Tanhony's Proposal II

Does the black moon howl?

Not while the stars shine.

Last Updated: 08/11/3764

Item #: SCP-001-SEEK

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its current mission of exploration, physical containment of SCP-001-SEEK is not currently being enacted. All information received from SCP-001-SEEK is to be logged directly onto the Site-01 database for analysis by members of the SCP-001 countermeasure research team. All alterations to SCP-001-SEEK's planned route must be approved via a vote of the O5 Council.

Description: SCP-001-SEEK is a biomechanical space-faring vessel designed to traverse space in search of extraterrestrial civilizations with potentially useful intelligence regarding SCP-001. Black in colouration, it is one-thousand meters in length, three-hundred meters in width, and six-hundred meters in height. Numerous thrusters, cilia and flagella are present along the length of SCP-001-SEEK's body in order to aid in movement while in space.

In order to assist it in this task, SCP-001-SEEK has been equipped with the following anomalous technology under the purview of Project Oromasdes:

  • A Type-40 Organic Learning Computer, artificially grown in such a manner that it is capable of handling a significantly greater capacity of information than any extant human or transhuman.
  • A universal translator reverse-engineered from the remains of the disassembled SCP-█████, capable of assimilating languages in several nanoseconds and providing basic context.
  • A transcription unit conceptually linked to an identical unit in Site-01, allowing the instantaneous transmission of information back and forth.
  • Three-hundred biological drones capable of flight and locomotion, directly controlled by SCP-001-SEEK's Organic Learning Computer via telepathic connection.
  • Three-thousand experimental cryogenic units capable of storing and preserving biological samples for extended periods of time.

In order to prevent SCP-001-SEEK from becoming a valid target for SCP-001, care has been taken to ensure that — although it is capable of feats of advanced intelligence — it is not actually conscious.

Addendum 001-SEEK-1 (Extended Exploration Log):

The following is a record of the most noteworthy explorations conducted by SCP-001-SEEK. All reports were compiled directly by SCP-001-SEEK's Organic Learning Computer and transmitted to Site-01 Command.

Exploration 001-SEEK-39


Conditions: Planet theoretically capable of supporting human life, however persistent blizzards and snowstorms cover the planet. Most prominent signs of civilizations are on the largest northern continent and numerous smaller islands which dot the surface of the planet.

Action Taken: Planetary orbit established. All drones deployed to investigate signs of civilization.

Civilization Condition: No conscious life discovered. All settlements consisted of abandoned villages and cities with primarily cone-based architecture. Signs of attempted evacuation present, with numerous abandoned space-worthy vessels discovered on the northern continent. Presumed obliteration of species occurred at least one-thousand years prior to arrival.

Relevant Discoveries

  • Numerous artistic depictions of spherical lifeforms, presumably the indigenous species, being obliterated by SCP-001.
  • Several-hundred spherical objects found at the bottom of a large cliff on the northern continent, indicating mass suicide on the part of said indigenous species.
  • Numerous brick-shaped objects scattered throughout all settlements. Inspection by drones revealed these to be touch-based means of information storage. Majority of storage devices indicated the presence of numerous contradictory theories regarding obliteration events.

Final Verdict: No usable information uncovered. However, context confirms influence of SCP-001.

Exploration 001-SEEK-202


Conditions: Planet incapable of supporting human life. Volcanic conditions across majority of the planet, with small temperate zones at both poles. Signs of civilization present inside deep craters within previously mentioned temperate zones.

Action taken: Planetary orbit established. Drones self-modified to withstand harsher conditions and dispatched onto the planet for investigation.

Civilization Condition: No conscious life discovered. Civilization consists of large black cylindrical buildings each thousands of meters tall. Investigation indicates that these functioned as mass communal dwelling areas, with living space for millions of organisms contained within each one. No signs of evacuation attempts. Obliteration of species believed to have occured at least one-hundred years prior to arrival.

Relevant Discoveries

  • Statues of quadrupedal entities with hooked claws on each foot present on each floor of the communal buildings. Evidence suggests these were the indigenous species of the planet.
  • Script written on walls within the communal buildings indicate a general feeling of acceptance of the inevitable among the planetary population. Further translation indicates that individuals were instructed to remain in their homes and await 'the coming of the (Howl/Reverberation)'.
  • Numerous creatures infesting the communal buildings, superficially resembling armored bats. Inspection by drones confirmed these creatures were not conscious and operated solely on instinct. Records present in the structures indicated these were originally rare animals, considered a delicacy.

Final Verdict: Full confirmation that SCP-001 does not target non-conscious life, as the 'bat' population on the planet had expanded to the point of them overrunning the ruins of the civilization in question.

Exploration 001-SEEK-499


Conditions: Entirety of planet has been urbanized, with large artificial farms and nature reserves present on the roofs of mega-cities. Weather appears to have been artificially stabilized to a neutral state at some point in the past, with regular rainfalls to provide for previously mentioned farms and nature reserves.

Action Taken: Planetary orbit established. All drones deployed to investigate all settlements over the course of six years.

Civilization Condition: Little conscious life discovered. Majority of the planet's cityscape has been overrun by non-conscious fauna and flora. Evidence suggests the planet was previously home to a highly advanced civilization in terms of technology, projected to be at least one-thousand years ahead of Earth. Numerous bunkers are present beneath the surface, presumably in an attempt to shield against SCP-001. However, as the majority of these were empty, it would appear that this was mostly unsuccessful.

Relevant Discoveries

  • Large amounts of data stored throughout the planet, indicating that the indigenous species was a vaguely humanoid form of fungi, capable of linking telepathically to boost group intelligence while maintaining individuality.
  • Numerous abandoned projects in high-security facilities throughout the planet, roughly analogous to previous attempts by the Foundation to observe SCP-001. Evidence suggests the executors of these projects were a local Foundation-equivalent.
  • One working cryogenic unit present in one of said high-security facilities, containing a surviving conscious organism from the planet. Unit recovered by drone and transferred to storage aboard SCP-001-SEEK.

Final Verdict: Significant success. Individual with potential knowledge of SCP-001 has been recovered. In accordance with direct orders from the Administrator1, SCP-001-SEEK will now begin the journey back towards the Earth.

Information on recovered organism will be placed in attached file.

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