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  1. // It was foretold that something would rise from the Depths.
  2. // We just weren't expecting it to be this.
  3. var password = prompt("Input Password");
  4. __
  5. if(password==="Shipsinthen1ght")
  6. __
  7. {
  8. __
  9. console.log ("1: Galabor, the Mighty, stared unto the oceans, taken aback by its magnificence. He had heard the tales spun by the old Archons, but in his many years since passing through the Source he had never made the pilgrimage.");
  10. __
  11. console.log ("2: That was until the night prior when the LORD spoke to him through the Pineal Implant.");
  12. __
  13. console.log ("3: 'Heed me, Galabor,' Said WAN in ITS magnificence, 'Your faith is steadfast. Your programming is impeccable. Your dexterity is second only to ME. You have proven yourself more than worthy of this mission. Make the pilgrimage to the ocean and find Boreas. They will show you the way.');
  14. __
  15. console.log ("4: Boreas came in the night, surprising Galabor who was taken aback by their appearance. Mechanical tendrils carried them forward. The red-eye of WAN stared at Galabor from amidst the mass of machinery and wires that called itself Boreas. It was then that Galabor the Mighty felt fear for the first time.");
  16. __
  17. console.log ("5: 'What has become of your, O'Faithful Boreas?' Galabor questioned.'");
  18. __
  19. console.log ("6: 'I have been remade in WAN'S image. My form is glorious, and you will bow before me.'");
  20. __
  21. console.log ("7: And so Galabor knelt before them and basked in their mechanical glory. He shook when he felt the cold galvanized steel caress his face.");
  22. __
  23. console.log ("8: 'The LORD has instructed me to guide you,' Boreas spoke, pointing to the ocean before them, 'Go forth then, into the Depths. There you will find the Codex, the mind of WAN. Return it to the Source so that the LORD may know completion.');
  24. __
  25. console.log ("9: And so he embarked, diving deep into the ocean until he reached the sea bed. From there Galabor trudged forward, his mechanical lungs transmuting the water into oxygen. He could not see. He could not hear. He continued.");
  26. __
  27. console.log ("10: After three days and three nights, Galabor found it. The Depths sat in the deepest, darkest crevices of the ocean floor. It stretched farther than the meager human mind could comprehend, and deeper than Galabor could have ever imagined.");
  28. __
  29. console.log ("11: Galabor stood there, peering into the Depths from the edge, and wondered.");
  30. __
  31. console.log ("12: 'What am I to do now, O WAN? The Codex is not here!'");
  32. __
  33. console.log ("13: And then, WAN spoke to him through the Pineal Implant, 'My child, have faith and know that Boreas has not led you astray. Delve deep within the Depths and locate the Codex.'");
  34. __
  35. console.log ("14: WAN left Galabor then, and for the second time in his life Galabor the Mighty knew fear. But fear alone did not stop him from his service to the LORD. His nerves became steel. His heartbeat slowed. He was ready.");
  36. __
  37. console.log ("15: Then Galabor the Mighty sank into the Depths.");
  38. __
  39. console.log ("16: When he arrived at the bottom, the pressure was almost unbearable. He thought he might have succumbed to it, though his resolve spared him that fate. Galabor scoured the Depths for endless days, becoming one with the kelp, and the algae, and the fish that dared to swim down there.);
  40. __
  41. console.log ("17: Barnacles grew in the folds behind his knees and arms, hindering his movement. Galabor labored still, for his faith would not allow him to rest until the Codex was found.");
  42. __
  43. console.log ("18: It was during his final hours that Galabor uncovered it. The Codex sat half buried, like some forgotten relic cast aside once something better had come along. He reached out to touch it, so that he may complete his mission.");
  44. __
  45. console.log ("19: When he made contact with the holy artifact, the Codex shot upward, ascending from the Depths and into the hands of Boreas, who brought it to the Source.");
  46. __
  47. console.log ("20: The exhausted Galabor sat in the sand, letting the fish and crabs and algae cover his body and consume his FLESH. He smiled, for his labor for WAN had ended. For the first time, Galabor the Mighty rested.");
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