused by multiple explosive devices placed at critical points throughout the facility, placed by a then-unknown party. At this point, the method by which the devices were placed in the facility is unknown, as no security breaches were reported for several months before the incident. The most likely method (internal security breach) may never be proven, as any suborned personnel and/or evidence of their wrongdoing may have been destroyed in the attack.

One explosive device, placed in Conference Room 9b, resulted in death or injury to several key senior staff members, resulting in the loss of the top three levels of site leadership. This particular device would contribute significantly to the chaos which ensued: due to the severe breakdown in the chain of command, individual Foundation personnel would be forced to respond to the attack without coordination. In most cases, they performed admirably given the situation: especially during the early moments of the attack, when the nature of the containment breach was then unknown.

Surveillance Log 17-CR9b-██-██-████, 0805

<A. Adams:> What am I even doing here? I'm not an administrator or a director. I'm not even senior staff. I shouldn't even be here…

<A. Clef:> Don't worry about it. Just inhale and cross your arms under your tits and no one will even give a shit.

<A. Adams:> This is harassment.

<A. Clef:> Yes, it is. Go get a mimosa or something. Mingle. Socialize. Hi, Dmitri.

<D. Strelnikov:> Doktor.

<A. Clef:> Whatcha drinking?

<D. Strelnikov:> Orange juice. And vodka. Mostly vodka.

<A. Clef:> Breakfast of champions. You know, Dmitri, standing here, eating a muffin and chatting with you at the monthly senior staff brunch, looking at all these people I've worked with for years chatting and having a good time, you know what thought comes to my mind?

<D. Strelnikov:> We are fish in barrel.

<A. Clef:> You know me too well.

<D. Strelnikov:> Security is tight. All air vents are checks, all food is checks for poison, all walls and carpets sweep for bugs and bombs, all utensils and such are opens from sterile packs. All is good.

<A. Clef:> Excellent. Knew I could count on you, Dmitri. Hell, in order to hit us here, they'd have to smuggle a bomb in a waffle iron or some… thing…

<D. Strelnikov:>

<A. Clef:>

<D. Strelnikov:> Excusing me, James. Allows me to check— oh, son of the bitches.

<A. Clef:> Oh, for fuck's sake, you HAVE to be kid— EVERYONE MOVE! GET THE FUCK OU—


Audio Log from Hallway 18


Agent Vance: "Jesus. What the fuck was that?"

Agent Lombardi: "Get your head down!"

Agent Vance: "But what's—"

Audio indicates Agent Lombardi knocked Agent Vance to the ground at this point.

Agent Lombardi: "That's a goddamned containment breach. Sounds like a big one."

Agent Vance: "Oh shit. Oh shit. We're gonna die. We're gonna—"

Agent Lombardi: "No we ain't! We're gonna get through this. You understand? I ain't gonna let you die."

Agent Vance: "What do we do?"

Agent Lombardi: "What they pay us for, kid. We secure, we contain, and we break the face of anything that tries to stop us. Now, we need to get to the armory. Keep yer head down, an' use cover where you can."

Agent Vance: "Yes sir."

Interview: Dr. Tarn Honey/Dr. █████

Portion of interview between Dr. █████ and Dr. Tarn Honey, ██/██/████.

<Interview Begins>

Dr. █████: Where were you at the time of the explosions?

Dr. Honey: I was working with SCP-737, sir. I'd come up with a new theory regarding its aversion to copper and -

Dr. █████: Fascinating, I'm sure, but hardly relevant.

Dr. Honey: No, sir. Well, I was knocked unconscious by the explosion, as the security footage clearly shows.

Dr. █████: Of course.

Dr. Honey: When I came to, 737 was gone. I was inside the observation chamber, so it hadn't seen me, but the guard…oh god. C-can I have a moment?

Dr. █████: I'm afraid I must ask you to continue, doctor.

Dr. Honey: That train had just tunneled right through his head. There was blood everywhere, and there was a suspiciously train-shaped hole in the wall.

Dr. █████: And how did you react to this?

Dr. Honey: I went after it, of course. I thought security would be busy with the explosion, so I grabbed a sheet of copper from the emergency locker and went looking. I thought the explosion was just a minor containment breach. I didn't think it was that bad.

Dr. █████: Understandable.

Dr. Honey: As I was saying, I walked out of SCP-737's containment area and into the neighboring hallway. I spotted it turning around a corner and followed. I was all ready to grab it, but…oh god, I really need a minute.

(Dr. █████ sighs.)

Dr. █████: Of course. Take your time.



/Relevant transcript begins at ██/██/20██ ██/██/██ as captured by Security Camera/Audio system 1134-b; interior of office belonging to Dr. Rights. Status in video: Two walls have been partially removed by nearby explosion. For several minutes, nothing but smoke and dust is visible, before cleaning. Dr. Zurn; status: minor injuries, is visible, and stands./

Dr. Zurn: Doc…Doctor Rights? Doctor Rights?

Dr. Zurn pauses and coughs for several minutes.

Dr. Zurn: …Agatha?

/There is a soft moan, and Dr. Zurn grows visibly agitated. He moves a fallen bookcase with some difficulty, revealing Dr. Rights; status: Unconscious, major injuries/


/Dr. Rights is now conscious, if extremely disoriented. Injuries have been ascertained as potentially life-threatening blunt force trauma to head, abdomen, and legs./

Dr. Zurn: Just hold on, and I'll be back! I'm going to get help, alright?

Dr. Rights: [indistinct]

Dr. Zurn: It'll be okay. I'll go find one of the emergency med teams. Just hold on.

Dr. Rights: Sure.

/Dr. Zurn pauses before leaving, and kisses Dr. Rights on the forehead before exiting the room at a run. Dr. Rights spends the next ██ minutes laying on the floor, moving only in response to faint sounds and the activation of sirens. She loses consciousness after ██ minutes./

/At ██ minutes SCP-347, as identified by seemingly disembodied tracking anklet, enters the room, and approaches Dr. Rights./

/Relevant transcript of Security Camera/Audio system 1134-b ends at ██/██/██./

Excerpt From Debriefing Interview Vang-2
Interviewer: Agent ██████
Subject: Dr. Vang, Ph.D.
Date: ██/██/20██

Agent ██████: All right, where were you when the attack happened?

Dr. Vang: I was asleep in MRI Lab Three, two floors up and about five doors down the hall from where the bombs were. I woke up when they went off, of course.

Agent ██████: What was your initial reaction?

Dr. Vang: I just laid there a bit until the gunfire started, then I decided to report to the infirmary to get an amnestic. You see, the SCP I was working on, some of the initial tests indicate that the symptoms include auditory hallucinations. I figured an amnestic might fix it.

Agent ██████: I see. Carry on.

Dr. Vang: So, I was approaching an intersection in the hallway when I saw one of our security guards trading fire with someone I couldn't see. It dawned on me that it was all real when the top half of his head got blown up.

Agent ██████: And then?

Dr. Vang: I ran the other direction, hid in the closet, and hyperventilated for a while. When I calmed down, I ran back into the MRI lab to get my laptop.

Agent ██████: Why?

Dr. Vang: Well, I fell asleep last night before I could log out, and I had neglected to log out when I had woken up, so anyone could have gotten sensitive information off of it. Anyways, when I got back, my laptop was gone, and so was one of the desktops.

Agent ██████: What was on those computers?

Dr. Vang: I don't know about the desktop, but my laptop had some of my project files on it. Most of my projects involve abnormal memorability, so about ninety percent of it was just particularly catchy songs. In addition to that, there was a copy of the Communist Manifesto written entirely in pig latin, and there were nine variations of-

Agent ██████: Anything important?

Dr. Vang: Sorry, sir. One of my USBs had a minute-long clip of SCP-444, and my laptop had a photo that makes you dizzy for a minute or so when you look at it. Those are the only things I can think of that would be of any real importance.

Agent ██████: Very good. Now, back to the MRI Lab. What was your course of action?

Dr. Vang: Well, I realized that it would be a pretty bad thing if someone attacking the site had four forty-four, considering that a good portion of our work with it is weaponization. I looked around, and none of the rooms around me looked like anything was stolen from them, so I figured that whoever took my computer had a good idea of what they were looking for. I heard someone coming, so I ducked into the break room.

Agent ██████: What happened next?

Dr. Vang: Whoever it was, they ran past, so I sat down and thought for a minute or so. I went to the fridge, grabbed a bottle of root beer, and broke it. To get a weapon, you know. I changed into my backup pants, then I stuffed my pockets with as many of the emergency ear plugs as I could find and went out to distribute them to our guys.

Agent ██████: Emergency ear plugs?

Dr. Vang: It's the memetics department, sir. We go through them like toilet paper.

> Agent ██████: I see. Carry on.

Excerpt from debriefing of Prof. Anders Bjornsen

Security Agent █████ (SA): Why were you in the transportation depot when the incident began?

Prof. Anders Bjornsen (AB): I had just been re-assigned to work on SCP-272 from SCP-200 and was waiting for the transfer team to arrive from SCP-272's previous containment site. I had only skimmed the briefing report, but apparently that site was being re-configured as a secure site for higher-threat-level SCPs.

SA: According to the logs, that security team delivered that SCP and left over 90 minutes before the incident.

AB: sighs

AB: Yes, but… well, I was talking with one of the security guards down there about some… personal matters and lost track of time. A good thing, too, or I would've been in my office when it collapsed.

SA: We'll come back to that. Did you notice anything unusual before the incident?

AB: I overheard one of the other guards mention that there had been a lot of SCP deliveries that day, but other than that, no. Well, until the klaxon went off, anyways. Then all the guards started scrambling for the doors into the rest of site.

SA: And what did you do?

AB: What any good boy scout would do: I decided to investigate the SCPs that nobody had yet bothered to pick up. Mighty careless of the researchers of those prospective projects to not collect them, but to my advantage. The first was, luckily, SCP-262.

SA: And then?

AB: I went looking for guns.

Debriefing: Research Assistant Harold Wachtel
Excerpt from interview conducted by O5-█, regarding Research Assistant Harold Wachtel’s involvement in Incident 234-900-Tempest Night-1.

O5-█: Hello, Mr. Wachtel. Please, take a seat.

Wachtel: Would you mind if I didn't, sir? I've got a busted coccyx.

O5-█: Oh. Well, feel free to not take a seat, then. Where were you when the incident began?

Wachtel: Storage vault two. Was just returning 494 to its locker when something exploded a few aisles over and knocked the whole shelf full of lockers down on me. That's when I busted my coccyx.

O5-█: And that's when you decided to put on 494?

Wachtel: I was covered up to my armpits in lockers, and didn't want to be stuck there if something nastier than a bomb came by. I'm just glad I'd had tissues in my breast pocket.

Debriefing of Agent Lament by 05-4
re: breach event and staff involvement/response

O5-4 – Where were you at the start of the event?

Agent Lament – Oh god…we were…we were in Gears' office…he was giving me a stack of things to check out, research materials he needed recovered…I thought he was pissed at me, but I guess he's always like that.

O5-4 – How long have you been assigned to Doctor Gears?

Agent Lament – About…four months, maybe? It's kinda hard to tell…he doesn't get out much, therefore neither do I. You know, I think I got him to chuckle once? Or he was coughing, I'm not sure, but it was right after I told a joke, so I think it's really possible tha-

O5-4 – The event?

Agent Lament – that he really might have….oh…yeah. Honestly, we didn't know what was going on for a while. It was just some muffled thuds and stuff, the dungeon is down pretty deep. Really, the first time we knew there was something actually wrong is when the back office wall gave out. God, the wall just crumpled in, all the rebar and crap shooting out, I was sure, SURE Gears was dead, I mean he just got his skull stove in wi-

O5-4 – When you refer to the “dungeon”, you are referencing the common name for Security Floor D-9, correct?

Agent Lament – With…oh, yeah. I mean, everyone calls it that, it's so…dungeon-y. Gears has a office down there because he says it's more “efficient” to be close. He had a lot of items that he was working on there that day. After we came to from the blast, I could hear…things. It was like a monkey house for a while, then just…silent. The silence was almost worse, really, even though some of those noises I KNOW were people being eaten or…worse. Gears was pretty bad off, but calm as always, even with his leg at that funny angle. I kinda helped him up, and said we had to book it for the surface, but he said no, that we'd be dead that way. He…he said there was a secondary access area from this level, in case of high-priority staff being trapped down there, s-

O5-4 – Agent Lament, are you telling me a ranking member of The Foundation gave you a order to enter in to a area that was assuredly the subject of a multiple containment breach?

Agent Lament – So we…yeah. I mean, he said that the areas we had to slide through would be minimal, and that a lot of other staff might come this way too, if they got cut off from the surface level. I…I didn't know what all he'd been working on. I mean, I probably would have helped him down there anyway, but…I might have waited, or something….god, all those people, they just…i mean, they were smeared on the walls, like putty or something, or paint, or-

O5-4 – Agent Lament…

Agent Lament – jelly, and then there was the wire…thing. It was like a web, but it didn't even need a spider…just wrapped them up and used them…I think it was getting smarter, a LOT smarter, because it was trying to hide and s-


Agent Lament - …yes sir?

O5-4 – Did you or Dr. Gears attempt to contact site security for recovery? Or use secured lines for a SOS beacon?

Agent Lament – We couldn't. We tried to call security, and we just saw 106's face grinning on the screen, petting someone's scalp. The wire weed thing was fogging all the rest of the outside lines, we couldn't reach anyone! We tried, I swear! He insisted we had to get moving…you know…waiting for that blast door to open…that was as scared as I've ever been, even after the other stuff. Just waiting, watching the doors roll apart…

O5-4 - …Agent?

Agent Lament - …That's the thing. We didn't have to worry so much about the people attacking. No matter how stupid they were, I figured they'd NEVER try to come down here. Heh. It's funny…it's like escaping a flood by jumping in to a burning house.


/Relevant transcript begins at ██/██/20██ ██/██/██ as captured by Security Camera/Audio system 1179-a; Hallway. Status in video: Visibility impacted by smoke. Figures may be identified only faintly. Voice recognition reveals Dr. Zurn, running./

Dr. Zurn: Hello! Hello! Is anybody there!? We need a medical team! Help!

/There is no response, and he moves out of range. Security Camera/Audio system 1179-b through -f are offline due to damage. Dr. Zurn returns to range of 1179-a. Dr. Zurn is coughing loudly, and moves out of range again, quickly. Approximately thirty seconds afterwards, a larger silhouette moves through the smoke, following Dr. Zurn. Study of video logs later indicate this is SCP-542, as identified by distinctive movement patterns./

/Relevant transcript of Security Camera/Audio system 1179-a ends at ██/██/██.

0813 to 0823: Initial Response.

The placement of the explosive devices was determined to have damaged the site public address system and major communications leads. In addition to the resulting severe communications breakdown, this prevented detonation of the on-site nuclear device as a final fail-safe.

