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Secure, Contain, Protect

A Wondertainment Co. game


Contents of the SCP Foundation Special Edition Box®

In the box you can find a single disc, compatible with all modern computers and operating systems. A handbook containing useful information about the game's world (such as locations, task forces, groups of interest and non-playable personnel) is also included. Finally, as a participant of Project Pioneer, your Special Edition Box will contain a letter written by His Majesty the Administrator.

Introduction to the Foundation Game

The game takes place in the Pre-Exodus Era on Old Earth. It was an age where rejuvenation treatments, quark reactors and interstellar travel were only dreamed of. To make things even worse, the fantasy world of the game is full of anomalous objects and phenomena. They vary greatly in appearance from a hostile sculpture that moves when left unobserved to self-replicating cakes and portals to alternate realities. With thousands of such anomalies around, the human race is on the brink of extinction. Their survival is in the hands of the Foundation, a secret scientific and military organization dealing with these objects.

As you might have guessed by now, your job will be to lead the Foundation. Luckily, you won't have to handle this overwhelming task alone; the game supports up to 13 co-operative players. You can play as the overseers, receiving reports from your subordinates and issuing orders. The game is supported by our company's massive server park (courtesy of our generous sponsor, Miss Vicky Dotte), capable of simulating a world complete with non-playable characters, Foundation sites and anomalies in containment or roaming freely.

Your goal is to survive 200 in-game years by keeping these objects from ending the world as we know it. It sounds challenging enough in itself, but you will also have to face rival agencies attempting to create, destroy, use or sell anomalous objects. (The game even includes an anomalous version of our company.) To achieve a perfect rating, you have to do all this without the public ever learning about the anomalies. To make this a little easier, amnestics are available in the game, even though they were actually invented much later.

We hope that you will find this game exciting, educational and most importantly, fun.

A word from the Administrator

Congratulations! Receiving this game means that you are one of the best young minds of our planet, elected to participate in Project Pioneer. Take pride in that, but don't forget that you are yet to face the real challenges. You can take part in mankind's never ending journey and spread life in the Universe. When your training is finished, thirteen of you will lead a spaceship housing tens of thousands of people to terraform and inhabit a faraway planet.

The game you just got is a tool for your training. Playing this game can teach you how to supervise vast projects and make decisions with global consequences. If you can secure and contain all the weirdness that will be thrown at you, then you will be capable of protecting the citizens left in your care. Learning about Old Earth's culture and the wonderful things its people managed to achieve with their primitive technology will be an educational experience too.

I'll let you in on a little-known fact about my personal history. Of course, you have been taught that I was one of the 13 commanders leading a ship to this planet. You also learned my real name along with the title Administrator, kindly awarded to me by the populace after the tragic accident that claimed the life of all my colleagues. However, the name dearest to me is something no one calls me anymore: O5-6. The sixth member of the Overseer Council. That's right, we had a game almost identical to the one you are holding during our training on our home planet. Playing it is what made us into a real team. We took a liking to its terminology and continued calling each other by numerical designations even after we completed the game. The current version features a few objects added by my request, I hope you will have a good time figuring out how to deal with them.

The most important thing I realized while playing the Foundation Game was that even a single mistake can lead to the destruction of everything we hold dear. Keep that in mind, and become the wise commander your people deserve.

Good luck!

Frederick Williams

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