Tanhony's Proposal II

Does the black moon howl?

Not without blood.

Last Updated: 11/04/1991

Item #: SCP-001-CAGE

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: As agreed upon during the formation of the current Foundation structure and mission statement, SCP-001-CAGE is to be confined to Site-01 at all times. Security personnel are to constantly accompany SCP-001-CAGE to ensure this agreement is honored, and are authorized to incapacitate SCP-001-CAGE via the use of tranquilizers in the event that he attempts to leave.

All research by SCP-001-CAGE on SCP-001 is to be conducted on level four of Site-01, working with a group of personally chosen research staff. Any outside communication required for this research is to be performed either remotely or through an intermediary.

These containment procedures are currently subject to change pending the completion of the Singular Conceptual Bunker (SCB).

Description: SCP-001-CAGE is a human male appearing to be in his late thirties, referred to in the majority of official Foundation records as 'the Administrator'. In actuality, the specific age of SCP-001-CAGE is unknown, but is believed to be significantly longer than the majority of known human civilization.

During his time in containment, SCP-001-CAGE has shown no signs of aging beyond his original appearance. No known means of permanently injuring or incapacitating SCP-001-CAGE exist, as all wounds inflicted to his body will be reversed following a period of exactly four seconds, regardless of severity. Tranquilizers have proven to be effective to a limited degree, as SCP-001-CAGE will remain unconscious for a short time after the tranquilizer leaves his system.

When questioned regarding his immortality and invincibility, SCP-001-CAGE has claimed that it is a result of being designated as 'the Counterbalance', an entity charged with pursuing SCP-001. According to SCP-001-CAGE, the designation of 'the Counterbalance' is one that can be transferred to another, but he has refused to transfer it to another member of Foundation personnel to prove this.

SCP-001-CAGE is the original founder of the SCP Foundation, having gathered the first O5 Council and provided information on a number of anomalous items gathered over the course of his pre-Foundation lifespan. In exchange for submitting to containment himself and providing the previously mentioned intelligence, SCP-001-CAGE was provided with the resources required to research SCP-001 and methods of containing or neutralizing it.

Addendum 001-CAGE-1 (Interview Log):

Since the original formation of the Foundation in 1███, SCP-001-CAGE has been subject to periodic interviews with members of the O5 Council in order to ascertain both his current mental state and the effectiveness of research into SCP-001. The following is the latest such interview — a full archive is available on the Site-01 database.

<Begin Log>

O5-3: There, we're recording. Are you ready to begin?

SCP-001-CAGE: Gosh, that's fantastic. I've really taken a liking to recording equipment recently, did you know? So convenient.


O5-3: So. We need to begin as always — the memory test.

SCP-001-CAGE: Are you new?

O5-3: I'm sorry?

SCP-001-CAGE: I don't think I've seen you before. Are you new?

O5-3: I've been in my current position for thirty years now.

SCP-001-CAGE: So you are new, then. Sorry, sorry. The memory test. Go ahead.

(O5-3 unfolds a sheet of paper and begins reading from it.)

O5-3: Do you recall when you were born?

SCP-001-CAGE: Before names.

O5-3: Before — can you expand on that, please?

SCP-001-CAGE: You need names when there's a risk of confusing people. When I was born, there weren't enough people for that to be a concern.

O5-3: Hm. I see. And do you recall how you obtained your current anomalous properties?

SCP-001-CAGE: The Counterbalance?

O5-3: If that's what you'd like to call it.


SCP-001-CAGE: (quietly) We had a village on the edge of the sea — just tents and caves, but it was a village for those times. I was the boy then. The closest thing to a name was what you were, because there was only one of you in the whole world.


SCP-001-CAGE: One day, someone new came. The hermit. He looked like he'd never eaten a day in his life, like a skeleton, but he never died. He came to the center of our village, sat on a stone, and waited — and a few days later, the Black Moon howled.

O5-3: SCP-001?

SCP-001-CAGE: The Black Moon. The youngest hunter was just walking to his cave — and then he was gone. A pitch-black statue mid-stride, four seconds, then nothing. Then the hermit turned to me, asked me what I'd seen.


SCP-001-CAGE: I told him. He told me about the Black Moon — told me everything he'd managed to learn over the course of his immortal life. It took him about four minutes.

O5-3: He spoke quickly?

SCP-001-CAGE: No. He just didn't know much. (quietly) He'd lived a thousand years.


SCP-001-CAGE: And then he gave it to me. He turned into dust. And I started walking. Is … is that enough? Can we move on?

O5-3: Yes. That's enough.


SCP-001-CAGE: (sighs) I see. What else is there?

O5-3: You've cleared the memory test. So — how are things going in regards to 001 now?

SCP-001-CAGE: Slow. But that's no surprise — it's been slow from the beginning. Dr. Moto has a proposal we're all very excited about, though, and I've always staked my hopes on the SCB.

O5-3: Interesting. Could you go into those a bit more?

SCP-001-CAGE: I've sent the project proposals and they've both been approved. That will be sufficient.

O5-3: Even so, I'd prefer to discuss them with you now.

SCP-001-CAGE: You think I'm full of shit, don't you?


O5-3: Excuse me?

SCP-001-CAGE: You think one of three things: that I'm lying, that I'm delusional, or that I'm fighting a pointless battle. From your eyes, I'd say it's one of the first two, probably the first.

O5-3: I assure you, I have the utmost respect —

SCP-001-CAGE:for your position and contribution. Yes, thank you very much. But I'd prefer if you didn't lie about your personal feelings. It's demeaning to both of us.


O5-3: You seem to be speaking as though you know my personal feelings.

SCP-001-CAGE: Yes, that's right.

O5-3: You're not a telepath. We confirmed that decades ago.

SCP-001-CAGE: No, I'm not. Your predecessors did fine work.

(Pause. SCP-001-CAGE leans forward.)

SCP-001-CAGE: People like to think that every single person is unique. But the thing is — and this is just my personal opinion, so please don't take it as fact — there are only a limited number of people, one-hundred or so, and they just happen over and over with minor variations between them. A bit of a temper, a predilection for flowers, a fear of wasps. All of it is window dressing for the same few archetypes.

O5-3: That's —

SCP-001-CAGE: And once you've been around as long as I have, you find it very easy to recognize them. So, again, please don't lie to me. I've heard it all before.


O5-3: I think you've got the wrong idea about me. I do — I do have doubts, but as I said, I have the utmost respect for you. But if, as you say, SCP-001 is an entity that can only be stopped by being observed, but can never be observed, it seems the effort expended is pointless.

SCP-001-CAGE: Have you read Moby Dick yet?

O5-3: Yet?

SCP-001-CAGE: It's a new book from a Mr. Melville. I've really identified with it. There's this character in it, Ahab, who has this scuffle with a whale. Ends poorly for him.

O5-3: It was my impression that the book was about how Ahab's pursuit of revenge against nature was doomed to fail from the start.

SCP-001-CAGE: Really? That wasn't my impression.

O5-3: Well, what was yours, then?


SCP-001-CAGE: That Ahab just didn't try hard enough.

<End Log>

Addendum 001-CAGE-2:

Following this interview, SCP-001-CAGE has provided further information on Dr. Moto's proposal regarding containment of SCP-001 under the purview of Project Oromasdes. Updated records of Dr. Moto's containment efforts are available in the attached file.

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