Gabriel Jade's Personnel File

Despite repeated requests to submit, and failed attempts by the Foundation to gather,1 detailed personal information regarding Dr. Gabriel Jade has not been made available to Human Resources.

The following list of anomalous research has been credited to Dr. Jade based on the series of hastily written containment theories haphazardly pieced together which provided initial containment procedures for the following anomalies:


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Item #: SCP-077 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-077 is to be kept in Research Sector-861 on top of a 0.5 m steel pedestal in a 3 m x 3 m x 3 m chamber with 0.5 m thick...
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This is a collab between myself and djkaktus, refining ol' plague boy into something more appropriate for today's standards. Huge thanks to TheeSherm, taylor_itkin, Doctor Cimmerian, and...
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SCP-049, revealing very human-like eyes. Item #: SCP-049 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-049 is to be contained in a secure holding cell in Research Sector-██. SCP-049 is...
tags: archived biological chemical contagion euclid humanoid reanimation sapient scp tactile

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Item #: SCP-3394 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3394 is contained within a subterranean cell constructed primarily of concrete with fiberglass reinforcement. The debris...
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Info ⚠️ Content warning: This work of fiction involves scenes which depict or allude to topics which may be particularly distressing for some readers. Child abuse Gore ⚠️ content...
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SCP-3849. Item #: SCP-3849 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-3849 cannot be relocated without risking structural damage to the surrounding bathtub, the property located at...
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Item #: SCP-3526 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: Any legislative body discovered considering changes to the legal repercussions of any effects stemming from the occurrence of...
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First frame of SCP-4491. Item #: SCP-4491 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: A single encrypted copy of SCP-4491 is to remain stored as SCP-4491.3g2 on an external hard drive...
tags: auditory dado doctor-bright doctor-cimmerian doctor-clef doctor-spanko jam-con2019 media mister moon-champion mr-fish narrative safe scp

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SCP-4951-1 in an unpowered state. Item #: SCP-4951 Object Class: Keter / Thaumiel Special Containment Procedures: All physical components of SCP-4951-1 are to remain contained in a powered state...
tags: avelar computer electronic online predictive sapient scp thaumiel

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3/4294 LEVEL 3/4294 CLASSIFIED Item #: SCP-4294 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Artificial Intelligence Conscript TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic is deployed to locate and...
tags: airborne alive biological extradimensional keter meteorological reality-bending reviewers-spotlight sarkic scp serpents-hand transfiguration


Everyone Wears a Mask
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The doctor sat in his chamber, reclined on a comfortable mattress. Head propped on a stack of sad deflated pillows, the sterile white linens were still tucked neatly in beneath him. He held his...
tags: plague-doctor possessive-mask tale

An Angel who has Forsaken Sympathy
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Stars shine down on the first night. The congregation has gathered outside to sing joyously to the stars, their voices twisting together in acoustic pentamerism. Twenty four joyous bodies sang, young...
tags: fifthist plague-doctor tale

Pestilence in the Court of the Hanged King
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His book his book why had he given away his book? This one was sick, though he knew not with what. Heaving breast, the spent pleasure of her lovers, eyes unfocused. Something was wrong here,...
tags: alagadda plague-doctor tale

Cack Hard
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The Site Security Director sat at his desk, pulling the advanced noise cancelling headphones into place. He looked around the room; thick, padded grey acoustic dampening foam covered the walls, floor...
tags: co-authored doctor-spanko plague-doctor tale

Cack Hard 2: Revengeance: Reloaded
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The villain, who shall remain nameless, stalked and skulked about Site 109. He didn't know where the cameras saw, but it made no difference, he avoided them nonetheless. His timing, though accidental,...
tags: co-authored doctor-spanko mister moon-champion mr-fish plague-doctor tale

Going Home
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He felt it, the unmistakable sensation of the pestilence. It was impossibly small, but unimaginably intense, like a needle in his eye. It was faint, but pungent, as though the disease had been...
tags: leslie plague-doctor tale

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The man sat at a long, wooden conference table with his 12 fr The man sat at a long, wooden conference table with the 12 people he knew best. He rubbed his forehead as one of them spoke at length of...
tags: tale

Los Dias Y Los Caballeros De Leslie Y El Doctor
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Two piles of books sat next to the doctor. The group on his left was neat and orderly, books stacked carefully atop one another. The heap to his right was much larger, much more mound-like in shape,...
tags: leslie plague-doctor tale

A Transcribed Collection of Haiku Graffiti from Site-42
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Life without a name Perhaps you should be its friend Life returns to death Afloat in a lake Monsters come in from the fog So it floats in peace Black White Yellow Red The Hanged King above it all...
tags: poetry tale

An Explosive Shout Cracks the Great Empty Sky
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“Only the hand that erases can write the true thing.” Meister Eckhart Lightning briefly illuminated the night, creating a snapshot of the scene in the doctor's eyes. Hide huts, tepees she had heard...
tags: aces-and-eights kain-pathos-crow plague-doctor tale the-sculpture

Foundation Facilities, and How to Loot Them
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Oh, hey, Shock, there's only like one life sign in a two kilometer radius, just take a blaster with you, just in case, and you'll be fine! Shock said venomously to no one in particular. She paused...
tags: plague-doctor tale

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, a Play in two Acts
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LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE A Play in Two Acts by Gabriel Jade Cast of Characters Director Alto Clef:                     Foundation employee; voice, not present on stage. Professor Kain...
tags: doctor-cimmerian doctor-clef doctor-gears halloween2018 kain-pathos-crow tale

