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My SCP's… I guess…
SCP-7962 : Golden Enlightenment
SCP-7795 : Đ is for Đirteen
SCP-7699 : Our Quiet Death (written alongside Jack WaltzJack Waltz)
SCP-7248 : Sail. Chase. Plunder. (written alongside FishishFishish, article 1 of 12 for the year of Trintish Fishavon)
SCP-7037 : Lucky Clover (7kcon entry, first article)
SCP-7013 : Thirteen Indeed (idea by me, written by users FishishFishish and Jack WaltzJack Waltz)
SCP-5283 : Please Nerf Nerf

My Tales… I guess…
173 But... (written alongside TstafforTstaffor)
173 But... it's a collaborative log (collaborative page established by myself and TstafforTstaffor)
A Damned Memory (coldpostcon entry)

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