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Rich Man's World

Or: How Mr. Dark Got His Groove Back

Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLC, is due for a change in management. Mr. Marshall and Mr. Carter have chosen their successors; Mr. Dark's, unfortunately, does not want the job. Written by ch00bakka

  • When Situations Degenerate — Mister Marshall, Mister Carter, and Mister Dark meet to discuss their finances, their families, and their futures.
  • Get Out Of Her Way — Iris Black breaks her wrist, the speed limit, and several federal statutes regarding public use of thaumaturgy to make it to class on time.
  • They Laid Down The Law — Six or eight thousand years ago, two men bound a god. Four thousand years ago, their descendants almost lost it.
  • Blind to the Big Surprise — Hotdogs. Office furniture. A little light bondage. Iris gets professional help; Marshall and Carter face the music.
  • Latest Model Getaway Jeep — Iris meets the Black Queens. Marshall and Carter meet the antichrist. One of these meetings goes well.
  • Disgusting Things (You'd Never Anticipate) — Coming Soon
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