Fritzwillie's Author Page
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Field Commander F. Williams(aka "Fritzwillie")

SCP Field Retrieval and Containment Commander.

Security Class: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Duties: Field Evaluation and Command, Field Recovery, SCP document development and review.

Current assignments and contributions:

  • Secure Facilities Locations
  • SCP-029 - Bio/Mechanical Arm
  • SCP-036 - The Reincarnation Pilgrimage of the Yazidi (kiras guhorîn)
  • SCP-041 - Thought Broadcasting Patient
  • SCP-044 - WWII-Era Molecular Fission Cannon
  • SCP-061 - Auditory mind Control
  • SCP-069 - A hole in the Universe
  • SCP-082 - Fernand the Cannibal
  • SCP-085 - Hand drawn Cassy
  • SCP-144 - Tibetan Rope to Heaven
  • SCP-165 - The Creeping, Hungry Sands of Tule
  • SCP-171 - Collective Brain Foam
  • SCP-180 - Identity Thieving Hat
  • SCP-192 - Geologically Active Human Head
  • SCP-202 - The Rewind Man
  • SCP-278 - A Large Mechanical Spider
  • SCP-286 - The De-evolution Stone
  • SCP-320 - Higg's Field Acceleration Manipulator
  • SCP-341 - A Collection of Extra-Solar Orreries
  • SCP-869 - Black Light
  • SCP-968 - Tar Baby
  • SCP-1003-J - Brown Note Kazoo
  • SCP-1004-J - Delicious Cake
  • SCP-1006-J - Wikipedia
  • SCP-1009-J - Advanced Prehistoric Human Dwelling

Rewrites and Edits:

  • SCP-067 - The Artist's Pen
  • SCP-976-J - "Navi"
  • SCP-981 - Sword of Damocles

SCP objects found interesting and favored:

Quotes and Commentaries:

"I'm tired of others always whining about originality, as if that was the most important thing, like something isn't creepy or interesting if you didn't think of it first. Anyway, it seems that no matter what you come up with, someone, somewhere, probably in Japan… has come up with it first or beaten it do death. For every one of my favorites, I can give you at least one example where its already been done, (on probably either Star Trek or the Twilight Zone).

That doesn't mean that they aren't good. For me, someone who puts their time into researching it, structuring it, making it believable but still pulling me into it. That's work you can take pride in, that's the work that I enjoy."

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