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Only at the blind.

Last Updated: 02/05/1993

Item #: SCP-001-KEY

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Materials used for the creation of SCP-001-KEY instances are to be stored in a secure warehouse at Site-01. Any record of the concepts used to link an instance of SCP-001-KEY to SCP-001 is to be kept only on the secure Site-01 database, and amnestic therapy is to be used to prevent knowledge of said concepts from leaving Site-01.

Any non-viable SCP-001-KEY instances created as part of the project are to be stored in containment for further study that may benefit SCP-001 research efforts. Once the capabilities of SCP-001-KEY instances have been fully ascertained, containment of them in locations outside Site-01 is approved. In order to maintain potential containment of SCP-001, however, all instances of SCP-001-KEY must remain under observation at all times.

All creation of new SCP-001-KEY instances and research of existing SCP-001-KEY instances must be approved by Dr. Moto.

Description: SCP-001-KEY is the collective designation for a series of inanimate objects artificially linked to SCP-001 using conceptual engineering. Although the specific behaviour of each SCP-001-KEY instance differs, the consistent characteristics of a successful SCP-001-KEY instance are:

  • An inability to act while under observation.
  • A hostility towards conscious life.
  • The capacity to end conscious life if given the opportunity.

All instances of SCP-001-KEY were created in the hopes that, by conceptually linking to SCP-001, observation of SCP-001-KEY would be equal to observation of SCP-001, thus resulting in a halt to obliterations.

Addendum 001-KEY-1 (Instance Log):

The following is a record of instances created as part of the SCP-001-KEY project. Note that only successful instances of SCP-001-KEY have been recorded — a full list of all instances produced is available from the Site-01 archives.

Instance Further Information Comments
SCP-001-KEY-03 Instance took the form of a humanoid statue which, when unobserved, appeared behind the nearest individual in a threatening posture. Subject judged only as a partial success — it's unclear whether its behaviour is due to actual hostility or simply playfulness. Relocated. - Dr. Moto
SCP-001-KEY-07 Instance took the form of a humanoid statue which, when unobserved, attempts to snap the neck of the nearest individual. Success! Subject demonstrates all three properties required for a viable SCP-001-KEY instance, and the minor scale of its attack makes it easily manageable. Although we must continue producing instances for the greatest risk of success, this is a very good sign. - Dr. Moto
SCP-001-KEY-12 Instance took the form of a spherical sculpture floating one meter in the air. Immediately after becoming unobserved for a period of 0.2 seconds, SCP-001-KEY-12 violently exploded, resulting in the deaths of attending personnel. Although the instance was a success in terms of demonstrating the required characteristics, it was an unequivocal failure in the fact that it immediately self-terminated. The deaths are a tragedy, too — but as long as we can achieve our goal, the lives we will save will be more than equal. - Dr. Moto
SCP-001-KEY-13 Instance took the form of a sculpture of a human head three meters in height and two meters in width. When unobserved, SCP-001-KEY-13 immediately breached containment by ramming through the nearest wall at extremely high speeds and proceeding to attempt an escape from Site-01. Instance was re-contained after breaching the outer wall of Site-01 and attempting to flee across the desert. Unclear whether this instance demonstrated the required characteristics: while the escape resulted in the deaths of nineteen personnel — god rest their souls — it's unclear whether this was intentional or simply collateral damage. All the same, I've ordered this one terminated due to the difficulty of containment. - Dr. Moto
SCP-001-KEY-14 Instance took the form of a complex of intersecting stalagmites and stalactites, with a series of coral-like growths erupting from the central mass. When unobserved for 0.2 seconds, no activity was immediately observed. However, later investigation revealed that — during those 0.2 seconds — one-hundred and forty-two civilians staying in the ███ ██████ Hotel in [REDACTED]1 were killed via spontaneous and simultaneous human combustion. An unacceptable loss of life and breach of secrecy — I'm told anomalous means had to be used to prevent the collapse of the Veil in this case. I've ordered an immediate halt to production of SCP-001-KEY instances. If the principles behind the project hold, observation of all the extant instances we've produced so far should be sufficient to prevent SCP-001 from acting. At any rate, there have been no obliterations recorded since the project began. - Dr. Moto

Addendum 001-KEY-02 (Incident 001-KEY-01):

On 01/29/1993, the first observed double obliteration event caused by SCP-001 was recorded in Rome, Italy, with two tourists spontaneously being erased. It was later confirmed that, at the time of this event, all extant instances of SCP-001-KEY were being observed.

Several hours following news of this event, Dr. Moto left the following note in his office:

We've been looking at nothing.

I'm sorry, Administrator. I've failed you, sir.

Dr. Moto's body was later found in the temporary containment chamber of an SCP-001-KEY instance, having entered under the guise of performing vital research using his project head authorization. Cause of death confirmed as a broken neck.

The project was discontinued, and all remaining SCP-001-KEY instances were moved to Site-19 1993.

Addendum 001-KEY-03 (Reallocation of Resources):

Following the cancellation of the SCP-001-KEY project, all remaining resources were reallocated to the construction and launch of an experimental extra-planetary observation module. For more information on this project, consult the attached file.

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