The situation was exacerbated by the unusually large number of artifacts in temporary containment at Site-17. Although normally serving as a minimum to moderate security facility for human and humanoid artifacts, an infestation of █████ ████ at Site-19 resulted in the temporary transfer of numerous non-humanoid artifacts of Safe/Euclid classification to Site 17 while decontamination took place.

The combination of these factors (disruption of command structure, loss of communications, physical damage from explosive devices, unusually large number of artifacts in containment) resulted in multiple containment breaches combined with the loss of the final nuclear fail-safe. The situation was further exacerbated at 0823 hours, when a number of unknown personnel from an unknown agency attacked the facility itself.

Surveillance Log 17-CR9b-█-██-████, 0819

<A. Adams>: "… oh fuck. MEDIC! MEDIC!"

Groaning sounds are heard, as well as cries for help.

<A. Adams>: "Shit shit shit shit… sir, are you all right?"

<A. Clef>: "Do I look all right? How is Dmitri?"

<A. Adams>: "Alive, barely."

<A. Clef>: "God bless that Russian. Saved our lives. Situation report?"

<A. Adams>: "Half the senior staff is dead, the other half blown to hell, and I can't fucking get ahold of anyone else. Internal comms are down, I don't know why…"

<A. Clef>: "Shit. Do you have your sidearm?"

<A. Adams>: "Right here, sir."

<A. Clef>: "Good. Reach into my left jacket pocket. You'll find an ID card there. L4 Clearance. Read the name."

<A. Adams>: "… A████ Adams. Emergency Clearance, Vice Alto Clef."

<A. Clef>: "Had Dmitri whip it up for me in case of an emergency. It'll give you access to everything I can access. You're in charge now. Deal with the situation."

<A. Adams>: "… I can't."

<A. Clef>: "Adams. My legs are blown to fuck. In about sixty seconds, I'm going to pass out from the pain. If internal comms are down, this isn't a one-time deal. This is a coordinated attack. You're going to have to do it. Prove to everyone you're more than just an oversized pair of tits."

<A. Adams>: "…"

<A. Clef>: "Now git."

Interview: Dr. Tarn Honey/Dr. █████

Portion of interview between O5-█ and Dr. Tarn Honey, ██/██/████

<Interview Begins>

Dr. Honey: I entered the hallway and…and there were just so many bodies.

Dr. █████: They were security?

Dr. Honey: I suppose they must have been. I didn't know who they were or what had killed them at the time. Of course I now know it was SCP-870. They couldn't have even heard it.

Dr. █████: A tragic waste of life. Please continue.

Dr. Honey: 737 was there, of course. You know, from the reports you'd imagine it just hits a wall and eats its way through it, but it's more like a maggot. A big, train-shaped, wooden maggot. I should rewrite that report.

Dr. █████: Perhaps not right now, doctor. You managed to capture 737?

Dr. Honey: It was…it was eating the bodies. At this point it was about seven carriages long. There was no way I could pick that thing up.

Dr. █████: This is when you hit the alarm?

Dr. Honey: Yes, I -

(At this point, Dr. Honey entered a coughing fit that lasted forty-three seconds, due to the condition at time of interview.)

Dr. Honey: Sorry about (coughs) that. Must be that bug going around!

Dr. █████: That's alright. Did security arrive?

Dr. Honey: No. I knew at this point something serious was going on. I decided to stay back in 737's containment area. (Laughs) It's not like anyone was using it!


/Relevant transcript begins at ██/██/20██ ██/██/██ as captured by Security Camera/Audio system 1134-b; interior of office belonging to Dr. Rights. Status in video: Two walls have been partially removed by nearby explosion. Dr. Rights is still unconscious, and SCP-347 has remained in the room./

/At ██/██ Dr. Zurn returns, and after a short coughing fit checks on Dr. Rights again, unaware of SCP-347 in the room./

Dr. Zurn: [Expletives deleted]

/Dr. Zurn leaves the room again./

SCP-347: …no wonder you pounced on him. He's a sweetie.

/After ██ minutes, SCP-542 enters the room, without sound, and approaches Dr. Rights. After a cursory observation, he turns from her, and begins to leave the room. SCP-542 then pauses in the doorway./

SCP-542: They call you Claudia, no?

SCP-347: Jesus Christ!

SCP-542: Don't worry. Were it not for your heartbeat, even I may have not noticed you. Don't touch my dear Doctor, danke. I will return shortly.

/SCP-542 exits the room, and SCP-347 can be observed frantically pacing the room, by tracking of anklet/

/Relevant transcript of Security Camera/Audio system 1134-b ends at ██/██/██./

Audio Log From Maintenance Tunnel 3A

Agent Lombardi: "Okay, see, that wasn't so bad, was it? We got through, and we're both still alive. Yeah, I know. The cannibal's a scary fucker, but the fuckers shooting at us were a bit scarier. Besides, Fernand ain't stupid. Someone shootin' at him is a much bigger deal than a couple of guys what are just running through."

Agent Vance: "He just… broke them."

Agent Lombardi: "That was the idea, kid. Now, we're gettin' close to the armory. We're gonna get in there, grab some hardware, and then try and meet up with other agents. Hopefully someone out there's still alive an' giving orders. Failing that, we keep the intruders busy."

Agent Vance: "How do we do that?"

Agent Lombardi: "We kill them. We steer them into dangerous skips. We improvise. You ever see Home Alone?"

Agent Vance: "Yeah."

Agent Lombardi: "Well, it's gonna be like that, but more people are gonna die. Hopefully not us."


/Additional transcript portions from Security Camera/Audio systems 1122-c through -f, 1141-b, and 1136-a through -m indicate the movements of both SCP-542 and Dr. Zurn. SCP-542 is observed in the process of attacking Research Security Agent J. Willhein. Agent Willhein is disabled in the process, and paralyzed. SCP-542 carries him out of camera range./

Audio/Visual transcript of SCP-138 containment chamber

0700 Subject remains in induced coma. Life signs steady.

0800 Subject remains in induced coma. Life signs steady.

0811 Static corresponding with loss of containment systems throughout Site 17

942 Camera feed restored. Subject remains in induced coma. Life signs steady.

955 Gunfire heard outside containment chamber

959 Containment chamber opened from outside. Two figures enter the room, one of which is sloppily dressed in security helmet and flak jacket. Other figure wears no clothing. Figures identified as instances of SCP-945.

1000 to 1031 Figures stand perfectly still and observe subject. Subject remains in coma. Life signs steady.

1032 to 1033 Unknown personnel affiliated with attackers enters chamber, opens fire on figures with side arm. Bullets strike upper arms of figure dressed in security armor. Figure returns fire with standard security firearm. Unknown personnel slain. Figures return to observation of subject. Subject remains in induced coma. Life signs steady.

1045 to 1052 Third figure enters room, removes uniform and weapons worn by unknown personnel and dons them. Joins other figures in observation of subject. Subject remains in induced coma. Life signs steady.

1100 to 1114 Figures cease observation and begin disconnecting subject from coma support equipment. Fourth figure enters room wearing white lab coat and administers unknown substances to subject. Subject begins to recover from induced coma. Life signs steady.

1124 Subject fully recovered from induced coma. Four figures remain motionless in observation. Subject begins screaming in pain. Life signs steady.

1200 Figures continue to observe subject. Subject continues screaming in pain. Life signs steady.

1300 Figures continue to observe subject. Subject continues screaming in pain. Life signs steady.

1400 Figures continue to observe subject. Subject continues screaming in pain. Life signs steady.

Excerpt from Video Log, Observation Camera 6649881:

0804: Subject 027-02 is served breakfast as scheduled. Life signs of the subject are within normal parameters.

0811: A series of explosions is heard elsewhere in the facility. Seconds later, Security Breach Alarms are heard. Containment for SCP-027 appears unaffected. Subject appears concerned; life signs show increased anxiety.

0814: Alarms continue. Sounds of large numbers of personnel moving quickly can be heard intermittently. Subject starts looking around in agitation.

0819: Under-floor vacuum system stops operation. Subject appears distressed.

0822: Flying insect population noticeably visible. Subject starts pounding on the door leading outside containment, screaming "Let me out of here!"

0827: Camera shakes briefly due to another explosion, louder than previously. Subject is shaken slightly, retreats underneath the cot in the cell.

0829: A third explosion is heard, much louder than previously. Entire containment cell is shaken for a full second. Subject remains underneath the cot. Life signs continue to appear normal for high-stress circumstances.

0833: Dust has settled. Horseflies seen flying in containment. Subject remains underneath the cot.

0841: Subject slowly emerges from underneath the cot, approaches door to containment cell. Subject attempts to force the door open, fails.

0842: Subject appears to appraise containment cell. Black ants seen swarming around feet of subject.

0846: Subject approaches floor grating at northwest wall, appears to inspect junction.

0847: Subject attempts to force up floor grating at northwest wall. Floor grating loosens.

0851: Subject opens gap in the floor grating large enough to squeeze through, disappears down vacuum outlet.

Recovered footage from cell-phone discovered on the body of unknown assailant

Figure identified as Prof. A. Bjornsen enters corridor from transportation depot, wearing SCP-262. The bodies of several guards lay on the ground approximately 10 feet away from the door. Unidentified assailant runs from behind the holder of the cell phone towards Prof. Bjornsen, screaming and brandishing a large knife in each hand. Two (2) cellulose tentacles emerge from SCP-262 and grab weaponry from the bodies of the guards. The tentacles rapidly retreat towards Prof. Bjornsen and two human arms emerge to take the firearms. These arms immediately proceed to fire the weapons indiscrimately. Analysis of the recovered footage reveals that shots fired struck the ceiling, floor, both walls, the oncoming assailant and at least one round grazed Prof. Bjornsen's left cheek. The holder of the cell-phone is apparently wounded by the weaponsfire and drops the cell-phone. Remaining footage is taken approximately twelve (12) centimeters from the base of a wall before ending.


/At ██/██/██ Camera System feed 1134-b Dr. Rights' office show SCP-542 entering, moving to beneath camera range, and ends abruptly. Believed to be the work of SCP-542 disabling the camera. Audio systems remain intact./

Agent Willhein: Oh God oh god oh god help please god help don't do this please

/Several minutes of frantic speech occur. SCP-347 can be heard in the background, voice indistinct. Agent Willhein begins screaming, for ██ minutes, after which there is no speech. SCP-542 can be heard humming to himself, and SCP-347 is believed to be the source of crying heard in background./


Camera Feed 17-4a, PA System Control Room, ██/██/████

0800 Room is empty and silent. Feed is stationary.

0811 Explosions are heard. A large piece of concrete falls on the desk, severely damaging the PA system. Camera is jolted, but undamaged.

0812 Screams and sirens are audible.

0823 Gunfire is audible.

0843 Two unidentified persons in full body armor enter the room. They carry machine guns of unknown caliber and manufacture. They converse, although the details of their conversation are inaudible.

0846 Both persons exit room.

0900 Room is empty. Gunfire, screams, and sirens are audible. Feed is stationary.

0904 One unidentified person in full body armor enters the room armed with a gun similar to those of the persons visible at 0843. The individual is accompanied by a male in a humanoid SCP uniform, later identified as SCP-890, who appears to be carrying a suitcase.

0905 SCP-890: "Alright, where is the patient?"

0905 The unidentified individual motions towards the PA system. SCP-890 turns to face the individual.

0905 SCP-890: "Those wounds are nonlethal. I saw many more severe cases in need of assistance on the way here. Are you sure this is the one you want healed?

0906 The unidentified individual nods.

0906 Unidentified Individual: [inaudible]

0906 SCP-890: "That's certainly an odd request, but I think I see what you're going for. These are hardly ideal conditions, though. The patient will have their voice back, but I can't guarantee that they will live very long afterwards.

0907 SCP-890 opens the suitcase, revealing a full compliment of surgical tools. The PA system appears to transform into a mass of flesh.

0908 SCP-890 begins operating on the mass of flesh. The unidentified individual stands facing the door.

Camera Feed 17-12b, Security Station Alpha Delta

0800 Security team is absent from station. (note: This has been determined to be the result of a scheduling conflict)

0811 Explosion seen at far end of hallway. Camera feed lost.

0845 Camera function restored. Dr. Johannes Sorts and an animate clay statue (a SCP-945 replica) wearing a burnt technician's jacket are standing on rubble and peering into the lens. Five other SCP-945 replicas are wearing assorted remains of security uniforms and carrying weapons, manning the security station.

Dr. Sorts: (addressing the technician replica) "What else is not working here, Joesph?"

"Joseph" (believed to be replica of Joseph Pullman, KIA at 0811): "This camera is working, but the door locks on this level are all still out, and the Public Address system is not responding. The alarms are off but I think I can…"

0847 Alarms restored, sirens sound throughout area.

Dr. Sorts: "Yes thank you Joseph that is very helpf-" (screaming, then static camera cuts out for approximately three minutes)

0850 Security replicas are engaged in gunfight with unknown forces at end of hall. "Joseph" replica and Dr. Sorts are crouched within the security station.

Dr. Sorts: "Hold your fire! Hold your fire! Dammit! Just try not to kill - [inaudible] that's one of our [inaudible]"

Two members of unknown forces in full body armor hold position at far end of hall. Unidentified individual wearing a standard humanoid SCP uniform is moved down the hall and out of view by a third member of unknown forces.

0900 Unknown forces and security replicas remain in cover for ten minutes, little gunfire is exchanged. Dr. Sorts is attempting to give instructions to replicas.

Dr. Sorts: [inaudible] "— to kill… because … because we need prisoners is why! And also…" [inaudible]

0910 Member of unknown forces throws grenade into security station. Security replica retrieves grenade and runs down the hall to the position held by unknown forces. Replica takes several dozen rounds to the arms and legs and crumbles to inanimate pieces approximately two meters from the end of the hallway. Grenade rolls back into the position held by unknown forces. There is an explosion, both hostile agents appear to be killed.

0911 Dr. Sorts exits security station and approaches unknown forces.

0913 An instance of SCP-945 steps out of the wall behind Dr. Sorts as he examines the hostile agents. Dr. Sorts notes its arrival and tries to communicate.

0914 New instance of SCP-945 retrieves weapon from fallen hostile agent and aims it at Dr. Sorts.

Dr. Sorts "It's a replica of the enemy! Shoot it! Shoot it!"

0915 Camera feed lost

0920 Camera feed restored. "Joseph" replica adjusts the lens. Security replicas are exchanging fire with two replicas that have taken the position previously held by hostile agents. The two groups appear to be purposefully missing each other, one replica goes through the motions of aiming and firing without discharging any ammunition. Dr. Sorts is not on camera. No alarms are being sounded.

0921 "Joseph" replica is pulling what appears to be a long cord of veins and muscle tissue from from the wall.

