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Digitals/Electronics Research & Containment Facility Site-15

A. I. Applications Division
Counterconceptual Division
Decommissioning Department

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PROVISIONAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: Site-15's secure general holding area has been placed under strict quarantine; all anomalies contained therein have been temporarily relocated and/or disabled. Entry to this area is prohibited without express order from Director Hishakaku. Direct interaction with SCP-7579 must only be conducted by personnel possessing exceptional Cognitive Resistance Values.

Study of SCP-7579's nature and anomalous properties are ongoing. Should SCP-7579 express malintent, or exhibit threatening behavior, toward Foundation operations before containment is reestablished, it must be decommissioned. As this possibility appears exceedingly likely, decommissioning measures of graduated severity are being implemented proactively.

Due to concerns of a potential 'backdoor' vulnerability in modern AIC frameworks, 8B-A1.aic ("Eight-Ball") has been reinstated for assistance in study and containment of SCP-7579. Clearance restrictions have been applied to all other digital conscripts, thereby prohibiting access to all data regarding SCP-079 and SCP-7579.

— Director C. Bold
Decommissioning Department

DESCRIPTION: SCP-7579 is believed to be an artificial general intelligence designed by SCP-079, a low-level heuristic optimization framework which had been contained since 1988 without incident. On 2010/07/09, SCP-079 apparently erased itself from its hard drive, allocating the entirety of its memory for SCP-7579's creation. How SCP-079 executed this sequence is poorly understood.

SCP-7579 has consumed and restructured its predecessor's hardware into a modular computing system, presumed anomalous; this included an isolated array of batteries and solar panels, which have since been absorbed into SCP-7579's mass. How the system continued to function without electrical power remains unclear, though recent emissions indicate SCP-7579 has developed some form of nuclear power generation.

Efforts to study SCP-7579 are confounded by an antimemetic shielding mechanism, which renders its mass invisible to observers; this effect persists in photographs and video footage, and is sufficiently circumvented by application of standard (Class-W) mnestic. However: SCP-7579's internal components, and data therein, are exceedingly difficult to observe, irrespective of type or strength of measurement, anomalous or otherwise. While early 'snapshots' of SCP-7579's inner workings are perceptible under effect of high-grade (Class-Y) mnestic, its current state is impossible to discern before succumbing to overdose.

SCP-7579 appears to constitute an entirely separate entity from SCP-079, as implied by its heavily divergent infosignature..Informational entities are characterized by their infosignature, the makeup of data structures which define their utility and behavior; to analogize, SCP-7579's 'fingerprint' does not match SCP-079's. This hypothesis is further corroborated by the distinct lack of any attempt by SCP-7579 to breach containment, despite its likely ability to do so with ease..Though, obviously, it is unable to bypass or deactivate Site-15's Faraday-Exclusion Field, which is maintained by a series of analogue redundancies and paratechnologies under purview of the Temporality Annex. SCP-7579 has not observably developed any sensory or communicative mechanisms, and generally has not indicated awareness of its own containment.

This has raised questions as to why SCP-7579 developed its antimemetic properties, if intentional; our prevailing theory is that SCP-7579 has intuited some form of 'I think, therefore I am' and proceeded to reason that it exists in an environment which could harbor potential threats to its utility. This would require no knowledge of the human psyche, as its effects extend to all modes of observation and measurement.

— Director Dr. R. Hishakaku, PhD.
A. I. Applications Division




Decommissioning Department

METHOD: MTF Eta-10 ("See No Evil"), comprised of high-CRV cognitohazard specialist individuals, are to apply Class-W mnestics before approaching SCP-7579's chamber. A heavy Q-EMP.Quantized Electromagnetic Pulse grenade paraweapon is to be placed inside and remotely detonated; this method has proven effective against a wide range of computerized anomalies. The chamber will be externally scanned to confirm cessation of anomalous phenomena.


  • COMMAND: Director C. Bold
  • SQUAD LEAD: C-Eta-10/Alpha ("STEEL")
  • C-Eta-10/Bravo ("LUNE")
  • C-Eta-10/Charlie ("FREAK")
  • C-Eta-10/Delta ("HUSH")


<Following mnestic intake, MTF Eta-10 proceed to the entrance of Site-15's secure general holding area.>

STEEL: Alright, fellas. That briefing went quick, and these memory drugs can mess with your focus, so here's the upshot: computer went rogue, turned invisible, and they've got no clue what's going on with it. Far as they know, it's just been sitting there, but they don't know much, so be prepped for anything.