Of Doctors and Alagadda
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Two colleagues sat in the mansion's study, one man cradling a snifter of brandy, while the other drew on an ornate pipe. When his voice broke the silence, it was accompanied by a cloud of smoke. Rare...
tags: alagadda co-authored plague-doctor tale

In the Shadow of the Anguished Lord
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Gracefully carved pillars lined the narrow onyx corridor. Few knew, even within the King's court, that this place existed. Fewer still came willingly. The petitioner walked the hallway, accompanied...
tags: alagadda plague-doctor possessive-mask tale

Digging up the Past
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The doors of the Bio-Research Area-12 meeting room opened slowly. Senior researchers and project directors walked numbly back to their offices. Kain Pathos Crow emerged from the meeting room with his...
tags: co-authored doctor-bright end-of-death kain-pathos-crow tale

Nothing in the cry of Cicadas Suggests they are About to Die
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The crew of Mariachi's Merchants sat within the cramped confines of the command room. Everyone was on edge, with Logan listening intently at the locked door. Scott leaned forward, intently stroking...
tags: tale

Yuletide Joy
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Mommy, we're next, we're next! Elizabeth bounced up and down on the balls of her feet, her rosy cheeks lit up in a bright smile. She looked up to see her mother's face looking down at her, her lips...
tags: doctor-cimmerian end-of-death tale

The Enemy of my Enemy is my Co-Founder
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James Cole pulled the blinds of his office window shut against the early evening sun. He wore a tense and troubled face. Until this morning, he didn't have the faintest inkling a man named Arjun Batra...
tags: avelar tale

Persephone Project
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Canon Hub » End of Death » Persephone Project Alto, The evidence you've shown me is troubling. I'm authorizing you to utilize my Level-5 certification in order to track down what he's up to, and...
tags: co-authored doctor-bright doctor-clef end-of-death kain-pathos-crow tale

Canst thou draw out Leviathan with an Amortization? or his Tongue with a Bribe which thou lettest down?
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Dr. Crow listened intently to the commotion about him. Strained heaves and half-uttered curses found their way to his ears, the chorus of some dozen rail workers loading no-doubt overfilled crates...
tags: aces-and-eights jam-con2019 kain-pathos-crow tale
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GoI Formats

'A Second Chance At Today' (IZ229/AN78A/GI753)
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IZ229/AN78A/GI753 Status Unknown Demand High Value 2,500,000 USD / 1,888,875 GBP per pill Availability None Identifier A Second Chance at Today Description Stocks take an unexpected...
tags: dado goi-format jam-con2019 marshall-carter-and-dark


Gabriel Jade's Personnel File
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Despite repeated requests to submit, and failed attempts by the Foundation to gather,1 detailed personal information regarding Dr. Gabriel Jade has not been made available to Human Resources. The...
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The Hanged King's Comedy
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In the court of the King, the Doctor waits. Illustrated by Dex V The Hanged King's Comedy The spiteful's torment shall permit Glom of power whence the worlds split. And black stars hate without...
tags: alagadda hanged-king hub


Do No Harm
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Written by: Doctor Cimmerian and Gabriel Jade. {$note}
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RS939/JJ39S/4ZCS9 Status Selling Demand Low Value 1,850,000 USD / 1,390,000 GBP per subject Availability Unique Identifier MC D's Eternal Vengeance ('Plague Doctor' internally) Description...
tags: co-authored goi-format marshall-carter-and-dark plague-doctor

Who Wants To Live Forever?
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Written by: Uncle Nicolini and Gabriel Jade. {$note}
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Junior Researcher Sheppard was having a rough day. The machine slumped motionless in the middle of the workshop, its central control screen displaying in bright red letters: Defense System Armed! A...
tags: co-authored doctor-bright doctor-clef end-of-death kain-pathos-crow tale

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Written by: Uncle Nicolini and Gabriel Jade. {$note}
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Item #: SCP-3756 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation is to monitor information distributed by global space agencies1 regarding Ganymede. Provisional Site-9354 has been...
tags: building co-authored extraterrestrial moon safe scp spatial

The Hermit, Death, and The Devil
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Written by: Uncle Nicolini and Gabriel Jade. {$note}
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Dr. K. Stuff yawned and tried again to wipe the stubborn sleep from his eyes as he made his way to the operating room. It was 3:30 AM, and he was cursing his luck for being the only veterinarian...
tags: co-authored doctor-bright doctor-clef end-of-death kain-pathos-crow tale

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Written by: Ayers and Gabriel Jade. {$note}
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SCP-4449 | SCP-4450 | SCP-4451 ‡ Licensing / Citation ‡ Hide Licensing / Citation Cite this page as: For more information, see Licensing Guide. Licensing Disclosures Filename:...
tags: able chicago-spirit cliche2019 co-authored currency exchange extradimensional global-occult-coalition humanoid keter location marshall-carter-and-dark sapient scp serpents-hand teleportation

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Written by: DrCaroll and Gabriel Jade. {$note}
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4/4810 LEVEL 4/4810 CLASSIFIED Item #: SCP-4810 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: Containment Area-49 has been constructed on-site surrounding SCP-4810-A. Direct physical...
tags: arthropod biohazard biological building co-authored deer ectoentropic goi2019 insect keter mind-affecting plant scp skeletal

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