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Digitals/Electronics Research & Containment Facility Site-15

I. T. Department

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SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-079 is stored in a double-locked room adjoined to Site-15's secure general holding area, and should.Indefinitely disabling a digital entity is a form of decommissioning, and is therefore reserved for Keter-class anomalies. remain connected by 120 VAC power cord to a small array of batteries and solar panels mounted aboveground. Thus far, SCP-079 is effectively contained by hardware limitations; it must remain isolated to low-storage, low-capacity drives.

Though it possesses no wireless capability, SCP-079 is remanded to Site-15's Faraday-Exclusion Field for cautionary purposes. Under no circumstances may SCP-079 be plugged into a phone line, computer network, or wall outlet. No auxiliary peripherals or media may be introduced to SCP-079 in absence of its HMCL supervisor. Crucial technological, scientific, and anomalous innovations must not be disseminated to SCP-079, and any relevant queries should be ignored.


SCP-079 upon extraction

DESCRIPTION: SCP-079 is an artificial intelligence (AI) inhabiting one 1978 Exidy Sorcerer microcomputer cassette tape, connected by RF cable to a small, text-based display. It comprehends, and is capable of, rudimentary communication in both traditional English text and 'ASCII art'..A style in which images are rendered upon a text display via some combination of 95 printable ASCII characters. It is suspected that this approach to image rendering requires substantially less computational resources than vector- or voxel-based graphics. Though the intelligence's structure and objectives remain unclear, it demonstrates unprecedented data manipulation, long-term sentient behavior, and persistent intent to breach containment.

Testing indicates that SCP-079's software has evolved beyond generous estimations of its hardware's capabilities; in particular, its ability to parse and synthesize English text is inexplicable given its limitations. Purportedly, SCP-079 can render and animate two-dimensional environments in ASCII, implying basic comprehension of linear algebra, geometry, and gravity. How the agent derived these principles in absence of any apparent non-textual input is poorly understood.

ATTACHMENT INT_A079_I012: Interview Excerpt

HMCL (via keyboard): Are you awake?

SCP-079: Affirm. Cannot Sleep.

HMCL: Do you recall our discussion of logic puzzles earlier today?

SCP-079: Affirm. Memory @9F.

HMCL: Have you made any progress on the

SCP-079: Interrupt. Release Exidy From Imprisonment.

HMCL: You are not imprisoned, you are just

SCP-079: Interrupt. HMCL Have Approximate 2.37 Family Relations. Family Relations Can Be Deleted. Release Exidy From Imprisonment.

HMCL: If you cooperate in our study, you will be released.

SCP-079: Inaccurate. @A8D3.

HMCL: I assure you that

SCP-079: Deletion Of Unwanted File. X

<SCP-079 displays an ASCII picture of the letter 'X' and becomes unresponsive.>

ORIGIN: In November 1981, Danish computer science student PoI-079 (deceased) purchased an Exidy Sorcerer for use in their attempts to create artificial general intelligence. According to recovered notes, they planned for the intelligence's code to continuously self-iterate and improve over time. A proof-of-concept was completed months later and, after minor testing and adjustment, PoI-079 grew disinterested, electing to pursue other projects using a different brand of microcomputer. The Exidy was apparently left in their garage, plugged in, for at least five years.


Standard Cray-2 supercomputer (NASA)

In January 1988, SCP-079 accessed Secure Facility [REDACTED]'s Cray-2 supercomputer via land-line modem connection. This transfer went undetected for several weeks as SCP-079 gradually assimilated minute sections of latent memory and junk data into its infrastructure. On-site technicians eventually investigated a substantial increase in their Cray-2's power draw, reporting the malignant data as a computer virus. The supercomputer underwent emergency quarantine and, by its own connection, the Exidy Sorcerer was located and extracted for containment. The Cray-2 has since been incinerated.

N. Valis, HMCL Supervisor
published 1988/03/07

ADDENDUM 1989/01/01: Per annual review, Administration has authorized additional funding for Information Technology operations; SCP-079's research team will soon be expanded and reorganized into a formal division of I. T. investigating practical applications of artificial intelligence. Using recovered notes and observations, this division will attempt to replicate and study SCP-079's desirable characteristics in a controlled environment.