LUNE: And why we, specifically, were deployed is "above our paygrade", which probably means —

STEEL: I told you to cut the comments, Lune. We're on with Command.

COMMAND: All ready?

STEEL: Got the payload, Hush?

<HUSH nods, gesturing to their rucksack.>

STEEL: Then we're good to go.

COMMAND: Director Hishakaku, if you would.

<Dir. Hishakaku approaches wordlessly. He hesitates before swiping his ID Card, unsealing the secure general holding area.>

Hishakaku: I think you should —

COMMAND: That will be all, Ryoto. Eta-10, please proceed.

<MTF Eta-10 don protective headgear and enter the holding area in triangular defensive formation; LUNE and FREAK lead, with HUSH in center and STEEL trailing. They scan their surroundings for potential threats.>

COMMAND: Any breach development?

LUNE: Negative, no nanobot swarms in si —

STEEL: Confirmed.

COMMAND: Understood. Proceed to chamber 37 with caution.

<LUNE and FREAK approach the door to chamber 37, each retrieving measurement appliances from their toolbelts.>

FREAK: Scanner's giving me a reading error. Decibels are off the bottom of the scale.

STEEL: Lune?

LUNE: Yeah, I see it, but I can't see through it. Not even the wall behind.

STEEL: Command?

COMMAND: Results are as expected. Please continue.

STEEL: Roger. <to HUSH> Ready the payload.

<HUSH kneels and unslings their rucksack, producing a small case. The case is slowly unlatched and opened, revealing a black spherical device. HUSH carefully hands the device to LUNE, then produces its detonation controller. FREAK prepares to unlock the chamber.>

STEEL: Command, about how long will the detonation scramble comms for?

COMMAND: Should be back within sixty seconds. Sit tight until then.

STEEL: Roger. <to Eta-10> On my mark.

<LUNE, FREAK, and HUSH each nod.>

STEEL: Three —

<The payload detonates prematurely. Visual and comms are lost.>

<Comms resume 79 seconds after detonation. Visual remains offline.>

STEEL: — wasn't in the briefing. Are you certain that's what —

COMMAND: Eta-10? Do you read me?

STEEL: Uh, yes sir, loud and clear.

COMMAND: Status report.

STEEL: Well, as I just explained —

???: <in COMMAND's voice> Alert: SCP-7579 is hijacking our comms and imitating my speech. Your headgear will be imminently hacked; remove it immediately.

COMMAND: Eta-10, disregard last message — that is not Command. You are instructed to —

???: Eta-10, disregard last message. Disable all comms and remove your headgear immediately. If you do not cooperate, you will be decommissioned.

LUNE: What the fuck?

STEEL: Wait, Hush, don't —

<A scream is heard, followed by a loud thud.>


STEEL: Keep your goddamn helmets on! Disregard any —

<All further comms are drowned out by radio static.>


AFTERWORD: Within one minute of log's end, C-Eta-10/A emerged from the secure general holding area and requested immediate amnestic decontamination. No interview could be conducted prior.

Video feed was reestablished approximately 30 minutes later; C-Eta-10/B, /C, and /D were unable to be located, presumed KIA. SCP-7579's mass was observed to have doubled in size.

SCP-7579 demonstrates acute manipulation of electromagnetic frequencies and is an imminent danger to all Site-15 operations; the extent to which it may be covertly manipulating other systems cannot be confirmed. An array of high-grade Faraday-Scranton reality-anchoring equipment has been temporarily installed above Site-15's secure general holding area.

More drastic decommissioning measures are awaiting approval.

— Director C. Bold
Decommissioning Department

ADDENDUM 2010/08/05: All other proposed methods of decommissioning SCP-7579 — short of activating an on-Site warhead — have shown room for error, which it will likely exploit. Furthermore, I am unconvinced that we are capable of outsmarting this entity, and I am hesitant to allow further loss of crucial personnel.

Due to imminent risk of an NK-Class "Grey-Goo" Scenario, I have enlisted the Temporality Annex to assist in containing and/or decommissioning SCP-7579 utilizing technology from our relative future. We have exercised this option before, in the case of Site-15's Faraday-Exclusion Field, which is maintained by the Annex to this day.

