Third Law Hub Series - Speed Demon


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A drug-addicted witch and her psychic best friend clash with the forces of law and disorder, seeking to become the most legendary criminals in a high-tech city full of them. Written by A Random Day


  • Zeitgeist — A day in the life of a ghost hitman, a space-drug smuggler, a psychic mob cleaner, and a junkie witch. Enter: the Chicago Spirit!
  • Australian Rules Drag Racing — Demon-fueled dragsters blast through the Australian outback, their drivers dueling with blowdarts and bazookas. Can one humble reporter brave the desert heat, find the story, and finally get laid? Written by ch00bakka
  • Hypervelocity — An adrenaline junkie snorts demons like cocaine and robs a cursed bank.
  • Terminal Velocity — A criminal mastermind snorts demons like cocaine and hijacks an interdimensional train.

Escape Velocity

When the Rookie's ex steals her powers and leaves her for dead, there's only one thing to do: cheat, steal, and kill her way into another universe to get revenge.

  • The Chosen Few — The Rookie travels to Three Portlands for a drink, but the UIU have other plans.
  • Morphine Machine — In order to track down her ex, the Rookie must enlist the help of the Black Queen.
  • Loud, Lawless, and Lost — The Rookie and the Black Queen launch a heist against Oneiroi, Inc., but they may get more than they bargained for.
  • The Revelation — The Rookie struggles to escape the clutches of Natasha Tokyopop.
  • Truth Is Sin — The Rookie makes a deal with the DJ.
  • The Vice Girls — Take a trip down memory lane and learn how the Rookie and Natasha Tokyopop first fell into each other's orbits.
  • Rise and Repent — Faced with the prospect of losing Natasha to a furry, the Rookie takes drastic measures.
  • Ecstasy and Exorcism — The Rookie makes terrible life choices.
  • Hard Machine — The Black Queen gets to know the Rookie inside and out.
  • Prey and Obey — The Rookie finally takes the fight to Natasha.
  • Jump the Gun — The Rookie battles an old rival and her new family.
  • Leather Pig — The Rookie experiences the consequences of her actions.
  • No One Gets Out of Her Alive — The Rookie comes face to face with the queen of hell.
  • Contempt — The Rookie tries to kill her first and last love.
  • Escape Velocity — The Rookie finally gets everything she deserves.
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