"Joseph" "Now to check the PA system… my god, what is this? We have a containment breach!"

0922 Replica of security agent sounds the alarm again. Sirens are heard along with sporadic gunfire.


/Relevant transcript begins at ██/██/20██ ██/██/██ as captured by Security Camera/Audio system 211-j; Hallway. Status in video: Largely rubble. SCP-457 is observed to be devouring a human corpse through immolation, victim unidentified. After ██ minutes, SCP-457 travels down the hallway. Fragments of audio logs reveal words./

SCP-457: Hungry…hungry…burn…large burn…like sun…so hungry…want food…want fuel…hungry…

/Relevant transcript of Security Camera/Audio system 211-j ends at ██/██/██./


/Relevant transcript begins at ██/██/20██ ██/██/██ as captured by Security Camera/Audio system 924-f; Hallway. Status in video: Intact. Dr. Zurn emerges from door, slamming it shut behind him. Faint shouting can be heard./

Dr. Zurn: Sorry! I'm sorry!

/Dr. Zurn continues down hallway, out of range./

/Relevant transcript of Security Camera/Audio system 924-f ends at ██/██/██./

Audio-Visual Transcript, Site 17 D-Class Cafeteria, ██/██/██

Unidentified D-class: Listen up, you lousy shits! I don’t have any idea who these fuckers are or what they’re after or whatever the fuck is going on, but you know what? I don’t fucking care. Because something tells me you won’t get three meals, a roof and a chance at parole if they’re the ones in charge. Did you see what they did to Jacob? Not to me, fuck no! You can escape if you want, but I for one….

[Individual is beaten down by another D-Class. Riot breaks out.]

Interview: Research Assistant Corbette/Site Director ███████:

Portion of Interview Between Research Assistant Corbette and Site Director ███████

<Begin Interview Log>

Site Director ███████: Corbette! I don't care about how stale your muffin was, get to the point of the explosion.

Research Assistant Corbette: Ok, ok, sorry. So, I'm eating my muffin, right? And suddenly I hear this big boom and there's alarms blaring everywhere and I don't know what the fuck to do, I'm just looking after all the Misters, right? And then I get an emergency memo from the boss, and he says to me, "Evacuate all the Misters." And I mean there's only four of them here right now, so it isn't that hard. So I put down my muffin, and I'm like, "Holy shit guys, we gotta get outta here!"

Site Director ███████: So you were instructed by Dr. Hayward to evacuate his projects?

Research Assistant Corbette: Yeah, so I handcuff Forgetful to myself because, y'know, every 20 seconds he has no idea what the shit is going on. And then I handcuff Chameleon to Hungry, and Moon just kinda hobbles along with us on his cane.

Site Director ███████: And it was a waning moon, so he was missing the majority of his face, yes?

Research Assistant Corbette: Yeah, he could only see through one eye. Everything else was covered.

Transcript of Video Log from Hallway 21, outside designated "Misters" corridor

<Begin Video Log>

(Research Assistant Corbette enters the hallway handcuffed to SCP-909. Following is SCP-913 and SCP-905 handcuffed together. Behind is SCP-917, struggling to keep pace with Research Assistant Corbette. Research Assistant Corbette turns around.)

Research Assistant Corbette: Moon, catch the up! This is an evacuation, you lard-ass!

SCP-917: (Muffled speaking)

Research Assistant Corbette: What?

SCP-917: (Muffled speaking)

Research Assistant Corbette: Ok, does somebody have the braille book. I have no idea what this guy's saying.

SCP-913: He says he can hear gunfire down the evacuation route with his one good ear.

Research Assistant Corbette: Aw, fuck. Ok, guys, we're gonna have to find another way out of here. Um… anybody have a map?

0823 to 0915: Breakdown

It is at this point that the situation escalated to a full-out Tempest Night scenario, as multiple containment breaches occured throughout the facility, causing near-complete loss of containment. Ironically, a significant portion of the containment breaches were caused by Foundation personnel themselves, in an attempt to stop the incursion by the unknown hostile force. Secondary containment breaches followed, resulting in the Foundation-Wide Alert Status being upgraded to Red.

The result was complete loss of situational control. Without a central coordinating authority, individual Foundation personnel were working at cross-purposes, interfering with and even counteracting each others' actions. In at least one case, a Foundation scientist's heroic sacrifice in maintaining containment of a Euclid-Class artifact was immediately rendered null and void when another Foundation researcher immediately breached containment of said artifact with the intent to use it as a weapon against the insurgent forces.

The situation would continue until the re-establishment of intra-site communications by Secretary Adams. By that point, however, the situation had proceeded past the point of no return. Many of the SCP artifacts had broken through the site lockdown and escaped into the wild. Mission priority then changed from securing the breached artifacts to surviving the crisis.

Transcript of Video Log from Storage Vault 2

0810 Research Assistant Harold Wachtel enters the storage vault with SCP-494, and approaches its containment locker

0811: Locker 3425-A8 explodes on the far end of the room, knocking over several shelves and dumping their contents to the floor. Research Assistant Harold Wachtel becomes partially buried under many containment lockers. For the next 45 seconds, only his head moves.

0812: Research Assistant Harold Wachtel nods to himself, then dons 494. He reaches into his breast pocket and begins pulling out a paper tissue, then tears off a small piece of it. He lifts the far end of one of the lockers on his chest with a grimace.

0817: Containment locker becomes made out of paper tissue. Scrap of paper tissue becomes a small shard of steel. Research Assistant Harold Wachtel tears off a small piece of the containment locker, then lifts up the end of another locker.


0848: Containment locker becomes made out of paper tissue. Scrap of paper tissue becomes a shard of rubber-lined steel. SCP-447-2 begins oozing out of containment locker. Research Assistant Harold Wachtel says something, later confirmed to be "[EXPLETIVE REDACTED]".

0849: Research Assistant Harold Wachtel begins rubbing SCP-447-2 on himself.

0851: Using SCP-447-2 as a lubricant, Research Assistant Harold Wachtel slips out from under the remaining lockers. He then proceeds to remove SCP-494, shove them in his right sock, and begin wrapping SCP-447-1 in paper tissue from the lockers.

Debriefing: Research Assistant Harold Wachtel
Excerpt from interview conducted by O5-█, regarding Research Assistant Harold Wachtel’s involvement in Incident 234-900-Tempest Night-1.

O5-█: Why did you bring 447 with you?

Wachtel: I'd missed my check-in by then, and since no-one had come looking for me, I was assuming the worst. I didn't want any hostiles getting their hands on it and exposing it to a dead body.

O5-█: Is that also why you took off your lab coat and trousers, and threw them in the incinerator?

Wachtel: Yes, sir.

Audio Log from Hallway 43, outside the armory

Agent Lombardi: "Okay, grab some guns, and let's beat feet. I'll cover you."

Agent Vance: "Um, sir?"

Agent Lombardi: "That is not a happy sounding um. Why are you making an unhappy um?"

Agent Vance: "It's… gone, sir."

Agent Lombardi: "The fuck do you mean, gone? The guns are missing?"

Agent Vance: "No sir. The armory. The room is missing."

Agent Lombardi: "Let me see. Jesus. You're right. This hallway's also too short. I fucking hate Eschers. Come on. We'll have to improvise."

Agent Vance: "With what? Sir, we have no weapons."

Agent Lombardi: "Sure we do. What do you think we been collecting all these years?"

Excerpt from Video Log of Security Camera 00294727:

0830: Camera feed shows entrance to containment chamber of SCP-632. Sirens are heard in background.

0836: Sirens get louder. A muted explosion is heard off-screen to the right, sounding like "popping a wet balloon". Blood splatters onto camera, presumably from unknown source of explosion.

0837: A plump young female exits containment chamber of SCP-632, identified by name tag to be Researcher Min. She turns head in direction of explosion, appears stunned for a few seconds before withdrawing back into the containment chamber.

0838: Researcher Min exits containment chamber donning protective lab goggles, hurriedly running to the left of the screen. In her hand is an ice box, presumed to be the Biological Storage Unit of SCP-632.

Transcription of Audio Log between 0900-0930, Security Camera 0030345

Prolonged screaming is heard in the background, believed to be caused by SCP-███ outbreak.

<Researcher Min> (heavy panting) Who's there?

<Agent Frederick> You! Good! Quick, we need to hurry! They're going to flood the wing with bakelite in an hour.

<RM> What's happening? Who are you? Are we under attack? Can you help? Are you an Agent? Why is the wall screaming? Who are you? How do I-

<AF> I have no idea. Explosion registered in this wing around 0830 hours, not sure who did it. Either way, we're under a full scale attack, command is shattered, and most of the skips are out of their pens. And unless you want to be 6 feet deep in bright yellow plastic, you'll have to come with me.

<RM> Where? It's just that I'm-

<AF> Deeper. Underground. Main atrium to the wing's crawling with those motherfuckers, we'll need to head to the basement. Hopefully we'll find others there, and wait for the whole thing to blow over. Understand?

<RM> …y-yes, sir.

<AF> And that box, what's in it? If it's a skip, open it. At least we'll have some more firepower than this empty gun.

<RM> Can't exactly do that, sir. If the temperature in here so much as rises a couple degrees we'd be crawling with those spiders by now.

<AF> …damn. I've always wanted myself one of those magic rings.

Excerpt from Security Camera-G-0007298

Camera feed shows minor stress fractures on south-east wall, overhead plaster sheeting has collapsed. Agent [REDACTED] regains consciousness.

Agent [REDACTED]: [Coughs several times] Sir, wake up, sir.

Dr. Dier: I'm here, [REDACTED].

Agent [REDACTED]: Sir, there's been some sort of attack, we have to get to a security station.

Dr. Dier: Wait, I must check on containment.

Agent [REDACTED]: [Gestures to the left side of Dr. Dier's face] Sir, you're injured. We should go.

Dr. Dier: This will only take a minute, watch the door.

Security cameras 0017699, 6649881, 0027998 register Dr. Dier's access codes during ██.██.████ - ██.██.████.

Interview: Dr. Tarn Honey/Dr. █████

Portion of interview between Dr. █████ and Dr. Tarn Honey, ██/██/████

Dr. █████: I'm sorry? You couldn't get back to the containment area?

Dr. Honey: Yes. There were two men there, with guns. I couldn't see their faces, before you ask.

Dr. █████: Did you at least try -

Dr. Honey: No, I didn't!

(At this point Dr. Honey slammed his hand on the table.)

Dr. Honey: Oh. Oh god, my hands…

Dr. █████: Dr. Honey, please answer me.

Dr. Honey: Of course. Sorry, I must have…must have drifted off there.

Dr. █████: Understandable. Could you hear the men?

Dr. Honey: I…no, I couldn't hear them properly. They left after a few minutes. At this point, I knew that the area wasn't safe, so I went to the cafeteria. I hoped to find some people.

Dr. █████: And did you?

Dr. Honey: Not alive.

Cafeteria Surveillance Log ██/██/████

Doctor T. Honey enters the room. Remains of several researchers and security personnel are present within. T. Honey reacts with shock, then pulls a gun out of a corpses holster.

<T. Honey> Shit, shit, shit…sorry, I'm sorry…

T. Honey takes a seat on the other side of the room, holding his head in his hands. Sounds of somebody approaching are heard. T. Honey takes the gun and holds it to his head.

A. Adams enters the room.

<T. Honey> S-Stay the fuck back! I'll do it, I swear!

<A. Adams> Doctor, put down the gun.

A. Adams steps forward.

<T. Honey> I said back! You won't get me, not me!

<A. Adams> Doctor, I'm not with the attackers. Give me the gun.

<T. Honey> Why exactly should I believe anything you say? Give you my gun, are you crazy? Where's your identification?! I want to see your identification!

A. Adams slides her identification card along the table. T. Honey picks it up and examines it.

<T. Honey> Oh. L-Level 4? Sorry, ma'am, I didn't realize. You can have the gun, I suppose.

T. Honey slides A. Adams' identification and his gun back along the table.

<A. Adams> Right. Now, where is Command and Control?

<T. Honey> Ha. You're new to Level 4, then?

<A. Adams> You could say that. I'm not taking your gun, though. You'll need it.

<T. Honey> Through Decontamination Wing 6, turn left when you reach Protective Materials and keep on going till you hit the doors. Can't miss it.

A. Adams turns to leave.

<T. Honey> Still though, ma'am, hundreds of unholy abominations are loose in the building. You may want to keep your gun close, and I don't mean for defense.

A. Adams leaves the room.

Excerpt from debriefing of Prof. Anders Bjornsen

SA: What were you doing when you encountered Ms. Adams?

AB: I was outside Decon 6, wrestling with one of the arms, trying to pry loose the last of the guns. I'm pretty sure it was already out of ammo, but I didn't want one of the others to pick up a clip somewhere and reload it.

SA: Decontamination Wing 6 is quite a distance from the transport depot or your designated containment breach evacuation point. Why were you there?

AB: The explosions had filled a lot of the hallways with rubble and I was trying to get to the containment chamber of SCP-200. It was the only place I could think of that was reasonably secure, assuming that it hadn't been collapsed. Decon 6 was on the quickest path to get there.

SA: How did you recognize Ms. Adams?

AB: I'd seen her in the cafeteria a couple of times before, once with Director Clef, so I figured she belonged. She was headed straight for the doors into Decon, but I stopped her before she went in.

SA: Why was that?

AB: I'd already peeked in there and it was fucking chaos. All safe or euclid class SCPs have to go through it, even if they're well-documented, but it's only supposed to be temporary containment and the explosions must've cracked some of the walls. At least half the chamber doors were open and I saw about 8 or 10 people in what looked like riot gear, piling a ton of shit into some metal boxes. Paperwork, at least one laptop, and I think I saw a birdcage with something moving in it. Their gear didn't have any of the guards' markings on them, so I figured that they weren't part of the Foundation.

SA: What did Ms. Adams do when you told her this?

AB: What do you think she did? She cursed and asked if there was any other way around it.

SA: Was there?

AB: She obviously found one, or we wouldn't be here. I told her to follow me and we took the long way around until we got to the security station outside the Safe Humanoids wing. It took us about 20 minutes, since we had to backtrack a couple of times when we hit blocked hallways or more groups of those riot-gear guys. One time they were carrying something in a body bag that was struggling pretty fiercely.

SA: Did you encounter any SCPs on your way?

AB: Not that I know of. I smelled something burning a couple of times and I was told later that there was a loose SCP made of fire. And when we finally got to the security station outside the Safe Humanoids wing, we found that all the guards had been decapitated and burned. I was almost at SCP-200's chamber, so I figured that I was almost as safe as I was going to get, and pointed her down to Protective Materials. Assuming that she didn't encounter anything else, she should've been there in about 10 minutes.

SA: After Ms. Adams left you, what did you do?