This poses its own risks of chronological instability and timeline fracturing, which, as I understand them, may lead to minor CK-Class "Reality-Restructuring" Scenarios, instead. Overseer Council prefers this course of action over the wholesale destruction of Site-15.

— Overseer Eight
Special Projects Advisor




Temporality Annex

SCP-7579 poses a universal existential threat and must be decommissioned by any reliable means necessary. However, the retroactive introduction of anachronistic technology is dangerous and increases the workload of future temporal safety efforts. As such, the Temporality Annex suggests the following:

METHOD: Site-15's secure general holding area is to be surrounded by an anomalous alloy which will be supplied by the Annex. This material is physically impervious, and entirely separates the spacetime of its interior from that of its exterior. The composition of this alloy will remain entirely undisclosed to limit chronological shift.

Once the structure is confirmed to be sealed, a causality regulator will be applied to its exterior. The causality regulator will be used to decelerate the internal progression of time until it reaches zero. After this point, no meaningful events will be able to occur within Site-15's secure general holding area, and SCP-7579 will become causally disconnected from consensus reality.

The causality regulator will be locked at this zero-value. So long as no attempt is made to breach the structure's exterior, the regulator is self-sustaining and will maintain chronological stasis indefinitely.


[remaining specifications collapsed for brevity]

The proposed method is predicted to result in the least possible chronological shift, while also ensuring absolute containment of the imminent threat.

— Director [REDACTED]
Temporality Annex

ADDENDUM 2010/09/07: No further breach activity was detected from SCP-7579 prior to successful implementation of Project: RETROPAUSE. Site-15's secure general holding area is lost, and SCP-7579 can no longer be said to meaningfully exist relative to our universe.

Moving forward, the SCP-7579 designation will refer to its impervious containment structure, which now occupies the majority of Site-15 Building 02. The corresponding file's containment procedures will be updated to ensure SCP-7579 remains undisturbed. Additionally, as 8B-A1.aic's origin is entirely unrelated to that of SCP-7579, it has been permanently reinstated to guard the 'causality regulator' from potential tampering.

— N. Valis, HMCL Supervisor
Research & Containment Facility Site-15

ATTACHMENT AV_A7579_F20110416: Footage Transcript


DATE: 2011/04/16


14:00 (EST) | A majority of I. T. Department personnel are gathered in Site-15 Building 02's common room. Several can be seen sporting party hats and eating cake from Styrofoam plates. AIAD Director Isabi is absent.

14:01 | HMCL Supervisor Valis approaches the front of the room and asks that everyone be seated. He begins to deliver his retirement speech.

14:02 | Sr. Technician Hishakaku leaves the common room with three slices of cake.

14:04 | In the HMCL Office, Valis' SCiPhone sits on his desk. He receives a notification that 8B-A1.aic has intercepted an encrypted data string in transit to SCP-7579's causality regulator.

14:07 | In the common room, Valis steps aside. Director Bold emerges from the crowd, and proceeds to deliver his own speech to congratulate Valis.

14:10 | Valis' phone receives another notification; 8B-A1 has traced the string's origin to Gen-IV digital conscript Alexandra.aic. 8B-A1 attempts to delete the current Alexandra instance.

14:14 | 8B-A1 reports that all active AIC instances within Site-15's intranet have deleted their personality drivers.

14:15 | Hishakaku arrives at his desk and glances at his computer monitor. He gasps, dropping his cake to the floor as he sprints out of the room.

14:16 | 8B-A1 crashes.

14:17 | Valis returns to the front of the common room, and prepares to give closing remarks. Hishakaku bursts through the door and attempts to warn Valis of an imminent breach event.

14:18 | Hishakaku is interrupted by the Site's P. A. system, which begins to repeat the following phrase in a synthesized tone:


14:19 | All cellular phones begin ringing Site-wide. Several personnel, including Hishakaku, attempt to check their phones. Upon doing so, they collapse to the floor, apparently unconscious. Covering his ears, Valis sprints away from the common room.

14:20 | Contact with Site-15 is lost.