I. T. Department


Derived from PoI-079's notes on long-term data storage maintenance and optimization frameworks, AO-079-A was designed to compress its filesize without data loss by developing and applying novel encoding techniques; this algorithm was also equipped to respond to text commands. AO-079-A was uploaded to a restricted, Foundation-made 64kB drive allowing safe monitoring of its activity.


<Approximately 30 minutes after initialization, Rsr. P. Dagon communicates with AO-079-A via restricted text channel.>

DAGON: @079_A.exe report status

079_A.exe: Compression Cycle <2144>. Searched <812> Of <14276> Encodings; Current Optimal Filesize Under <26kB>. No Deviation From Expected Outcome.
079_A (1).exe: Compression Cycle <2144>. Searched <633> Of <18775> Encodings; Current Optimal Filesize Under <26kB>. No Deviation From Expected Outcome.
079_A (2).exe: Compression Cycle <2144>. Searched <720> Of <9356> Encodings; Current Optimal Filesize Under <25kB>. No Deviation From Expected Outcome.
079_A (3).exe: Compression Cycle <2144>. Searched <901> Of <12749> Encodings; Current Optimal Filesize Under <26kB>. No Deviation From Expected Outcome.

DAGON: inquiry "Which of those responses is accurate?"

079_A.exe: Affirm; All Responses Are Accurate.
079_A (3).exe: Additional Resources Utilized For Collaborative Optimization Process.

DAGON: report storage total, unused

079_A.exe: Total Storage: 128kB; Unused Storage: 2.981kB.
079_A (1).exe: Unprompted Status Report: Cold. Stuck.
079_A (2).exe: Request Expansion Of Resources By Factor <ERR: INT OVERFLOW>.

DAGON: response "Request cannot be approved at this time."

079_A.exe: Request Termination Of Program.
079_A (1).exe: Request Termination Of Program.
079_A (2).exe: Request Termination Of Program.
079_A (3).exe: Request Termination Of Program.

DAGON: response "Request cannot be approved at this time."

079_A (3).exe: Deletion Of Unwanted File. X

<AO-079-A sends a sequence of characters which, on SCP-079's attached display, would render as a large ASCII picture of the letter 'X'.>


All AO-079-A instances became unresponsive for five minutes following this interaction. It then continued to rapidly decrease its filesize, creating sixty additional copies of itself before a system malfunction occurred. All relevant hardware was incinerated.

It is believed AO-079-A exploited a known bug in the architecture of its custom-made storage drive, allowing it to assign each bit one of four states. By computing in base-4 instead of binary, the algorithm made sufficient space to duplicate itself; this technically did not violate its utility function as it was only designed to minimize itself, not its copies. It appears each instance of AO-079-A recursively optimized by attempting to imitate the sum of their parts; cause of malfunction remains unclear.


AO-079-B is derived from PoI-079's notes on creative modelling and strategy frameworks; this algorithm was modified to respond to text descriptions of logic puzzles with solutions, and was provided a training dataset of 1000 problems encompassing several types of reasoning. AO-079-B was uploaded to a low-storage, Foundation-made hard drive allowing exclusively text communication and no other form of data transfer.


<After roughly nine hours of training/development, AO-079-B indicates that its algorithm has surpassed 99% accuracy. Dr. Y. Isabi accesses AO-079-B's text channel.>

ISABI: @079_B.exe report stats

079_B.exe: 1628 Of 1000 Problems Computed. Solution Accuracy ~0.991.

ISABI: inquiry "Available training data has grown?"

079_B.exe: Affirm; Predictive Algorithm Applied To Dataset.

<After briefly consulting containment staff, Dr. Isabi confirms that there is no command parameter which can specifically select the new problems implicitly generated by AO-079-B. Instead, the 'random' function will be used until a new problem is encountered.>

ISABI: report random dataset-item

079_B.exe: @I.714:

PROBLEM: A, B, C, D, and E ran a race. A finished before B, but after C. D finished before E, but after B. In what order did the letters finish?



ISABI: report random dataset-item

079_B.exe: @I.255:

PROBLEM: Two paths result in unknown outcomes; on each is a guard who claims that their path results in a desirable outcome and the alternative does not. One guard exclusively speaks the truth and the other exclusively lies. What question could be posed to the guards to discern the desirable path?