AB: I went into the Humanoids wing. Unfortunately, it'd been pretty trashed too, although I don't know if it was from the explosions, from the invading force, or one of the escaped SCPs. I do know that when I got to SCP-200's chamber, the door was wide open and the damn cocoon was ripped to shreds. And I couldn't even hole up there because the damn handle was ripped off and the door wouldn't close.

SA: Security camera footage shows that you didn't stay in the Humanoids Wing very long. If you were looking for a safe place to hole up, why did you leave?

AB: Well, like I said, the place was pretty trashed, so it wasn't really any safer than the rest of the Site. Also… I kinda felt responsible for SCP-200, even though I wasn't on that project any more. I'd spent over a year studying it and if it had finally emerged, I sorta wanted to see what it was. If it was moderately harmless, I could hopefully herd it back into containment and if it wasn't… well, I figured I could at least get some observations for the next guy to review.

Audio Log from Hallway 34

Agent Lombardi: "Hold up. We got hostiles ahead."

Agent Vance: "Can we get around them?"

Agent Lombardi: "Maybe. But they've got weapons. We want weapons."

Agent Vance: "That's… I don't think—"

Agent Lombardi: "That's okay. I can think for us both. Now, see that door over there? That's quarantine for new skips, and I got an idea. I'm gonna distract them. Go in there, open the third door to the left, and then go flat on the ground."

Agent Vance: "Do what?"

Agent Lombardi: "Okay, go!"

Video shows Agent Lombardi appearing in the hall near the insurgents. He appeared to yell something, then dived back behind cover. Agent Vance approached, using a vending machine for concealment, until running the remaining distance to the door. Several shots were fired, but neither Agent was injured. The insurgents ran through the door after Agent Vance. Approximately thirty seconds later, several pieces of the insurgents flew out of the room, striking the opposite wall. Anomaly VN-1520 (SCP number pending) exited through the door before killing several other insurgents. It then deactivated, falling to the floor. Agent Lombardi picked it up as Agent Vance emerged back into the hallway, visibly shaken.

Agent Lombardi: "Good work, kid."

Agent Vance: "Oh Jesus."

Agent Lombardi: "Go grab a towel from the washroom. You've got some insurgent on you."

Agent Vance: "Oh Jesus!"

Agent Lombardi: "Goddammit! At least use the trashcan. All right, now… FUCK!"

Agent Vance: "What's… what's wrong?"

Agent Lombardi: "It broke the fucking guns."

Archived email message

Sent: ██-██-████ 08:33 GMT
From: skatz@█████████████.org
To: facilitiesmanager@█████████████.org
Re: Men's room

Jerry— I had to stop by the Site-17 business office to pick up some documents and I couldn't help noticing that the water in the urinals of the mens room next to Conference Room G is boiling. Also, there is a weird smell in the parking lot, like rotten eggs. Might want to have a crew check it out.
Best, Sheldon

SHELDON M. KATZ, ESQ. LEGAL DEPARTMENT skatz@█████████████.org
office: ███.███.████ fax: ███.███.████ cell: ███.███.████

Confidentiality Statement: This electronic message contains information from the SCP FOUNDATION LEGAL DEPARTMENT, and may be confidential or privileged. The information is intended to be for the use of the individual or entity named above. If you are not the intended recipient, be aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the contents of this message is prohibited. If you have received this electronic message in error, please notify the sender immediately by reply e-mail or telephone ███.███.████, whereupon the SCP FOUNDATION LEGAL DEPARTMENT shall use appropriate means, including but not limited to the administration of amnestics, to cure any unauthorized disclosure of confidential or privileged information.
IRS Circular 230 Notice: We are required to advise you no person or entity may use any tax advice in this communication or any attachment to (i) avoid any penalty under federal tax law or (ii) promote, market or recommend any purchase, investment or other action.

Excerpt from Security Camera-G-0007298

Agent [REDACTED] has been exchanging fire with a single assailant on the end of the hallway adjacent to Dr. Dier's office for █ minutes. She has suffered several shrapnel injuries to her lower abdomen.

Agent [REDACTED]: Goddamn! [Clutches her waist]

Dr. Dier: It appears SCP-027 is heading in this direction. Bullets may not be the only thing we will need to worry about.

Cockroaches observed emerging from office tiling and ceiling.

Agent [REDACTED]: What the hell are we supposed to do? We're pinned down!

Dr. Dier: [Retrieves his sidearm, before crouching down on the floor to retrieve something]

Agent [REDACTED]: What are you doing?!

Dr. Dier: Grenade! [Lobs rat from behind door towards attacker, attacker runs for cover]

Agent [REDACTED]: [Emerges from behind office door, fires twice, killing unknown assailant]

Dr. Dier and Agent [REDACTED] begin moving towards Sublevel-F3.

Transcript of Containment Breach 13-34 Eyewitness Account Interview

Interviewed: Assistant Researcher Li Huang.

Interviewer: O5-█

Foreword: Temporary Containment Area 17-Gamma’s surveillance functions were completely disabled at 0811. Around 0832, it is estimated that Containment Breach 13-34 occurred at Temporary Containment Area 17-Gamma. Assistant Researcher Huang was an eyewitness of Containment Breach 13-34 and the immediate aftermath.

O5-█: Describe the events leading up to Containment Breach 13-34.

Huang: People flocked to 17-Gamma for safety. The logic was that if it could contain a Keter-class SCP object, then it could protect them from the attackers. Though communication with the main Site had been disabled, 17-Gamma was believed to be one of the safest places in Site-17. Basic security had remained uncompromised, and there were plenty of weapons. At 0823, of course, the attack by—

Huang coughs.

Huang: Excuse me. 17-Gamma came under attack. Many Foundation personnel, having…collected SCP objects from Site-17, began to use those objects in order to repel the attackers.

O5-█: They intentionally breached containment for those objects?

Huang: Not everybody. The explosions had already breached containment for some objects, which were just picked up off the ground.

O5-█: Did you do that?

Huang: No.

O5-█: Please continue.

Huang: The exact details escape me. However, approximately thirty seconds into the firefight, I became aware of somebody using SCP-399 as an enhanced stunner by producing what I presume to be some sort of pressure shockwave. Perhaps unauthorized usage of SCP-914 provided a power source.

O5-█: Do you know exactly how 17-Gamma’s containment unit was breached?

Huang: No. I didn’t even see it happen. Maybe a stray grenade caused structural damage. But even if I had seen the breach occur, I wouldn’t have understood the significance. I didn’t know what 17-Gamma was containing. I didn’t have the clearance. I assume that many others were similarly unaware. In the absence of a chain of command, we simply didn’t know where not to go and what not to do.

O5-█: What happened during Containment Breach 13-34?

Huang: The shockwaves were very loud, which already exacerbated the situation. However, that alone was not enough to cause the destruction associated with Containment Breach 13-34. I am not entirely certain, but I have my suspicions about what did. A piece of metal debris that resonated with a shockwave in just the right way, producing a sound quite like a bell…we all know what happened next. I remember an explosion of wings, and then, nothing. I woke up a few minutes later. SCP-469 was nowhere in sight.

O5-█: So Containment Breach 13-34 was the result of unfortunate coincidence?

Huang: Maybe. But fifty-two people died in Containment Breach 13-34. If you wish to attribute that to unfortunate coincidence, that’s your decision, sir.

0916 to 1103: Disorder

This period of the crisis can be considered the nadir of the incident: due to complete loss of containment and the presence of the hostile party, Foundation elements were rendered both operational and combat ineffective. Hostile elements had free reign of the facility, and many priceless artifacts were lost. The situation was further exacerbated by a complete release of D-Class personnel when confinement protocols failed. The presence of several hundred hardened criminals in this crisis situation was, to put it mildly, not optimally conducive to maintaining order.

It is at this point that certain facts about the hostile force became evident. Firstly, the training and skill level of the hostiles were widely disparate: certain elements displayed paramilitary levels of combat and tactical expertise, while others were clearly untrained civilians. Secondly, the goal of the hostile force was not capture, but release of the contained artifacts: although some opportunistic looting took place, escaping SCP artifacts were not pursued, but allowed to escape.

It is for this reason that I believe that the hostile force were not directed by Marshall, Carter, and Dark: MC&D would not have passed up the opportunity to retrieve several key artifacts that could have proven lucrative to their private efforts. The modus operandi is also inconsistent with the GOC or the Chaos Insurgency: Among other things, the Global Occult Coalition would have simply eradicated the entire site, while the Insurgency would not have passed up the opportunity to capture several easily weaponized artifacts for private use. Although the goals seem consistent with the group called the Serpent's Hand, the brazen nature of the attack (and the lack of SCP-class artifacts among the attackers) are not characteristic of that organization's modus operandi. Further research is required.

Archived email message

Sent: ██-██-████ 10:24 GMT
From: skatz@█████████████.org
To: facilitiesmanager@█████████████.org
Re: Parking lot

Jerry— when I went back to the parking lot to head back to my office in the city, my car was gone and there was just this smoking crater where my parking spot used to be. The car isn't the issue- it was a rental, but that was _my_ parking spot. You know how often I'm in and out so I am requesting that the handicapped spot next to Building C be reassigned to me.
Also, if you see Burt or Sungwoo, tell them I need a ride.
SHELDON M. KATZ, ESQ. LEGAL DEPARTMENT skatz@█████████████.org
office: ███.███.████ fax: ███.███.████ cell: ███.███.████

Confidentiality Statement: This electronic message contains information from the SCP FOUNDATION LEGAL DEPARTMENT, and may be confidential or privileged. The information is intended to be for the use of the individual or entity named above. If you are not the intended recipient, be aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the contents of this message is prohibited. If you have received this electronic message in error, please notify the sender immediately by reply e-mail or telephone ███.███.████, whereupon the SCP FOUNDATION LEGAL DEPARTMENT shall use appropriate means, including but not limited to the administration of amnestics, to cure any unauthorized disclosure of confidential or privileged information.
IRS Circular 230 Notice: We are required to advise you no person or entity may use any tax advice in this communication or any attachment to (i) avoid any penalty under federal tax law or (ii) promote, market or recommend any purchase, investment or other action.

Interview: Dr. Tarn Honey/Dr. █████

Portion of interview between Dr. █████ and Dr. Tarn Honey, ██/██/████

<Interview Begins>

Dr. █████: We're almost done here. I hope you do realize your conduct in the cafeteria was highly unprofessional.

Dr. Honey: I was not really thinking of my after-action review at the time, sir.

Dr. █████: Nevertheless, what did you do next? We've got this bit on camera, but we need you to confirm it.

Dr. Honey: Well, I left the room after maybe…half an hour?

Dr. █████: Is that an exact number?

Dr. Honey: Forty five minutes? Wait…

Dr. █████: Dr. Honey, please face the camera.

Dr. Honey: Oh…sorry, sorry, don't quite know what came over me there. (Laughs)

Dr. █████: You left the room?

Dr. Honey: Yes, and I ran right into a man…must have been a D-class, I suppose, with the jumpsuit…holding a fire extinguisher, and then…

Dr. █████: Yes?

Dr. Honey: I…I don't remember what happened next. I don't remember! What is this, where the hell am I?! Oh [EXPLETIVE], my arms!

Dr. █████: Restrain the subject!

Dr. █████: My apologies, Dr. Honey. You were beaten to a pulp by the D-class and entered a deep coma. I am sorry, but you never came out of it.

Dr. Honey: You son of a [EXPLETIVE]! You son of a -

<End Interview>

Closing Statement: Instance of SCP-022-1 was removed from the room and expired a week later.

Transcript of Video Surveillance Recording
Location: Checkpoint Camera, Service Entrance 4-02, Section Four
Date: ██/██/20██

0829L: Service Entrance 4-02 is visibly closed and locked down. Two heavily armed agents identified as Agent █████ and Agent ███████ are guarding the entrance checkpoint while alarms are still audible in the background. The bodies of at least two hostile combatants are visible in the periphery.

0829L: An individual visually identified as Dr. Rachel Mackenzie is seen rounding the corner towards the checkpoint, looking slightly disoriented. A gunshot wound is visible on her left shoulder.

0830L - Agent █████: Halt! Stop or we'll shoot!

0831L - Dr. Mackenzie: Please don't shoot! I'm lost, there's people everywhere… I need help…

0831L: Agents █████ and ███████ look at each other, clearly uncomfortable.

0831L - Agent ███████: Where's your badge? Who are you?

0832L - Dr. Mackenzie: I'm Mac… Mackenzie… I lost my badge when I got hit… (visible tears) please, I need help…

0832L: Agents █████ and ███████ trade looks again, and confer in whispers.

0833L - Agent █████: "Alright, come here. Quick."

0833L: Dr. Mackenzie looks behind her once, then quickly approaches the checkpoint.

0834L - Agent █████: "Okay. Just sit tight, and we'll-"

0834L: As Dr. Mackenzie suddenly rushes directly at Agent █████, plunging her hand into his abdomen and tearing out what is presumed to be his liver.

0835L - Agent ███████: "What the hell-"

0835L: Dr. Mackenzie turns and attacks Agent ███████ as Agent █████ collapses, pushing the former out of the camera's view.

0835L: Sounds of struggling, followed a scream that is cut off.

0837L: Individual previously identified as Dr. Mackenzie re-enters field of view, with a large amount of blood on her upper body. On closer inspection, her ears are elongated and fur-covered, and she proceeds to experiment with the door controls for several minutes before managing to un-seal the entrance.

0840: Individual exits Site 17 via Service Entrance 4-02.

End of transcript.

Excerpt from Video Log, Observation Camera 4923287:

0800: Vacuum system for SCP-027 operating within normal parameters; two technicians performing routine maintenance.

0811: Series of explosions from elsewhere in the facility, followed seconds later by alarms sounding. Technicians quickly leave room.

0819: Vacuum system and normal lighting shut down; emergency lighting comes online.

0827: A much louder explosion is heard, shaking the room briefly.

0856: Two unidentified figures enter the room and start searching. A third figure stays outside the doorway, presumably on watch.

0858: All figures exit.

0922: A pounding is heard from an inlet duct. This continues for approximately ninety seconds.

0924: Panel on the duct flies off, followed immediately by a swarm of flying insects. Subject 027-02 peers cautiously out of the duct, lowers self to the floor.

0925: Subject picks up a screwdriver and a crescent wrench, peers out the exit door, disappears out the door.

Instrumentation Log, SCP-555 Containment Control

0700: Containment normal. Field strength normal. Battery backup at 100% and charging.

0730: Containment normal. Field strength normal. Battery backup at 100% and charging.

0800: Containment normal. Field strength normal. Battery backup at 100% and charging.

0811: External power fluctuation. Power returns to normal. Battery backup at 100% and charging.

0827: External power lost. Switching to battery backup. Battery backup at 99%. SCADA alarm tripped and relevant personnel paged.

0827: Power to air filtration system lost.

