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This page lists worldbuilding pieces — dossiers, orientations, and essays — that provide information on the setting of Third Law. Because so many other articles lean on the worldbuilding established in these pages, reading them can make it easier to understand the rest of the canon.

  • New Atlantis, Arizona — New Atlantis is an Atlantean colony located in the State of Arizona, and the capital of their revived civilization. Written by GreenWolf and ch00bakka
  • Operation LLEWYN DARK — When a contractual mind control satellite run by demons is struck down by a meteoroid, it's up to the Foundation to do some emergency maintenance. Written by Taffeta
  • Preliminary Report of J. C. Randall... — In 1927, Doctor John Carver Randall led a team of experts on an expedition to explore the multiverse. They never returned. Written by GreenWolf
  • SCP-3457 - The Rite of Solomon — The wisdom of Solomon was unmatched among mortal men. The Foundation seeks to keep it that way. Written by ChaoSera
  • Secure Facility Dossier: Site-246 — The Foundation's undersea facility located beneath the freshwater sea of Lake Superior, now greatly reduced from its former glory days. Written by GreenWolf
  • Secure Planet Dossier: Site Anvil — An interstellar colonization effort seeks to safeguard humanity from total destruction. Ideally, humanity will never find out. Written by GreenWolf and TyGently
  • To Be Noir Not To Be — There are only two things I hate about this job. The plasma cannon cleanups and the fanfiction reading. Written by Taffeta
  • UIU Location Dossier — "Paramax" — Paramax is not the most secure prison in the world, but only because it exists outside of space. Written by GreenWolf
  • UIU Location Dossier — "Three Portlands" — Three Portlands is an independent city-state and the largest paranormal enclave adjacent to the Western Hemisphere. Written by GreenWolf

Extended Continuity

These are worldbuilding pieces from outside the canon, but which still provide useful background information. Some of them are in Hard Continuity with Third Law, part of the larger extended continuity of the canon, while others only provide influence and inspiration as Soft Continuity.

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