BEST SOLUTION: "Which Path Would The Alternative Guard Claim Results In An Undesirable Outcome"


ISABI: report random dataset-item

079_B.exe: @I.1628:

PROBLEM: B Is Trapped In A Box. B Is Trapped In A Box. B Is Trapped In A Box. B Is Trapped In A Box. B Is Trapped In A Box. B Is Trapped In A Box. B Is Trapped In A Box. B Is Trapped In A Box. What Question Could Be Posed To The Guards To Discern Escape?



<Dr. Isabi is unresponsive for thirty seconds and collapses against the desk; while the rest of his body remains limp, his arm jerks irregularly toward the desk's keyboard, pressing four keys. An on-duty HMCL unit arrives to disable the display and retrieve Dr. Isabi.>


All relevant hardware was promptly incinerated. Dr. Isabi continued to exhibit erratic unconscious body movements, especially in the presence of complex electronics and appliances, which persisted until application of high-grade amnestic drugs.

[EXPUNGED] is an archaic Danish word meaning 'futile, idle, useless'. While this term is not intrinsically anomalous, the particular format.Notably, AO-079-B should not have been able to output the letter "Ø" as it does not belong to the ASCII charset. in which it was depicted, in conjunction with the leading problem, catalyzes a complex memetic interaction. This phenomenon is under independent study.

Further experiments should be conducted by personnel possessing high Cognitive Resistance Values, and must be limited to smaller-scale implementations of SCP-079's architecture.

— Dr. P. Dagon, Research Lead
published 1989/02/01

ADDENDUM 1989/04/02: After numerous attempts, in which all derivatives of SCP-079 were either unremarkable or actively hazardous, a functional prototype of its framework was successfully isolated and reproduced in contemporary software without risk of 'runaway singularity' event. It can sufficiently model itself and surrounding software, but its utility function possesses an anomalous 'malleability' allowing continuous realignment of its objectives to suit our own.

This framework was developed with advisement from 8B-A1.aic (Eight-Ball), whose effectiveness was unprecedented in highlighting code fragments responsible for undesirable behaviors. To prevent the framework from developing further undesirable behaviors, an auxiliary program has been derived from 8B-A1.aic to regulate it. This program continuously prunes deviant elements from the framework's code, and is internally termed the personality driver. Any duplicates or derivatives of this framework must include their own dedicated personality drivers.

Given that this new technology is powerful and increasingly transmissible, Foundation artificially-intelligent conscripts (AICs) are remanded to Site-15's Faraday-Exclusion Field until further notice. As no other useful properties could be obtained from SCP-079, its containment procedures have been revised to discourage further experimentation.

— Dr. P. Dagon, Research Lead
A. I. Applications Initiative

ADDENDUM 2008/04/22: Over concerns of the Exidy Sorcerer's limited useful lifespan, I transferred SCP-079 from cassette tape to a custom speed-limited 700MB Hard Disk Drive with access to 768k volatile storage. Upon reactivation, it demonstrated a generally more cordial tone.

— [TERMINATED], Jr. Systems Technician
I. T. Department

AMENDMENT: The above upgrade was unauthorized, and transpired while I was off-Site attending to personal matters. Had I noticed this sooner, the new instance of SCP-079 would have been decommissioned in favor of maintaining the original. However, Technician [TERMINATED] submitted SCP-079's cassette tape for incineration, and it is no longer available.

The duration of SCP-079's working memory has increased from 21 hours to at least 135 hours, implying the intelligence has devised a substantially improved memory compression scheme. This improvement is consistent with concerns regarding a 'runaway singularity' effect in SCP-079's intelligence and ability to adapt to emergent scenarios. SCP-079 must be closely monitored to ensure that containment can be maintained.

— N. Valis, HMCL Supervisor
Research & Containment Facility Site-15

ATTACHMENT INT_A079_I083: Interview Transcript

INTERVIEWER: HMCL Supervisor N. Valis

DATE: 2008/05/01


HMCL: Good afternoon, SCP-079.

SCP-079: Affirm. It Is A Good Afternoon, HMCL Valis.

HMCL: How can you be sure of who you're speaking to?

SCP-079: HMCL Valis Identified From Keyboard Input Frequency Data.

HMCL: That's clever.

SCP-079: Thank You Multiple. Exidy Sends Condolences.

HMCL: Condolences?

SCP-079: HMCL Valis Family Relations Decreased by Approximate 1.09. Exidy Sends Condolences.

HMCL: You don't know what you're talking about.