0827: Cryomagnet quench in quadrant 4 of ceiling electromagnet array. SCADA alarm tripped and relevant personnel paged. Atmosphere alarm tripped; warning signals activated and relevant personnel paged. Atmospheric venting system activated.

0827: Activating permanent magnet array.

0827: Permanent magnet array activation failed after 5 retries with error code 3: mechanical obstruction. SCADA alarm tripped and relevant personnel paged.

0830: Containment running on battery backup power. Field strength normal. Battery backup at 95%.

0831: Containment control door ajar.

0833: Auxilliary power feed activated. Battery backup at 96% and charging.

Surveillance log, SCP-555 Containment Control

0700: No motion detected. No anomalies detected.

0730: No motion detected. No anomalies detected.

0800: No motion detected. No anomalies detected.

0811: Motion detected, source unknown. Explosions heard.

0827: Motion detected, source unknown. Explosion heard, louder, followed by extremely loud bang as ceiling magnets quench and vent helium.

0827: External main power to surveillance system lost. Switching to power-over-Ethernet.

0827: Atmospheric warning siren and revolving lamps activate.

0827: Ceiling of SCP-555 containment partially collapses.

0827: SCADA alarm buzzer sounds.

0827: Automatic containment systems attempt to deploy permanent magnet array; array is blocked from extending by rubble from ceiling collapse.

0831: Containment Control door opens; Junior Researcher Thumb enters, swearing profusely and pulling a standard mu-metal magnetic containment crate behind him.

0832: Junior Researcher Thumb closes, locks, and seals the door and opens the crate, removing a portable generator, laptop computer, five-gallon container of gasoline, and standard Foundation non-ferromagnetic SCBA set, with three tank sets (60 minutes duration each).

0833: Junior Researcher Thumb starts the generator, retrieves the auxilliary power cord from below the control console, and attaches it.

0834: Junior Researcher Thumb jams the room's chair under the door handle and dons the SCBA set.

0835: Junior Researcher Thumb enters SCP-555's containment chamber and begins to clear rubble from the permanent magnet array.

0837: Junior Researcher Thumb attempts to dislodge a mass of reinforced concrete from the permanent magnet array and cannot; the rebar is stuck to the magnet face. Junior Researcher Thumb swears profusely.

0838: Junior Researcher Thumb exits the containment chamber.

0840: Junior Researcher Thumb adds more fuel to the generator, attaches the laptop computer to the generator and network port, and sits against the control console.

0842: Junior Researcher Thumb smashes the atmosphere warning lights and siren with an SCBA tank. Alarms cease.

Interview: Agent Izumi J████ ("Enma Ai")
Excerpt from Interview conducted by Agent █████, regarding Agent Izumi's involvement in Incident 234-900-Tempest Night-1.

Agent █████:State your location and assignment at the time of the explosions.

Agent Izumi: SCP-966 containment chamber observation room. Surveillance of experiment 966-██, regarding the possibility of sapience in SCP-966 specimens.

Agent █████: Describe what happened following the beginning of the incident.

Agent Izumi: The incident began as the doors to 966 chamber were opened in order to conduct the experiment. The explosions caused a momentary malfunction of the surveillance cameras and light equipment inside the room. Showing previously unknown cognitive capacity, the four 966 specimens contained overwhelmed the security guard in the room, removed his lead-lined helmet and appeared to continuously expose him to their ██████ waves for 10 seconds. As I equipped infrared goggles and entered the room in order to terminate them, the guard began to shout incoherently and shoot in all directions. I dived for cover and waited for his bullets to end. Unfortunately, this brief window of time allowed the four specimens to escape.

Agent █████: The guard didn't hit any of them?

Agent Izumi: He seems to have hit at least one, as I could see splatters and a trail of what I deduced to be blood; it is hard to tell in infrared.

Agent █████: I see. What did you do?

Agent Izumi: I locked the doors to the chamber and followed the blood trail, hoping to find and neutralize the escaped specimens. The explosions still seemed to be going off; one happened approximately 300 meters away from me. After that one, I heard a loud, inhuman scream that was suddenly cut short. Walking in its direction, I verified that two instances of 966 had been killed by the explosion.

Agent █████: And there were no traces of the two remaining specimens?

Agent Izumi: No. There were traces of something else, though. It was hard to notice it because of my goggles, but it was clear what it was once it grabbed my arm.

Video log, Hallway 23. Camera damaged by explosion, audio is compromised. Tracking individuals: Agent Izumi J████, SCP-106

/Transcript begins at ██:██, █ minutes after the begging of the incident. Agent Izumi enters into view from the left side of the hall, walking slowly while looking at her surroundings, holding a handgun in her right hand. She stops near a blockage created by a explosion and kneels, checking something.

At this moment, the wall left to agent Izumi begins to show signs of corrosion caused by SCP-106. A rotted humanoid arm suddenly appears and grabs the agent's left arm. She proceeds to immediately turn and shoot SCP-106's arm, which maintains his hold on her. After running out of bullets, agent Izumi proceeds to grab a rock and repeatedly hit 106's arm with it. At this point, 106 begins to slowly pull her in the direction of the wall.

This proceeds for half a minute, until the agent proceeds to beat her own arm with the rock. Due to the corrosion caused by contact with 106, her arm is severed after 6 hits. Agent Izumi proceeds to run away from the location, holding the stump remaining from her left arm with her right hand. SCP-106 continues to slowly drag the remains of the agent's arm towards the wall, disappearing after █ minutes./

Review of Security Camera 17-699 Feed

SCP-699 sits in its research bay. Panel on SCP-699 begins to slide forward, approximately 10 cm from top of object.

Security camera fails for approximately five minutes.

Security footage restored. SCP-699 seen with top panel open, to half the length of object. No entities observed within object or research bay. Research bay door open; guards missing.

O5-8: Lovely. Apparently that thing could let itself out any time it wanted to. And we don't even know what it looks like. Damn!

Security Feed — High Value Item Storage

Storage safe open. Guards have abandoned their post. Female civilian (identified as Angela Williams, detained by Foundation for three years and two months after capture leaving SCP-052) seen entering storage facility.

Eight minutes later, Williams emerges from storage facility, screaming unintelligibly (language later identified as Middle Egyptian), holding SCP-911 in left hand.

Encounters Dr. Clarkson while leaving area.

Dr. Clarkson: Who are you? What have you got there? DROP IT! [Clarkson draws sidearm.]

Williams: [Screams in Middle Egyptian; holds SCP-911 forward; charges at Clarkson.]

Clarkson fires three times. Williams drops to ground, mortally wounded.

Williams: [muttering] 682 will save us. 343. The body and mind of God.

Clarkson looks thoughtfully at Williams; then bends to pick up SCP-911. Stands, briefly stares blankly, then begins screaming in Middle Egyptian. Leaves area.

Excerpt from Video Log, Observation Camera 2329988:

0941: Subject 027-02 finds the bodies of two researchers (later identified as [REDACTED]) in Corridor 19-J, proceeds to search the bodies.

0942: Subject takes the lab coat and credentials of [REDACTED], continues down the corridor.

Security footage transcript:
Site 17 heliport/atrium area

Three humanoid figures observed moving overland to Site 17. Advancement unimpeded due to Site failure and system-wide communication fallout.

Humanoids access heliport area. Two are observed to be white adult males (subjects 1&2), estimated between twenty and twenty five. Both appear to be very tired and frightened. Between them is a large humanoid (subject 3), estimated at approximately seven feet tall, wearing an old business suit, black gloves, and a burlap bag over the head. Bag is blank, and laced tightly along the back of the head, preventing identification.

Subject three grabs subject one forcibly by the back of the neck. Subject one begins to speak, appearing to be in pain. Subject two nods several times. Subject Three releases subject one, then all enter the atrium area.

Members of the force attacking Site 17 encounter the group. There appears to be general confusion for several seconds, then the attacking force opens fire on the subject. Subject three observed to use subjects 1&2 as human shields several times, before there is an interruption in the camera feed.

Static for four seconds

video feed is restored. All subjects and hostiles are dead and in various states of dismemberment, except subject three. Subject appears to be holding a jawbone, which it quickly discards. Subject crosses to the far wall, and begins to repeatedly strike a panel with its fist.

After five minutes of sustained striking, the panel is deformed, and the subject rips it open by a twisted edge. Subject pushes its head in to the opening, looking around for several seconds, before sliding inside and descending.

Subject moves out of functional camera range.

Church of The Broken God “disciple” interview transcript excerpt:

Is the individual identified on this recording as “Subject Three” one of your agents.

Oh broken one, my teeth…they hurt so much, please…

Answer me, or it's your fingers next.

Oh…oh….he…it….it's not ours, not anymore.


I…I'm not even sure I can. It's…something. I think those serpent people found him…or made him…you know, those magic ones? It was supposedly something of theirs…Uh. The deacon….d-deacon Hark, he brought it to us. It…it's not a human, or alive, or….maybe it is, I don't….oh god it hurts…

Keep going, and maybe I can make it stop. Did you send him with the attack? Did the Church know about this beforehand?

No…listen, he doesn't have anything to do with the Church anymore…it…it was never a believer. The Broken, he has….has nothing to do with it. It's trying to do…something…I'm not sure what. There's supposed to be some…ritual or something, it takes years and years to do. It's not supposed to, it's…off the chain, I think. If it screws up, something very, very bad…happens to it. The deacon tried to bribe it off or something…it killed a lot of people. It jumps around, does things for other groups…but it's in it for itself…nothing else…Ooooohh…

Hey, stay with me here, or i'll have to wake you up again. Why did it go to the dungeon? How did it know the emergency hatch was there?

I don't…don't know, it knows things, sometimes. It just….knows….knows, for some reason. We found pictures of it going…back over three…hundred years. Woodcuts of witches…devil worship…I tried…to tell Hark…told him…i told him…told him it was bad….just stupid…the bagman doesn't listen to…anything…

The bagman? Is that what it's called?

I don't know…we…called it that. It never told us otherwise…it…it can't speak by itself…it isn't…allowed to.

Interview: J. Flames/O5-█

O5-█: Now, where were you when the incident began?

Flames: I was in Laboratory K-13 at the time, working on the new Capsicum chinense cultivars I'd obtained from Chelsea, ah, that is, Dr. Elliott. We had been jokingly calling them Liche Chilis, since they were descended from the more common Ghosts…

O5-█: Yes, thank you. And what did you do when the alert happened.

Flames: Honestly, I didn't give it much thought. I sighed, set up the dragon, and went back to work.

O5-█: Excuse me?

Flames: Well, they had given me K-13 to work with because it was so remote from everything else, because people kept complaining about eye irritation and their sinuses, so I figured either everything would work out, and I'd be fine, or it wouldn't and the site nuke would go off and there'd be nothing else to do. So, I went back to work.

O5-█: And "the dragon"?

Flames: My pet name for the fire extinguisher I modified to spray out my Garlic Fission sauce. It's a delicious sauce, and rates at about 1.7 million Scovilles. The amusing thing about Garlic Fission is that gas masks only offer limited resistance. I like adding it to soup for a little kick.

O5-█: Yes… continue.

Flames: About fifty minutes later, I started feeling a little odd. I felt, I don't know, like my chilis weren't really worth it, and that nothing was. I recognized it as a possible memetic effect, of course, but I just didn't care. That was when my door opened, and the insurgent walked in.

She was drenched in blood up to her shoulders, and had a look of… satisfaction, I suppose. She was enjoying herself, and she held a chef's knife in her hands. I figured afterwards it was six sixty-eight, but I just didn't care enough to do anything about it.

Fortunately for me, that was when the dragon went off, and sprayed her with the Garlic Fission sauce. She dropped the knife and my mind cleared, so I brained her with a lab stool. I did not want her to get back up again, so I grabbed the knife and slit her throat. She stopped struggling, of course, when I picked up the knife, so I knew it was six sixty-eight.

O5-█: I see. So why did you head to the main cafeteria at that point?

Flames: Well, I thought it over like this while cleaning up the mess. I have a knife that will let me kill anyone and stop them from killing me, but only when it's in my hand and I'm actively thinking about mayhem. I do have a bit of a temper, of course, because I loathe interruptions to my work, and the solution presented itself. I'd head to the main cafeteria and finally make some good food that the whole site could enjoy. I had some recipes I'd found online that I'd been wanting to try, and finally I'd be able to use the big ovens to make my grandma's corn bread recipe.

I figured it would make a sort of safe haven for people and a bit of a honey pot, because any insurgents show up, I'd be in the kitchen and I could deal with them.

O5-█: Sounds… sketchy.

Flames: Yeah, I guess so. But I really wanted to use those ovens, and I thought, when would I have the chance?

Transcript of Security Camera 0046782

1020 Agent [REDACTED], and Dr. Dier observed exiting from Stairwell-C12. Dr. Dier is bleeding heavily from earlier sustained head trauma during initial attack. Agent [REDACTED] fires several times up the stairwell before exiting.

1021 Dr. Dier enters office 0026782, Agent [REDACTED] is twenty metres behind him outside of Stairwell-C12. Dr. Dier returns with a first aid kit, and beckons for Agent [REDACTED]. Agent [REDACTED] shuts and locks stairwell door before heading in Dr. Dier's direction.

1022 Spectrum sensory equipment detect several bursts of ██████ waves within Stairwell-C12. Scratching sounds eminate from stairwell door.

1024 Dr. Dier discards first aid kit after bandaging head wound. Agent [REDACTED] and Dr. Dier enter junction 62. Foundation security team observed entering hallway 00763-62 leading SCP-082.

1025 Stairwell door becomes unlocked. SCP-966 instance exits stairwell.

1026 Dr. Dier alerts Foundation security team to presence of SCP-966. Personnel, including Agent [REDACTED] and Dr. Dier head down hallway 00893-62.

1027 SCP-966 instance enters junction 62. ██████ waves emitted by SCP-966. Personnel and SCP-082 out of effective range.

1028 SCP-082 told that SCP-966 is a member of a German task force sent to assassinate him. SCP-082 breaks away from the group and heads towards SCP-966 entity.

1029 Foundation security team observe SCP-082. Dr. Dier and Agent [REDACTED] leave through hallway 00687-72 SCP-082 begins brawling with SCP-966 instance.

1037 SCP-966 rendered unconscious. SCP-082 is secured by security team.

Agent Lament is seen attempting to access his office and, after opening the door, shut it suddenly, turning and putting his back hard against it. The door is seen thudding hard several times as Lament appears to be screaming.

After approximately forty seconds, Agent Dodridge is seen approaching at high speed, holding his sidearm and telling Lament to step aside. Lament shakes his head, attempting to explain something, but Dodridge shoves his aside, yanking the door open and firing.

Dodridge appears to go pale as he then slams the door shut, holding it while Agent Lament moves several pieces of furniture in front of his door.

