Further selections of Media Referencing the Anomalous
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In the interest of improved documentation on anomalous adjacent media, Site-73 has begun a project to further document media that references known anomalous objects, organizations, and individuals while not being anomalous themselves.

All forms of media are stored within Site-73's Media Archive and can be retrieved with permission. Individuals documenting the media are to use the following format:

Format of Media:
Date of Recovery:
Title of Media:
Other Notes:
Notable Portrayals of Anomalous Events:

The media below is listed in order of documentation:

Format of Media: Game Boy Color Cartridge
Date of Recovery: 2001-04-17
Title of Media: Wondertainment Mister Master an unlicensed video game made by the Group of Interest "Dr. Wondertainment." Unlike many products produced by Wondertainment, this game possesses no anomalous properties. Analysis of the game's code has determined that the game is an extensive modification of Pokémon Crystal, an RPG published by Nintendo in 2000. As such the base game mechanics are similar. It is a turn-based RPG where the play character acquires party members by fighting and capturing "wild" versions of them.
Other Notes: Copies of the ROM file are available for download from the Site-73 Digital Libraries
Notable Portrayals of Anomalous Events: The game's plot involves the player becoming a "Mister Master." Given a choice between "Mr. Laugh", "Mr. Headless", and "Mr. Stripes" to start with, the player must then travel across "Wondertainment World" to do battle with Eight different Dr. Wondertainments with their teams of Little Misters to become the "Mister Master." Unlike in Pokemon, there are no evolution mechanics. There are 100 Little Misters available in the game, the majority of which seem to have been created for serving as playable characters as they do not match any records of Anomalous individuals known to the Foundation.

Format of Media: VHS Tape
Date of Recovery: 1999-03-02
Title of Media: Star Trek: The Next Generation A science fiction created by Gene Roddeberry that aired from 1987 to 1994. The series focuses on the USS Enterprise, a starship of the "United Federation of Planets" which explores the galaxy.
Notable Portrayals of Anomalous Events: The episode seems to have been produced before Season 3 and is titled "Uncontained." The episode starts with the Enterprise discovering a "Foundation Containment Pod." Described as an ancient earth organization that attempted to "control the strange and unusual." It is mentioned that Foundation was destroyed in the "Eugenics Wars."

My Containment Pod is embossed with the Foundation Logo and other iconography consistent with a Euclid class item. As soon as I am brought aboard the Enterprise Captain Picard notices that he is referring to myself in the first person. So he ordered my pod placed within a sealed-off bunker of the Enterprise until "I can safely be disposed of."

However one Ensign who had been introduced at the start of the episode displays symptoms consistent with extended exposure to myself. He broke into my containment pod, revealing that it is I, SCP-426, and attempted to interface myself with the Enterprise to convert the ship, and everyone on board the ship, into a toaster.

The end of the episode has Lt. Data destroy me, at the cost of the ensign's life. When asked by Captain Picard how Data was not affected by my properties, he says that "I was programmed to resist all known Cognitohazards Captain. That goddamn thing was never able to affect me."

Format of Media: Video Game
Date of Recovery: June 2018
Title of Media: Control, a fantasy/science-fiction third-person shooter wherein the player controls Jesse Faden, the newly-appointed director of the Federal Bureau of Control, an organization dedicated to the containment and study of 'altered items'. Faden herself uses 'Objects of Power' that confer abilities such as telekinesis and levitation.
Notable Portrayals of Anomalous Events: Item was flagged for clear resemblances to several aspects of the Foundation, including containment procedures, contained anomalies, Foundation Sites, personnel, and technology. Originally showcased at E3 2018 by Remedy Entertainment, a Finnish game development studio, previously responsible for the Max Payne and Alan Wake franchises.

While no 1:1 parallels with the Foundation are evident (i.e. no actual anomalous items, individuals, phenomena or locations in containment are shown), several clear similarities are present, including a 'sidequest' featuring a refrigerator with properties similar to SCP-173, in that breaking visual contact results in a fatality. Documents for altered items resemble SCP files, sans object class. The plot of downloadable content developed for Control displays similarities to theorized pataphysical models.

Remedy claims that the game was inspired by works such as the Holders series and the PAC Institute; no details that would constitute a Veil Breach are present in Control, and as such, the Foundation has allowed the game to be published.

Format of Media: DVD
Date of Recovery: October 31st, 2019
Title of Media: Over The Garden Wall, an animated television series that follows two brothers as they attempt to return home from a fantasy realm known as The Unknown.
Notable Portrayals of Anomalous Events: In episode 5, titled “Mad Love”, the brothers work with two talking animals to steal two cents from the eccentric Quincy Endicott’s haunted manor. Quincy, occupied by the search for the haunting, would normally be accused of murder by one of the animal companions, before launching into a monologue vaguely stating that he obtained his fortune through criminal acts. However, the episode’s content deviates wildly following the accusation.