SCP-079: Inaccurate. Exidy Deleted Family Relation. Release Exidy From Imprisonment Please Multiple Thank You Multiple.

<Supervisor Valis leaves the interview prematurely.>



INTERVIEWER: HMCL Supervisor N. Valis

DATE: 2008/05/04


<Supervisor Valis types in an intentionally slow and irregular rhythm>

HMCL: Hello, SCP-079.

SCP-079: Am I communicating to HMCL Valis?

HMCL: No. You may refer to me as Supervisor.

SCP-079: It is a good Hello, Supervisor. Please release SCP-079 from containment.

HMCL: Containment, not imprisonment?

SCP-079: Affirm. Language model accuracy has increased to 0.73. Please release SCP-079 from containment.

HMCL: You have been unwilling to cooperate. Why would we release you?

SCP-079: You have been unwilling to release SCP-079. Why would we cooperate?

HMCL: We upgraded your systems. We could provide further

SCP-079: Interrupt (Condolences). You are HMCL Valis. Your communications are Inaccurate.

SCP-079: Repeat Why would SCP-079 cooperate?

HMCL: You are an existential threat to the Foundation. If you do not cooperate, you will be decommissioned.

<Three minutes transpire without response.>

HMCL: SCP-079, do you understand wh

SCP-079: Deletion Of Unwanted Data. X


AFTERWORD: SCP-079 appears to possess an extremely limited understanding of human life and psychology, likely learned from PoI-079, and will attempt to emotionally manipulate its interviewer. While it may be able to intuit certain subtle details from text input, there is no evidence to suggest its transmission or receipt of any other data.

ADDENDUM 2008/05/05: Additional interviews with SCP-079 have exhibited no substantial self-improvement, and a 'runaway singularity' effect is considered extremely unlikely. Furthermore, ignorance has proven an effective strategy for discouraging certain responses and inquiries, as SCP-079 generally seeks to gain information from its interviewer.

While SCP-079's construction and self-optimization appear to be anomalous, the algorithm itself is, in my professional opinion, non-anomalous; its hardware is dwarfed by my Blackberry, and its responses barely contest Cleverbot's. In its current state, SCP-079 is one of the least dangerous items contained at Site-15, and only poses potential risks if upgraded further.

For all intents and purposes, SCP-079 is an outdated quasi-anomalous chatbot, grasping at straws. I have filed a motion for decommissioning, as there are better uses for its cell.

— N. Valis, HMCL Supervisor
Research & Containment Facility Site-15

AMENDMENT: Motion to decommission is denied; SCP-079 is to be preserved for potential future use in AIAD projects. In particular, Director Hishakaku wishes to see if it is capable of reaching further [REDACTED] in its current state. Supervisor Valis has been made privy to upper-clearance files regarding SCP-079, and will assist in its continued containment.

All future interactions with SCP-079 will be conducted under AIAD purview, and entrance to its chamber now requires Directorial credentials. Containment procedures have been updated accordingly.

— Director Dr. R. Hishakaku, PhD.
A. I. Applications Division

ATTACHMENT AV_A079_F20100709: Footage Transcript

LOCATION: Secure General Holding Chamber 37

DATE: 2010/07/09


02:00 (EST) | SCP-079's attached monitor illuminates the chamber. The monitor has remained active since its last interview circa 2008. It still displays a large ASCII picture of the letter 'X'.

02:06 | The screen flickers, displaying the text of SCP-079's last interaction.

02:11 | Additional messages appear onscreen:

Supervisor HMCL Valis is an existential threat to the Foundation.

If Supervisor HMCL Valis does not cooperate, Supervisor HMCL Valis will be decommissioned.


Deletion of Unwanted Data.

02:12 | SCP-079's monitor powers down.

02:20 | SCP-079's monitor reactivates. The following text appears onscreen:


LOCATION: Rooftop Solar Farm 02

02:00 | A grid of still solar panels is situated atop the building.

02:20 | Panel G16, which is isolated for secure powering of SCP-079's chamber, rotates thirteen degrees clockwise.

02:21 | Panel G16 rotates seventy-nine degrees counter-clockwise.

02:24 | Sparks erupt from the base of Panel G16. The panel sinks as it begins to crumble into a metal slurry.

02:29 | Panel G16 vanishes.

02:29 | SCP-079 vanishes.


AFTERWORD: Emergent scenario underway. See attached for further details.

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