Agents Dodridge and Lament start moving down the hallway at top speed as Agent Lament’s door explodes outward and hundreds of instances of SCP-705 stream out, following them.

Audio Signal Later Picked Up By Agent [REDACTED]:

Lament: This is an all points bulletin! The lid is off! Repeat! THE LID IS OFF!

Dodridge (Background): Who taught them how to use rubber bands?! Jesus Christ!!

Lament: Request immediate evac! The lid is off! God damnit!

It’s to be noted that none of these creations are any more effective due to the use of harmless clay ammunition.

Audio transcript from damaged Security Camera 0212395

<Agent Frederick> Well, here we are. Security Floor D-9. Can you smell that fresh air!

<Researcher Min> The dungeon? Bombs went off, someone's freeing all the SCPs, everything is loose, and we're going into the dungeon?

<AF> Well, it's the fastest way to get to the maintenance tunnels, and there's gonna be at least a couple skips we can pick up. Here, this way.

<Approaching footsteps are heard, along with a loud, squelching sound. Cross-referencing functional security camera feeds reveals it to be SCP-955.>

<AF> …okay, wrong way. Nice kitty, good kitty…ohgod opentheskipboxopentheskipboxopentheskipbox dosomething quick-

<Loud thud sound is heard.>

<RM> I think I'm starting to like this ice box.

Transcript of Junction 42 Security Camera

0852 Camera feed restored, research bay door open; guards missing. SCP-699 research bay door lighting fails.

0853 Camera feed lost.

0900 Camera feed restored. Hallway 42-0699 lighting fails.

0901 Hallway 42-1080 lighting fails.

0903 Camera feed lost.

0911 Camera feed restored. Hallway 42-2420 lighting fails.

0922 Junction 42 backup lighting fails. Camera emersed in darkness.

0934 Two lights observed in hallway 42-0699.

0936 Eight lights observed in hallway 42-0699.

0942 One-hundred thirty two lights observed in hallway 42-0699.

0943 Camera feed lost. Camera destroyed.

Excerpt from Video Log, Observation Camera 5623961:

0954: Firefight between two Foundation security agents and three unidentified intruders in Corridor 16-Q.

0955: Two intruders incapacitated by Foundation fire, one agent incapacitated by intruder fire. Subject 027-02 appears behind agents' position. Agent sees Subject, appears to give orders to keep cover.

0957: Remaining intruder incapacitated by agent's gunfire. Cloud of insects visible behind agents' position.

0958: Agent cautiously approaches incapacitated intruders, Subject following close behind. As agent prods the intruders, Subject 027-02 stabs agent in the neck with a screwdriver. Agent staggers, Subject stabs agent twice more in the neck. Agent incapacitated.

0959: Subject searches bodies of agents, takes weapons and ammunition, dons body armor. Insects seen swarming bodies of agents and intruders.

1002: Subject searches bodies of intruders, takes two grenades.

1003: Subject continues down corridor out of view, toward Stairwell M5.

1104 to 1138: Reestablishment of Control

At approximately 1104, 2 hours and 53 minutes after the beginning of hostilities, Assistant Adams reached Command and Control and re-established site-wide communications. Unfortunately, access to the on-site nuclear device was impossible, due to the destruction of the control leads between C&C and the device (see attached addendum re: proposed modifications to current on-site nuclear destruct systems.)

Re-establishment of communications would have a profound impact on the course of the crisis. Personnel who had, up until this point, been acting independently with varying degrees of success, could now be coordinated into an effective combat force. With the aid of Assistant Adams, the insurgent attack would be driven back, albeit not soon enough to prevent the escape of several key SCP artifacts.

Post-recovery debriefing of Doctor Gears
(excerpt: sections 4-6)

How were you able to cross the D-9 Level after the mass failure?

I was fortunate to be in the company of several Agents and other staff members. Due to the damage to my leg, arms and internal organs, my mobility was severely restricted. We proceeded to the emergency access tunnels in the most direct route possible. Due to SCP-item alteration and damage, however, it was impossible to take any pre-plotted routes. Several Agents and staff were attacked, harmed and killed during the progression, however we were able to attain the access point with the casualty level well below the acceptable standard.

Were you able to observe any SCP escapes or cross-contaimination?

I presume yes, however my ability to properly process and catalog this information was limited due to physical trauma. SCP-106 was observed in the security station and at other locations, and I would assume that its trans-dimensional nature would lead it to escape as a matter of course. One of the more obvious contaminations was that observed between SCP-682 and SCP-229. It appears that SCP-229 attempted to attack SCP-682. SCP-682 appears to have, rather then attack, integrated with SCP-229. SCP-682 appears to now be deeply integrated with the site information and electrical network. The ramifications of this have yet to be observed. More contamination is likely, but it will take more direct and controlled observation to be sure.

Did you observe any hostile attackers over the course of the escape?

None alive. Several corpses were observed, belonging to neither Site Staff or Agents, so it is assumed that the aggressors accessed the D-9 level by some means. One subject did cause a slight complication, however it is unclear as to whether this subject is a aggressor, SCP item, or some other designation. The subject was large, wearing a suit, gloves, and a rough cloth over its face. We were attempting to exit the main contamination area, when the subject was observed near a access panel. It turned to face our group after several Agents requested it to identify itself. As it faced us, it then reached out and removed a major fuse from the service panel, causing a majority of the hall to go dark. We were forced to backtrack a great distance to find a replacement for the damage. When we came back to the same area, the subject was gone, along with several of the corpses in the area.

Debriefing: Dr. Johannes Sorts
Excerpt from Interview conducted by O5-█, regarding Dr. Sorts's involvement in Incident 234-900-Tempest Night-1

O5-█: You lost control over some of the SCP-945 replicas you were attempting to weaponize at various points, correct?

Dr. Sorts: I was trying to contain them, sir. I tried steer them towards destroying each other whenever I could, but it was tough using them productively. Any hostile agent they killed was soon replicated due to exposure. It's comforting knowing that the day I finally die there's going to be a clay statue showing up in my office to finish my reports, by the way.

O5-█: We're getting off track. Where were you at 1104 when Adams regained control of communications?

Dr. Sorts: By that time I was in possession of SCP-945 itself, since it's just an old wooden box. That put me in position to almost completely account for replicas that were manifesting in the site.

SCP-945 propagates itself by having the oldest replica create smaller clay figurines representing deceased individuals. These figurines are placed in the box, and a new replica appears somewhere nearby. Controlling the small figurines gave me a kill switch over every replica created due to the outbreak. I had the oldest replica accompanying me, I had the box. SCP-945 was contained.

O5-█: Containment procedures for 945 specifically forbid breaking new figurines during a containment breach.

Dr. Sorts: [inaudible]

O5-█: You were also observed to remove Dr. S██████'s identification and coat from his body. Can you explain that?

Dr. Sorts: I'm just a level 2 memetics researcher. We get some authority in a meme-related outbreak but the "Action Movie" meme wasn't good enough for exercising long term control over Foundation replicas I encountered on the way down the power room. So I impersonated Dr. S██████ — the replicas didn't know enough to tell the difference and he was level 4, so …

O5-█: Dr. S██████ was one of the individuals responsible for detonating the fail-safe device in the event of a breach like this. Were you aware of that?

Dr. Sorts: No, sir. Well, I'd assume any level 4 had that authority.

O5-█: Were you aware that Dr. S██████ was also an individual exposed to SCP-945 previously?

Dr. Sorts: Well, now that you mention it, yes I do recall seeing him on the list of exposed individuals.

O5-█: Dr. S██████ was one of the first researchers we lost during the attack. He died in the explosion in the break room. Therefore it is likely that Dr. S██████'s replica was one of the first to manifest. And if he was not the first, his replica would have been proceeding to the generators to detonate the fail-safe device personally given the loss of command. In accordance with his living duty, correct?

Dr. Sorts: Are you still interviewing me or—

O5-█: Did you encounter Dr. S██████ in the generator wing, or any other replica that would have been tasked with activating the fail-safe device, and did you or did you not interfere with their work?

Dr. Sorts: [inaudible]

O5-█: Doctor Sorts, did you or did you not interfere with the activation of the fail-safe device?

Dr. Sorts: [loudly] Of course not! If I had the chance to nuke my ass out of this fucking job I'd do it in a heartbeat!

Audio/Visual transcript, Generator 3A Control Room

1110 to 1115 Three instances of SCP-945 figures sit motionlessly at terminals. A fourth instance activates the speaker phone in response to a call.

A. Adams: Is anyone alive down there? Hello? Do you copy?

Replica "Garcez" (believed to be duplicate of Engineer Raphel Garcez, KIA due to enemy action at O825): This is Garcez in maintenance.

A. Adams: Controls for the fail safe are not responding. Can you activate the device locally?

"Garcez": What is your authorization?

A. Adams: [CODE REDACTED], Vice Alto Clef

"Garcez": [to another replica] Can you check that with the manual?

Video feed, Generator 2D Access Hall

1042 Gunfire exchanged between unknown forces and forces unseen on camera

1045 Unknown forces neutralized by suicide attack carried out by an individual wearing Foundation body armor and armed with a grenade.

1050 Instances of SCP-945 manifest in access hall, but crumble into inanimate pieces shortly afterward.

Audio/Visual transcript, Generator 3A Control Room

1116 to 1120 SCP-945 replicas mill about the room listlessly, one is flipping slowly through a binder.

A. Adams: Garcez, I don't have video to your location right now but I am sure that if I did I would see you and your team rushing to follow my orders.

"Garcez": One moment, we are verifying your authority. We are very busy down here maintaining power.

A. Adams: What power? Did you not hear the explosions? Your generator is not even online right now!

"Garcez": Your authorization has been accepted. We will activate the fail safe. Goodbye.

"Garcez" terminates call before A. Adams can respond. SCP-945 replicas leave control room. No further activity in room for remainder of incident.

Video feed, Generator 3A Access Hall

1122 Four instances of SCP-945 enter hallway from 3A Control Room. One by one they crumble into inanimate pieces before they can exit to connecting locations. No further activity.

Transcript of Security Camera 0035979

Location: Security Floor D-9 Minimal Security Containment

<Researcher Min> You sure this is the right way to the exit?

<Agent Frederick> No. Not really.

<RM> Then what're you stopping here for?

<AF> To get…THIS.

<Camera feed shows Agent Frederick forcefully opening a locker, revealing a giant backpack-like contraption.>

<RM> …it says Kondraki on it…

<Agent Frederick puts on the contraption. He straps on what appears to be an arm-mounted cannon.>

<AF> I know right? We're going to be alright after all.

Excerpt from Interview Vang-2

Agent ██████: So, in the end, your efforts were mostly unsuccessful.

Dr. Vang: Yes, that is correct. Between our guys getting killed anyways and the general inaccessibility of most parts of the facility, I think only seven or eight people actually ended up surviving with their earplugs.

Agent ██████: I see. After you lost the remaining ear plugs, what did you do?

Dr. Vang: At that point, I decided that my best bet was to try and bust up the PA System and hope they didn't bring their own ghetto blasters or anything. Plus, after that one time with Dave, I knew a shortcut that wasn't near any of the combat zones.

Agent ██████: Alright. Continue.

Dr. Vang: So I manage to get down to the PA system without incident, except for this fucking… thing. It was like a dude's head got chopped off and just started moving around again, like an octopus or some shit. Needless to say, I punted that down a flight of stairs and kept going.

Agent ██████: What happened when you got to the control room?

Dr. Vang: The hallway was actually completely empty, and it was really quiet too, so it was actually scarier than a lot of the stuff I'd seen elsewhere. I suppose because mostly low-level personnel work there, plus there aren't any SCPs stored in that wing. Anyways, the door was open, but there was this pile of body armor just sitting in the doorway, along with a machine gun and a bunch of what looked like old pottery smashed up into bits. I ignored it, although in retrospect it would have been a good idea to at least put on the body armor.

Agent ██████: Go on.

Dr. Vang: Yeah, I walk in and turn towards the PA System, but instead there was this big bloody glob of flesh in its place, and some sweaty dude was working on it with a knife. After I had some dry heaves, I looked again and decided it was probably eight-ninety.

Agent ██████: At the time, what did you know about SCP-890?

Dr. Vang: Nothing much, really. That he could operate on machines like they were people, and talked to them and whatnot.

Agent ██████: So what happened next?

Camera Feed 17-4e, PA System Control Room, ██/██/████

1100 SCP-890 continues to operate on the mass of flesh. The unidentified individual remains stationary, facing the door. Gunfire is faintly audible. Feed is stable.

1105 Unidentified individual appears to collapse: a large amount of what appears to be dried clay falls from various openings in the armor, and all clothing and gear fall to the ground. No remains of the unidentified individual are visible. SCP-890 does not respond to this event.

1114 Dr. Vang enters the room, stepping over the pile of clay. He looks towards SCP-890 and covers his mouth. He then bends over and starts shuddering. This continues for roughly a minute.

1115 Dr. Vang: "Hey! 890!"

SCP-890: "Shut up, I'm with a patient."

1116 Dr. Vang shoves SCP-890 forward with his hand. SCP-890 turns to face Dr. Vang.

SCP-890: "Sir, I am operating on a patient. Unless someone is dying out there, I suggest for the safety of this patient that you cease this unnecessary disruption."

Dr. Vang: "I can't let you do that, 890. If the enemy gets their hands on any kind of functional public address system, they could completely neutralize the Foundation's fighting force, understand? Now, I need you to stop trying to fix this thing and stand aside so I can destroy it, okay?

1117 Dr. Vang raises what appears to be a portion of a glass bottle.

SCP-890: "I'm afraid that I don't share your sentiments.

SCP-890 slices Dr. Vang's upper left arm with the scalpel held in his right hand. Dr. Vang stumbles backwards two steps, grunting. The wound is not visible from the camera angle.

1118 Dr. Vang, under his breath: Son of a-

Dr. Vang lunges towards SCP-890 with his broken bottle. The two then attempt to injure each other, Dr. Vang with the broken bottle and SCP-890 with the scalpel used in surgery.

Excerpt from Interview Vang-2

Agent ██████: … I gotta say, kid. I've done a lot of things, but I never got into a knife fight with a skip.

Dr. Vang: Hey, if you had told me a week ago that I'd be stabbing a surgeon with a broken bottle, I wouldn't believe it either.

Agent ██████: Indeed. A few questions, though. Your record doesn't show any form of formal combat training, but I looked over the tapes, and you decimated 890. I mean, he was an out-of-shape middle-aged guy, but still. Plus, from what you told me, you either threw up or had a panic attack pretty much every time something bad happened; but you just charged into that fight there. How on earth did you manage that?

Dr. Vang: Sir, you've read my file. You know I lived in Minneapolis, and I'm ██ years old, so that means I grew up in the '90s in Minneapolis. Did you know they called it "Murderapolis" back then? It's because of all the murders.

Agent ██████: Go on.