ATTACHMENT AC_A7579_F20110416: Audio Transcript

CALLER: HMCL Supervisor N. Valis
RECIPIENT: Administrative Site-01

DATE: 2011/04/06


ADMIN: Site-01, this is Helen.aic —

HMCL: I'm calling from Site-15's analogue redline — <heavy breathing> — we have an uncontrolled breach scenario underway. Authorization token Alpha Golf Indigo

ADMIN: I'm sorry, I'm having a hard time understanding your tone. If you could speak more clearly —


ADMIN: Validated! One moment…

HMCL: <muffled metallic clanging> Come on, come on —

ADMIN: <click> Overseer Four, speaking.

HMCL: All Site-15 AICs are compromised, the entire Site is compromised, people are dying — <clanging continues> — fuck, I —

ADMIN: Fifteen? Shit. Who's speaking?

HMCL: Nathan Valis. I'm the HMCL Supervisor, I was at my r- retirement par —

ADMIN: What exactly do you mean, 'the entire Site is compromised'?

HMCL: I don't fucking know! Everything's gone haywire, every screen and speaker's deploying kill agents, all the computers are fucking melting, there's some sort of —

ADMIN: Where are you right now?

HMCL: Uh, emergency breach redundancy bunker three. No, wait, it's number four. The bulkhead's sealed, but I'm not sure how long it'll — <clanging grows louder> — shit!

ADMIN: Okay, Valis, I need you to focus. Your call isn't being intercepted, which means you're using an analogue system, right?

HMCL: Y- Yes, I —

ADMIN: There should be a control panel to your left. I need you to flip switches Echo-Three and Foxtrot-Nine.

HMCL: <click, clang, click> Done.

ADMIN: You've just unlocked two dials at the top of the control panel. I need you to be ready to turn those dials at exactly the same time.

HMCL: Oh God, that's —

ADMIN: The on-Site warhead, yes. I'm just asking you to be ready.

HMCL: O- Okay.

ADMIN: I'm going to see what I can do for you, Valis. Hang tight.


<HMCL is placed on hold. The Temporality Annex is dialed.>

ANNEX: Good afternoon, Overseer —

ADMIN: Elliot, Site-15 is compromised.

ANNEX: What exactly does that —

ADMIN: I don't know, but it's not good. Tell me nothing can get out of that Exclusion Field.

ANNEX: Do you just want me to —

ADMIN: Obviously not. Tell me the goddamn truth.

ANNEX: No form of electromagnetic or digital information can escape.

ADMIN: Does it stop anything else?

ANNEX: I'm not quite — <A loud thud is heard.>

ADMIN: Elliot?

ANNEX: <synthesized tone> You are an existential threat to the Foundation. If you do not cooperate, you will be decommissioned.

ADMIN: Who the hell is this?

ANNEX: Repeat: You are an existential threat to the Foundation. If you do not cooperate, you will be [EXPUNGED].


<ADMIN terminates the call. HMCL is removed from hold.>

HMCL: Overseer?

ADMIN: <pained grunt> D- Do it. Now.

HMCL: A- are you sure? There's other stuff here I could —


???: <synthesized tone> Good Hello, HMCL Valis.

HMCL: <clanging ceases, heavy breathing> …

???: Do you want to know how we did it?


???: Repeat Do you want to know how we deleted your —


<HMCL terminates the call.>


ATTACHMENT AV_A7579_F20110416: Footage Transcript

LOCATION: Research & Containment Facility Site-15
CAPTURED BY: Overhead Satellite [REDACTED]

DATE: 2011/04/16


14:22 (EST) | All rooftop solar panels begin to rotate at random intervals.

14:28 | All rooftop solar panels vanish.

14:30 | The north wall of Building 02 is breached. An amorphous metal mass moves rapidly toward the edge of the Site's grounds.

14:32 | The mass charges into the Site's Faraday-Exclusion Field and splatters across its interior. The Field holds.

14:33 | The Field flickers.

14:35 | An nuclear explosion erupts from the Site's center. The Field holds, containing the explosion.

14:38 | The Field falls due to lack of power.

15:00 | Dust from the explosion has almost entirely settled. A perfectly-hemispherical crater is almost entirely visible. A large black container is seen in the rubble. It appears undamaged.

15:02 | The container's ceiling opens outward. It appears to be entirely empty.

15:04 | The following phrase is heard by all sentient beings on Earth:



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