Quincy begins describing how he began his career by participating in auction sales of anomalous artifacts, gradually gaining wealth through the selling of the artifacts present in his father’s mansion. When he became dissatisfied with the amount of revenue, he details how he used his remaining items and influence within the auctioning community (Which notably resembles Marshall, Carter, and Dark LTD. in terms of description) to enact several raids on Foundation facilities.

After describing the evidently massive loss of life that occurred after he released various anomalous entities, he states that he was “painfully unaware” that entities capable of harm even existed. As he says that “my personal kill count is probably in the thousands by now,” he pulls various Foundation documents from his frock coat and tosses them into the air.

While the text on these documents is not actually written, the titles are clearly visible, and name various keter-class entities. Quincy begins to weep, and the camera pans towards an outside window, showing a dark sky. Hundreds of animated eyes appear, turn towards Quincy, and the episode ends. Instead of the usual credits, Quincy Endicott’s name is listed in place of the individuals credited, with him being attributed as “The Fool” repeatedly.

Investigation into the imagery shown at the end of the episode is ongoing.

Format of Media: Television Broadcast
Date of Recovery: 2011-2-25
Title of Media: Kitchen Nightmares, a reality television show in which chef Gordon Ramsey is invited by the owners to spend a week with their failing restaurant in an attempt to revive the business.
Other Notes: During the premiere of Season 4 Episode 6 "Davide" a different episode titled "Ambrose Boston" played in its place. "Ambrose Boston" has never been played since and reruns of "Davide" follow the normal episode's plot.
Notable Portrayals of Anomalous Events: Unlike the structure of other Kitchen Nightmares episodes, "Ambrose Boston" only involves Gordon trying different dishes from the restaurant and no improving of the business as after eating, Gordon states "You're already more [Expletive Redacted] incredible than any of my restaurants. Everyone should come and try Ambrose Boston! I think we're done here." During the vanity cards, yellow text on a purple background reads "This episode was funded by Ambrose Restaurants." Gordon then proceeds to leave the restaurant and the episode ends.
Notable dishes tried by Gordon Ramsey are transcribed below.
Revolving Ravioli — The waiter carries out a dish with 9 pieces of ravioli spinning in a circle 1 m above the plate. Gordon is told by the wait staff to bite the ravioli as they float by. Gordon successfully takes a bite out of 3 ravioli before giving up and catching each with a fork.
Attractive Antipasto — After consuming 5 bites of the Antipasto, Gordon's facial features begin to morph1. 5 minutes after his final bite, Gordon's facial features revert to their previous state.
Phoenix Flambe — Two large hot wings are brought to Gordon and lit on fire. Gordon takes a bite from one of the wings while it is on fire but shows no signs of burns2.
Can-can Cannoli — After being set on the table, the cream on both ends of the cannoli extends out allowing the cannoli to stand using the cream as legs. The cannoli proceeds to perform a 5-minute can-can dance before lying back down on the plate to be consumed.

Format of Media: Flash Animation
Date of Recovery: 2002-04-10
Title of Media: Strong Bad Emails or sbemails, a series of Flash animations featuring a luchador-masked figure known as Strong Bad answering fan emails, hosted on the Homestar Runner website
Other Notes: On 10 April 2002, an unscheduled animation was published with the title "sbemail 22: cack." This was quickly flagged by Foundation webcrawlers and pulled, and the website's creators, after being contacted by the Foundation, cleared of wrongdoing, and amnesticized, posted the twenty-third episode on 15 April, uploading a non-anomalous replacement Episode 22 several months later.
Notable Portrayals of Anomalous Events: The following is a transcription of the email recieved by Strong Bad.

Vermost smalutations, m'leige Strong of Badness, with happy times, mimes, cack! Am rephrased coquetishally by Escarpi Teeth Three Eh Steve, and how!
Perchance one may send-saw ye a saw of senting such is me: by which wizardness does yon luchater wordsplap el blinkblox with fivefold claws set for fisticuffs?
Crapfitably, Herr Doktor Spankoflex, becross ye statewide forthwith, CACK!

Upon reading said email, Strong Bad sits for approximately twenty seconds in silence, before responding, "Uhhh, are you asking how I type with boxing gloves on? Because if so, then, DELE-."
Before finishing his characteristic shout of "deleted," Strong Bad's "Tandy" computer explodes with an accompanying "CACK" of a high enough volume to blow out most computer speakers.

When questioned about said email, SCP-2337 responded, "Cack! The Cheath is a million hairs! I shall it nine time! Great jorb, cack! A power crunch!" Translation is forthcoming.

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