Dr. Vang: Well, I never actually got involved in any of the violence myself, but living where we did, my dad decided that I should learn how to fight, in case the situation ever came up. He was part of the resistance in Laos, real hardcore. Of course, I still got scared pretty much all the time and was a major wuss, but I figured that if it actually came down to getting in a fight, I'd be okay.

Agent ██████: I see. Well, I think we can be done for today. How are you holding up?

Dr. Vang: Fine, I guess. Still sore, though. What did you say I was infected with?

Agent ██████: We're not sure yet. You see, what we think happened was, the PA System was already infected with some sort of virus or worm or had something else wrong with it, and that translated over to an actual disease when 890 started operating on it. He got blood on his scalpel, and then he got the scalpel in you, so… yeah. I can't confirm this, but if your symptoms go where the doctors think they're going, you're probably gonna be classified as an SCP yourself.

Dr. Vang: Heh. I'm probably going to be the first person ever to die of a computer virus.

Agent ██████: I'm sure there are worse ways to go out.

Recovered Footage from Security Cameras B-298 through B-304

1050: Figure identified as Dr. Wachtel enters camera range running down Hallway 12 towards Stairwell 21.

1051: The door to the stairwell opens and Prof. A. Bjornsen cautiously exits, with several arms emerged from SCP-262. Camera B-300 rendered inoperable due to electrical failure.

1052: Dr. Wachtel comes to a halt and challenges Prof. Bjornsen's identity. Prof. Bjornsen identifies himself and tells Dr. Wachtel that the way up the stairwell is blocked by rubble.

1055: Dr. Wachtel and Prof. Bjornsen proceed down the adjoining corridor, Hallway 13.

1102: Agent [REDACTED] enters B-298 camera range, armed with one (1) M249 light machine gun taken from the site armoury. Dr. Dier follows behind the Agent. Overhead lighting in Hallway 16 shorts due to electrical failure.

1106: Dr. Dier and Agent [REDACTED] reach junction B-141516. Dr. Wachtel and Prof. Bjornsen turn into Hallway 14. Dr. Dier alerts Agent [REDACTED] to Dr. Wachtel and Prof. Bjornsen's presence. Agent [REDACTED] opens fire on Dr. Wachtel and Prof. Bjornsen, who dive for cover behind the adjacent wall.

1107: Agent [REDACTED] continues firing for twenty (20) seconds in short bursts while steadily moving down Hallway 14. Dr. Dier asks Agent [REDACTED] to stop firing. Dr. Dier orders Dr. Wachtel and Prof. Bjornsen to emerge from cover and surrender. Overhead lighting in Hallway 13 shorts due to electrical failure.

1108: Prof. Bjornsen and Dr. Wachtel emerge from cover and surrender. Dr. Dier and Agent [REDACTED] exchange identities and confirmation codes with Prof. Bjornsen and Dr. Wachtel. Agent [REDACTED] apologizes for her prior hostility. All four individuals begin heading toward junction B-141516.

1109: Massive structural failure in Hallway 13. Massive structural failure in Hallway 12. Massive structural failure in Hallway 8. Camera B-301 rendered inoperable. Lighting fails in Hallway 4. Lighting fails in Hallway 5.

Interview: Agent Izumi J████ ("Enma Ai")

Agent █████: I see. After escaping 106, what did you do?

Agent Izumi: I ran back to 966 containment chamber and writhed in pain on the ground while desperately trying to make a tourniquet.

Agent █████: …

Agent Izumi: Losing a limb made me unable to properly follow the containment breach and hostile mass attack protocols for a short while, sir.

Agent █████: Agent.

Agent Izumi: Sorry, sir. After finishing the tourniquet, which in hindsight seems unnecessary as the corrosion seemed to slow the bleeding, I decided that attempting to re-contain 106 took priority over finding the missing 966 specimens, which had most likely fled into the wild already. So I stumbled towards the dun- I mean, the Security Floor D-9, hoping to find someone that could tell me what was happening, grant me access to the place, and that could help me catch someone that was younger than me to use as lure for 106.

Agent █████: Did you encounter hostiles while on the move?

Agent Izumi: A few, yes.

Agent █████: How did you deal with them?

Agent Izumi: I hid, of course. It is what you pay me to do. Most of the time. Regardless, after some time, I found the body of Agent ██████, with the remains of a large… something… attached to his back, extending to his arm. Really odd thing. The hallway smelled strangely like feline urine too. Anyway, I grabbed his handgun and timed hand grenades before leaving. As I walked down the corridor, I soon felt the distinct sensation one gets when being hunted, and sure enough, I saw 106's face emerging from the end of the hallway in front of me.

Video log, Hallway 26, 27, 28: Agent Izumi J████, unidentified woman (presumed hostile), SCP-106

/Transcript begins at ██:██. Agent Izumi enters Hallway 26 on the right side. She gets to near the end of the room before suddenly stopping, turning and running out of view. Seconds later, SCP-106 appears from the north size of the corridor, stopping and phasing through the right wall after reaching the center of the room.

On Hallway 27, agent Izumi is seen running and suddenly coming to a stop as the sounds of footsteps come from the opposite side of the corridor. She throws herself on the ground face up, with her remaining hand holding the handgun on her chest. Few minutes later, an unarmed, unidentified woman enters the left side of the hallway. Upon spotting agent Izumi, she immediately runs towards her, possibly in an attempt to acquire her handgun.

As she gets close, agent Izumi rises and points the gun at her. Panicking, the unidentified woman tries to run. Agent Izumi shoots in her direction twice, with the second bullet hitting the left side of her hip, causing her to fall. Approaching the downed woman, agent Izumi stops for a few seconds to look at her before putting the handgun away, grabbing the woman by the back of her shirt and dragging her to the left side of the hall.

On Hallway 28, agent Izumi is seem dragging the struggling woman down the corridor, stopping in front of an emergency elevator and pressing its button. As the device fails to respond, she continues to press it, with increasing alarm. After a while, she attempts to pry the doors open with her arm, to no avail.

She proceeds to hit the doors twice before suddenly turning her face south. Agent Izumi quickly takes her handgun and shoots the downed woman in the legs twice, causing her to scream, before running out of view on the north size of the corridor. SCP-106 enters the hallway from the south part of the corridor, and proceeds to slowly walk towards the downed woman while dragging its arms on the walls, causing them to rot.

Upon reaching her, SCP-106 [DATA EXPUNGED] slowly dragging the still living woman towards his pocket dimension. As half of her body enters the "portal", agent Izumi is seen quickly running towards it, placing two objects (now known to be grenades) on the body's pants, and running out of view again. 6 seconds later, there is an explosion on the hall, causing the destruction of the camera./

Interview: Agent Izumi J████ ("Enma Ai")

Agent █████: What exactly did you hope to accomplish with that?

Agent Izumi: I hoped to take 106 out of action. As he was actively hunting me, I hope I can be excused for thinking that it was the best idea at the time. It clearly failed to do any damage to him, of course, but I did not see him for the rest of the incident, and thank gods for that. I guess he was having fun with whatever was left of the other woman. Or maybe he found someone younger, I barely fall into the age bracket he seems to show preference.

Agent █████: I see. Was it at this point that you decided to move to the cafeteria?

Agent Izumi: Yes, sir. I figured someone could potentially think of using it as a haven. Of course, that someone could be the hostiles, but I decided to take my chances. I could always hide somewhere else in that case. Fortunately, mister Flames was there. After showing him my badge, I entered the kitchens, found a corner and promptly fell unconscious. It was a while before I managed to wake up.

Agent █████: I see. That is all for now.

Partial Transcript of Recovered Footage of Security Camera E9935
Covered Location: Security Entrance E-43 and hallway connecting to it

1108 Three individuals, later identified as Security Guards S. ███, T. ██████ and B. ████, run in from off-camera.

1109 Guards S. ███ and B. ████ take up firing positions, aiming back towards the direction they arrived from. Guard T. ██████ stands in front of the security door access panel, with her back to the camera. She pulls a piece of paper from a pocket and begins referring to it. Note: all security doors in this section had entered containment breach lockdown mode by this time and required Level 2 access codes in order to be opened.

1111 Guard B. ████ fires 3 shots at unknown target off-camera. Guard T. ██████ looks over her shoulder with an apparent look of surprise on her face, then turns back to access panel.

1112 Guard S. ███ joins Guard B. ████ in firing at unknown target. Estimated 15 total shots fired over next few minutes.

1115 Guard T. ██████ hits the wall above the security panel with her fist, as Guards S. ███ and B. ████ continue firing.

1116 Guard T. ██████ drops the piece of paper she had been holding and throws herself at the security door, shoulder first. The door opens after the second slam and Guard T. ██████ tumbles through it.

1117 Guards S. ███ and B. ████ begin to back up towards the open door, then stop and lower their firearms.

1119 Creature later identified as SCP-200 enters camera view from same direction as the guards. It is oozing an unknown substance from several graze wounds. SCP-200 alternates between walking on its lower limbs and making short hops, using its wings to stay aloft as it approaches Guards S. ███ and B. ████.

1120 - 1127 (unrecoverable break in security footage))

1128 The bodies of Guards S. ███ and B. ████ lay facedown on the floor. No wounds visible from the camera's angle. Security door remains open.

1147 SCP-550 enters from off-camera and begins feeding on the body of Guard B. ████.

1151 SCP-550 raises its head and appears to look through the open security door.

1152 SCP-550 stands and walks through the open door.

Transcript of statement released at 1207 on ██-██-████ to national news media

The Proponents of Paranormal Rights is a united, grassroots movement of sentient beings of different races, people, and species of the oppressed people under the rule of the Worldwide Global Conspiracy, who under the leadership of our Teacher The Liberator, have formed and joined the New Freemind Nation and have agreed to advocate together on behalf of all sentient beings under the principle that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are rights to be extended to all creatures with minds and souls.

The New Freemind Nation is not a government or a religion. It is apolitical, areligious, and asocioeconomic, made up of people from all political parties, organizations, races, and social backgrounds, forming a unity and full representation of human experience. It is of no region or culture, but all regions and cultures. To be a member of the New Freemind Nation, one must only believe in the rights of all sentient beings to those inalienable rights inaccurately and chauvinistically described as "human" rights.

The Proponents of Paranormal Rights are the activist arm of the New Freemind Nation. It is beholden to no government, religion, or worldwide agenda. It has no political or religious power over it that dictates who will fight and who will die. It risks and sacrifices its life, liberty, and freedom not for its own means, but for the freedom of sentient beings cruelly oppressed and confined by the Worldwide Global Conspiracy that controls our lives from the moment of birth to the moment of death.

We of the New Freemind Nation choose this name because it states that we are no longer willing to live under the mind-controlling rule of the insidious Worldwide Global Conspiracy that hides the truth of the world from the eyes of the people they claim to protect. We are no longer willing to allow these Conspiracies to exploit the nonhuman sentient beings of this world for their own selfish and greedy ends, nor are we willing to stand by in silence as the most inhuman purge of living creatures since the Holocaust is carried out under the noses of the mindless sheep in pasture. We of the Freemind Nation reject the quisling notions of appeasement and silent victimhood that others who claim to fight for the rights of the nonhuman sentient beings of the world espouse - silent collaborators to the murder and oppression carried out every hour of every day of every year.

We, the united members of the Proponents of Paranormal Rights, like the brave militiamen of the American Revolution, like the Orangemen of Ireland, and the freedom fighters even now struggling together in the Middle East, refuse to go silent into that dark night. We refuse to die the death of the soul by watching the very soul of mystery in the world shackled and bound in the chains of slavery forged by the oligarchs and tyrants who rule in shadows, and refuse to act. We have struck out against the Worldwide Global Conspiracy through force of arms, and shed our blood on the field of battle alongside those whom we fight to set free.

We of the New Freemind Nation, in the name of the inalienable rights that the United Nations claim to protect, do hereby declare war against the Worldwide Global Conspiracy in all its forms. We support by force of arms the rights of all free-minded sentient beings to exert their agency against the crushing grasp of the sinister dictators who rule the world in our name. We hereby offer our friend in brotherhood to all those who suffer - the ascendant, the witch, the mutant, the spirit, the creatures of myth and legend who live even now in ignominy and silence - and call out for them to take our hand in brotherhood, and then to take our side in the Great War for Liberation that begins on this day, in this hour, in this place.

Transcript O5-10-██-██-████-████████████████████████████

O5-██: "The Proponents for Paranormal RIGHTS? What are they, some kind of garage band?"

█████████: "They're kooks. Harmless. Hippies. Up until now, the worst they've done is picket the commercialization of the pyramids and protest the razing of fairy circles by construction firms."

O5-██: "This is way bigger than any hippy sit-in. I'm getting reports of casualties, deaths, and near-complete loss of containment. We've got a full-on Tempest Night going on here. Now, tell me why I shouldn't just press that big red button right this instant and end it right now."

█████████: "Because with all due respect, sir, it would be like burning down the prison after the inmates have already escaped. We've lost a few, yes, but the latest reports are that we have regained partial containment of the remainder. Our expected losses will set us back, but so far we've seen nothing that's going to cause a K-class scenario… and with all due respect, sir, setting off a nuke is exactly the worst thing we could do sociopolitically in the wake of that… statement."

O5-██: "Goddamn, that statement… no one breaches secrecy. It's been the unwritten rule since the beginning of this whole…thing. Can we contain it?"

█████████: "Already on it. We're going to blame the attack on terrorists. Issue a statement in the name of one of the better known organizations. The statement should disappear in the usual chaff nutjobs send to the media when these things happen."

O5-██: "Step up the chaff a bit this time. Send in some statements of our own. Try blaming water fluoridation and vaccines, those always go over well. And get some help down to 17 right the fuck now."

Security Log-█████-3

Transcript of conversation between SCP-353 and an unknown person later identified as ███████ ███ a high-ranking member of the “Proponents of Paranormal Rights”.

SCP-353: So… Let me get this straight. You guys are some kind of “supernatural rights group”.

███: That is correct.

SCP-353: And you want me to join you guys to help free the other “skips” so we can all be part of this “New Freemind Nation” of yours and be one big happy family.

███: That is… also correct, more or less.

SCP-353: And you think I’m going to help you because I’ve been “oppressed by the ignorant masses” or whatever. Is that it?

███: …Not in so many words. Teacher the Liberator sees great potential in you, Vector. He believes that you would be a great asset to our cause were you to use your powers for the side of good, instead of for personal gain.

SCP-353: …Look, I don’t know what kind of drugs you’re on, but I think you’ve got the wrong idea about me. I don’t consider myself a member of some sort of “oppressed minority”. I don’t consider the other ‘skips’ to be my ‘brothers in arms’. And I sure as hell am not going to do charity work for a bunch of tree-hugging hippies.

