Third Law Hub Series - Samsara


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  • Avatara — After life is death. After death is rebirth. After rebirth is causing death. Written by A Random Day
  • Grant Request for Investigating the Application of... — In 1988, Prometheus Labs unearthed the corpse of a god. This is what they planned to do with it. Written by GreenWolf
  • SCP-2970 - Holy Misplacement — An immortal missionary, last survivor of a religion long lost to the ages, begs to be made whole. But how much does he truly know? Written by TyGently
  • The Lord of Endowments — The god of transhumanism. Written by sirpudding
  • Samsara — The Warrior seeks revenge. Tau-5 seeks humanity. Neither of them realize that they are pawns of a higher force seeking to become whole. Written by A Random Day and TyGently

Further Adventures

  • Death Perception — As Tau-5 struggle to fit into Site-30's Halloween party, a strange memory puts them on the path of paranormal self-discovery. Written by A Random Day and TyGently
  • The Powers That Bark — When Tau-5 adopts a new, four-legged trooper, its most dangerous member has a crisis of faith. Written by TyGently and A Random Day
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