Third Law Hub Series - Damocles


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Hector Canvera seeks enlightenment among the stars. He must not succeed. Only the crew of the Joyeuse can stop him. Written by GreenWolf, TyGently, and ch00bakka

  • 1. Stairway To The Stars — Moving to space together is usually fourth date material. Written by ch00bakka
  • 2. Harvester of EyesYour Blood Is Your Own. Do Not Nourish The Earth. Written by TyGently
  • 3. Workshop of the Telescopes — Or, Memos from the Damocles Working Group Regarding a Confection-Based Black Hole Feed System. Written by GreenWolf and TyGently
  • 4. SCP-6523 — The Machine (ISV Joyeuse) — The Joyeuse will arrive at Alula Borealis in 400 years. It will not return. Written by GreenWolf
  • 5. Fire of Unknown Origin — In order to begin their voyage, the crew of the Joyeuse must first set off the largest explosion in human history. Written by ch00bakka, GreenWolf, and TyGently
  • 6. Burnin' For You — The Joyeuse catches a black hole, takes a pitstop at Pluto, and sets off into the darkness for good. Written by ch00bakka, GreenWolf, and TyGently
  • 7. Next Part Coming Soon

After & Aside

In another time, another place, a new chronicle is written across the stars.

  • Secure Planet Dossier: Site Anvil — An interstellar colonization effort seeks to safeguard humanity from total destruction. Ideally, humanity will never find out. Written by GreenWolf and TyGently
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