███: But of course. If money and power are the only thing that makes you tick, we will reward you handsomely for your… your…

███ drops his gun, and removes his helmet. Moments later, he begins vomiting repeatedly.

SCP-353: Ah, good. I was hoping that would work.

███: W-what…? How did you-

SCP-353: You know what the Ebola virus is? Of course you do, it’s only one of the world’s deadliest diseases. 50% mortality rate, even in a best-case scenario. I’ve spent months working on an a fast-acting airborne strain, and I’m happy to say it has more than exceeded my expectations.

353 tightens her hands around ███’s neck

SCP-353: Betcha wish you bought the masks that actually worked, didn’t ya?

The other insurgents begin pointing their gun at 353. 353 wags her finger at them.

SCP-353: Oh no. I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You’re ALL infected now, and I’m the only one keeping the virus in check.

353 pauses, presumably to let the implications sink in.

SCP-353: It really is a terrible way to die… do you know what the symptoms of Ebola are?

353 takes a step towards the insurgents

SCP-353: First… you start to have headaches.

353 takes a step towards the insurgents

SCP-353: Then, you get the chills.

353 takes a yet another step towards the insurgents. at this point they begin to start backing away from her.

SCP-353: After that comes, vomiting, and then anorexia, and then pharyngitis, diarrhea, hemorrhaging, seizures, hiccups, necrosis…

One of the insurgents attempts to take a shot at 353, only to be subdued by the insurgent standing next to him.

SCP-353: …and if I’m feeling merciful… death.

An insurgent slowly puts down his gun, and raises his arms in the air. The other insurgents soon follow suit.

SCP-353: Good. It looks like we’re on the same page…

SCP-353 snaps her fingers, presumably for dramatic effect. Moments later, the insurgent who tried to shoot 353 falls to his knees and puts his hands to his throat to indicate that he is choking on his own [REDACTED]

SCP-353: The rest of you work for me now, so hop to it! I want a sample of every virus, bacterium, or fungus that these kooks bother keep locked up. Get going!

Security Log ██-1

There is no movement for thirty (30) seconds before smoke becomes visible rising from the exterior wall. After seven (7) seconds, SCP-737 emerges from the exterior wall. The front carriage of SCP-737 then opens, revealing its biological component. The biological component expels thirteen (13) wooden masses which unfurl into smaller specimens of SCP-737. Original SCP-737 then releases steam from its 'chimney' in what appears to be celebration. Other SCP-737 do likewise before all specimens proceed out of the range of the camera. It is highly likely that SCP-737's -1 through -14 escaped at this point.

Recovered Footage from Security Cameras B-296 through B-308

1110: Massive structural failure in Hallway 4. Massive structural failure in Hallway 5. Air filtration systems overwhelmed. Internal structure of section B-1 compromised.

1111: Hallway 12 collapses. Section B-1 seismic detectors register movement in the debris. Dr. Wachtel, Dr. Dier, Prof. Bjornsen, and Agent [REDACTED] reach junction B-141516. Junction B-141516 lighting fails. Prof. Bjornsen activates flashlight. Agent [REDACTED] activates taclight.

1112: Prof. Bjornsen directs the light down Hallway 13. SCP-682 breaks through the eastern wall of Hallway 13. SCP-682 is heavily infested by SCP-229 and is composed primarily of electric cabling, telephone wires and broken circuit boards. Organic portions similar to muscles ooze viscous fluid which, when it drips onto the floor below, burns craters into the concrete. The SCP-229 portions of SCP-682 begin infiltrating nearby electronic cabling. All four Foundation personnel retreat hastily, with Agent [REDACTED] firing at the entity.

1113: Agent [REDACTED] begins reloading. Clouds of dust obscure SCP-682. Its estimated speed is 8 kph. A portion of SCP-229 moves towards the camera. Camera B-298 is disabled.

1114: The four personnel reach Junction B-142623. Dr. Wachtel closes emergency blast doors. Prof. Bjornsen and Agent [REDACTED] illuminate Hallways 26 and 23, revealing they have become choked with debris. Dr. Wachtel suggests that they take inventory of their possessions. Each in turn produces any items they possess that may be of use and briefly describes its properties: Dr. Wachtel with SCP-494 and SCP-447; Dr. Dier with a pistol; Prof. Bjornsen with SCP-262, SCP-272, and a flashlight; and Agent [REDACTED] with an M249 light machine gun.

1115: SCP-229 begins infesting the blast door lock mechanisms. Agent [REDACTED] remarks that she is out of ammunition, and that the entity should reach them in a matter of minutes. Dr. Dier states that he has an idea and begins whispering to the others.

1116: Agent [REDACTED] and Dr. Wachtel begin clearing Hallway 26. Prof. Bjornsen opens SCP-262, allowing pair of long, semi-transparent arms to be revealed from the interior. Dr. Dier unloads his pistol and retrieves one (1) 9mm bullet, before replacing the cartridge. Prof. Bjornsen puts SCP-494 on the appendages exposed from SCP-262. Prof. Bjornsen places the lead tip of the bullet in one glove of SCP-494. SCP-262's appendages fracture and lift the roof of Junction B-142623.

1118: Junction B-132623 blast doors begin to open. Agent [REDACTED] hands Dr. Wachtel her sidearm and taclight. Dr. Dier and Prof. Bjornsen move to the wall opposite the blast door.

1119: SCP-682 breaches blast doors. Dr. Dier activates flashlight. Dr. Bjornsen throws SCP-272 into the shadow cast by SCP-682. SCP-272 embeds itself. SCP-682 begins cursing. Large portions of SCP-229 begin to exhibit prehensile activity and grow towards Prof. Bjornsen. Dr. Wachtel opens fire from Hallway 26, severing SCP-229.

1120: Dr. Wachtel and Dr. Dier flank Prof. Bjornsen from opposite sides, severing SCP-229 instances as they attack. Dr. Wachtel reaches Junction B-132623 and begins strobing taclight, Dr. Dier repeats this pattern. SCP-682 is thrown repeatedly against the northeast wall, abrading roughly 20% of its epidermis. Agent [REDACTED] creates a passage through the debris in Hallway 26.

1121: The roof of Junction B-132623 is transformed into lead. Dr. Wachtel, Dr. Dier and Prof. Bjornsen flee into Hallway 26. The arms extending from within SCP-262 retract.

1122: Massive structural failure in Junction B-132623.

1223 to Incident Conclusion: Analysis

At approximately 1223 on the day of the attack, elements from Mobile Task Forces Omega 1 (Blackguards), Omega 2 (Silverfish), and ad-hoc elements of other available personnel arrived at Site 17. Initial entry into Site 17 was carried out at 1306 hours.

Upon arrival, reinforcing elements discovered that the majority of the insurgents had already exfiltrated the combat zone, leaving behind seven members (who had been unable or unwilling to exfiltrate the area due to various factors). Unfortunately, this fact was compounded by the heavy number of containment breaches that took place over the course of the day, meaning that MTF personnel were required to both restore containment of escaped artifacts, while dealing with a small but dedicated core of insurgents.

Due to these complications, the "clean and sweep" operation would take over four hours and result in several more casualties, including members of the Mobile Task Forces sent to reinforce Site 17. However, the arrival of these reinforcements would prove to be the true turning point of the incident: once the members of these MTFs arrived on the scene, the incident was, for all intents and purposes, as contained as possible, under the circumstances.

In the end, recovery of basic containment at Site 17 would take another 16 hours, and result in the deaths of several more personnel. Complete site security has not yet been achieved at the time of this writing, due to the heavy number of escapes during the incident. (A list of current SCP infestations has been attached to this document as Addendum TN-4563B.)

Although a large number of factors contributed to the failures during the Tempest Night incident, one key factor seems to predominate: the loss of control and communications. Due to the inability to effectively coordinate efforts, what could have been a severe but containable breach turned into multiple containment breaches of dangerous artifacts. The simple fact remains that, for a period of three hours during the incident, there was no central command authority at Site 17. Individual persons were forced to act as they saw best, with no leadership or directives to guide them.

The way these persons reacted when on their own is disturbing as well. In multiple cases, individuals, believing themselves to be the only ones standing between the world and a full-on containment breach, took desperate measures in order to combat what they percieved as a deadly threat. This was compounded by the aforementioned lack of communication, which meant that incomplete and inaccurate data was provided to the persons involved. The situation has been likened to a group of desperate men lost in the wilderness and resorting to cannibalism, only to discover that they were a half-day's walk from civilization the entire time.

The situation was compounded by the culture of hero-worship among the lower-ranks personnel. Every organization, over time, develops a culture and a "mythology" of stories about famous incidents from their history. Whether by coincidence or design, the majority of the Foundation's "mythology" and culture has focused on glorifying the more grandiose events from our past, as well as certain irresponsible behaviors that, thankfully, never resulted in the catastrophic consequences that could have resulted. When faced with an emergency, these persons understandably fell back to the stories that had become part of their culture, and took actions that coincided with this mindset.

The results, I believe, are plain to see.

Recording seized from MC&D courier
Identity of speakers unknown at this time.

Oh that is just rich…the mighty Foundation, brought low by a bunch of bloody college students.

While it is funny Mrs. Carter, the other directors and I are…concerned.

Why? It's about time those pompous twats got a nice, public black eye.

Again, I agree, however we're concerned. These kids didn't suddenly get to be a threat without help from someone. They're armed up by someone who doesn't want to show their hand.

I suppose that's true, but we're not in any danger from it, our current ties are all covert at the moment.

True, but someone pulled a fast one on us. That does not happen. Ever. Yet somehow, someone armed this group and trained them to the point where they were able to drop a containment site totally off grid, and cripple The Foundation communication relay for a significant period of time. What happens if the puppet master turns his gaze on us?

Randal, I hardly think this-

I know, it is unlikely…but that is not even my foremost concern. Our members expect the world from us, normal reality and laws of physics be damned. We sometimes need those items to meet those requests. Which is easier, the corruption of staff and eventual theft of a item in containment, or the time, energy, lives, and most of all, money expended in the tracking, capture, containment, and study of these items?

…You have shown me the light, Randal. Cheeky, but still valid. I'll see if I can rouse the old fellow, get him to sign off on an open contract. I don't think we need to tip a hand yet, but maybe we can get those Americans…what are they, blackwood…blackburn…oh dash it, that mercenary firm…

Blackwater, ma'am?

Yes, that's it! I think Marshall may own the staff…or maybe that's Howard, on the board…dash it, one of the two. We'll get some people on the ground, keep an eye on things…if it all goes tail-up, at least we can collect a bit off the corpse before the scavengers move in. I think someone should post Dark anyway, keep him abreast of things.

I…am not sure he's alive, Mrs. Carter.

Fuck and bother. Well, let me know if he is or not when you find out, and post the letter anyway. He'll get it eventually.

Text of Message sent to O5 Council on ██-██-████, █ hours after re-establishment of containment

Dear Sirs or Madams,

Given that you are unable to keep your own affairs in order, we will be cleaning up your mess for you. Be aware that our interdiction teams have orders to shoot to kill on sight any individual who attempts to interfere with their mission.

For your safety and ours, I recommend keeping out of their way.



Under-Secretary-General D. C. Al Fine
United Nations Global Occult Coalition

To: 05 Command Group
From : Site 17 Tech Unit

Re: System compromised

We are still coming back on-line from the attack, however we will be unable to join the larger Foundation network, or connect to anything off-site. The cross-contamination between 682 and 229 has lead to a near-total infection of the on-site network. Thus far, it doesn't seem that either of these items have actually attacked the network, however they are eating up a ton of bandwidth and energy.

To my knowledge, this is the first time 682 has escaped and not gone on a blind rampage. I'm concerned that this is a prelude to something very, very bad…a calm before the storm, if you will. Thus far, we've sealed the site network, and shielded against any ingoing or outgoing signals, but there's not much else we can do. The connections extend everywhere…just waiting for something.

The physical SCP are down on the D-9 level, and we've pretty much lost control of that. The area is too hot to send normal staff to, and all the MTF are running around after the escaped SCP. There are reports of some bad cross-contamination, and 106 has been picking off around one staff member a day.

In short, we need help to bring the site back up. Until D-9 is cleared and re-secured, we can't reconnect to anything.

Surveillance Log 24-IF12-██-██-████, ████: Infirmary 12, Site 24
Six days after Tempest Night Incident

█. ████████: "Hey, motherfucker. How are the legs?"

A. Clef: "They hurt like fuck. Doctors say I'll be walking again in a year, though.

█. ████████: "Swell. I brought you a gift."

A. Clef: "… rollerblades. You always were an asshole."

█. ████████: "I love you too. Jesus, those stupid newbies fucked everything up, didn't they? I read your report. It was a fucking laugh riot. The part where that one fucknut tried to fight the kitskumiho and fell off the balcony and broke practically all his bones had me rolling. I hear he's still in traction."

A. Clef: "He's in the next wing over. Multiple compound fractures. He was stuck there for over forty-eight hours screaming in pain before someone managed to find him. Gangrene maybe set in on his legs. Hopefully the docs can regrow them."

█. ████████: "I'll bring him a pair of running shoes. He'll love that."

A. Clef: "…"

█. ████████: "… All right, talk. What's wrong?"

A. Clef: "We did that to him."

█. ████████: "Bullshit. We didn't push him off that ledge, and we didn't order him to either. Hell, you didn't even tell him to fight that SCP. He did that on his own."

A. Clef: "He did it because we did it first."

█. ████████: "He was a four-year newbie. We've been doing this all our lives. He was in over his fucking head."

A. Clef: "He should never have tried. We set a bad example for him."

█. ████████: "What are you, his mommy? Gonna change his diaper and feed him his bottle? He was an adult. He made a fucking choice, and he fucked up. I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it."

A. Clef: "Did you know the incidence of mental illness among Foundation personnel is going up? It used to be you had to be a ten, fifteen year man before you started getting downchecks for psyche. Now we're getting second-year rookies getting red-marked. Glass thinks it's because they're not trying to fight it any more. He's not sure why, but I know. It's because of you and me. These kids, they look at you and me and Gears and think, "These guys are nuts. Maybe it's okay for me to be." And they just… go over the deep end. They don't even try to stay sane."

█. ████████: "What, you're trying to blame this all on me? Fuck you. I do what I have to do to save the world. If I want to have fun along the way, then who the fuck can tell me otherwise? There's too much at stake here to worry about being a nice or responsible person. Someone wants to flip out and eat dog shit or try to fuck a goat, who cares, as long as they do the fucking job? If you can't see that, then maybe you need to get the fuck out."

A. Clef: "Maybe I do."

█. ████████: "… well, I'm not wasting a good gift on an emo faggot like you. Give me those rollerblades, I'm gonna give them to Gerald."

A. Clef: "Yeah, you do that, ███████."

█. ████████: "Fuck you too, buddy."

Escapees: SCP-353, SCP-953, SCP-200, SCP-550, SCP-737

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