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Speciale Contritio Poenitentiam:

So far, none of the missionaries sent to SCP-7503 had been received appropriately. SCP-7503 insists on ignoring God's Word and denies the Gift of Grace. Stronger missionary expeditions should be sent in order to bring SCP-7503 into the Light. An inquisitorial Auto-da-fé1, led by Maximus Physicus Imperatorious2 Cardinal Apollinaire, has been opened against SCP-7503. Shall SCP-7503 keep denying God's Gift and persisting in its blasphemous ways, it shall be found guilty of Heresy. If so, SCP-7503 shall be marked for a Crusade by the Council of Cardinals.


SCP-7503 refers to an alternate creation that was also bestowed by God with the gift of Humanity. SCP-7503 homo sapiens inhabitants are believed to be possessors of an immortal soul just as humans from Prime Creation, for God would not have created beings in His own image without blessing them with a soul. SCP-7503 is assumed to have fallen from Grace the same way as Prime Creation did since its humanity is also accursed with the damnation of the Flesh. However, unlike our Holy Imperial Church, the Church in SCP-7503 has failed to reject the Sin of Flesh and has rescinded its role as the lighting guide for Humanity. Pagan and heretical beliefs, as well as atheism and sodomy, are allowed to be practiced in the open in unashamed defiance of God. Moreover, the so-called Pope of SCP-7503 still bears the Sin of Flesh.3

For it is the holy burden of the
Sacrum Humanum Imperium,
to purge Sin wherever it may lay.


Addendum- Testimonio XI in SCP-7503's trial: Creed of the Quantum Cristica.

The Gratia of God is infinite,
so is the Sin of Man.

Infinite is Thy Lord's Creation,
as above so below.

Humankind is in a superposition between Sin and Grace,
For only Logos can collapse it.

Creation is in a superposition between Truth and Blasphemy,
For Logos is the alpha and the omega.

An infinite number of creations means an infinite number of blasphemies,
an infinite number of regretful Adams and an infinite number of sinful Evas.

The Fall of Man is an ever-repeating fractal.
For the Redemption of Man is an ever-repeating fractal.

The Sin of Flesh is not to be allowed to thrive endlessly.
For that is the penitence of the Impious.

Heresy is not to be allowed to go unchallenged.
For that is the duty of the Pious.

Cycles of Guilt are not to be broken.
For that is the Eternal Return of the Son of Man.

Blasphemy is not to be allowed to go unpunished.
For Dark is the Soul of Man and Flesh was its First Blasphemy.

The Gift of Truth and Grace shall be delivered to all Creations.
The Original Blasphemy shall be punished in every Creation.

Adam and Eve before the Fall.
To bones you shall return.

Quantum Cristica is unambiguous in its condemnation of the Sin of Flesh wherever it may be found. Both theological and scientific arguments are present as indisputable proof, for God is the ultimate answer found by Faith, Reason, and Science. The Church should not only be Universal, in the sense that it should extend to every corner of the known Universe; but truly Multiversal, in the sense that it should extend to every corner of every known Universe. It follows that is the holy duty of the pious to ensure All of God's Creations are free from Sin. It would be both Heresy against Faith and Idiocy against Reason and Science to suggest otherwise.

SCP-7503 shall be the first purge on a Renewed Eternal Crusade.


From Cardinal Apollinaire,
Maximun Physicus Imperatorius.
Principalem Accusatorem4 in the Auto-da-fé Against SCP-7503.

Addendum- Crusade Preparatio:

Video Recordum

His Imperial Holiness,
the Legimitate Pope, following the moral sentence and scientific reasoning of Cardinal Apollinaire and the blessing of the Council of Cardinals, has marked SCP-7503 for a Crusade and issued the pertinent deployment orders. The forces of the 13th Reserve Legion of the Dolorous Miracle shall be mobilized with immediate effect.


00:01:04 The colossal interior of Imperial Hangar 632. Walls and columns are decorated with statues of beatified leaders and machines of war. A massive stained glass depicting the Fall of Man adorns the farthest wall. The impressive war fleet awaits orders. These warships are the perfect cross between a cathedral and a dreadnought: 400 Chariot Gunships with Transtemporal Navigator Systems and 20 Ark Ships for Legionary Transtemporal Transport. The movement of troops has begun.

00:03:12 A rumbling sound can be heard. A massive force of towering metallic humanoid constricts enters the frame. This a cohort of 480 Relicari Goliath Units marching towards the Ark Ships, organized into 6 centuria of 80 units. Each centuria bears a different color, armament, and coat of arms of its Patron: the red lancers of Saint Dumas the Duelist of Fate, the scarlet Gattling-gunners of Saint Lucas the New Evangelist, the blue lepper-drillers of Holy Esculapio the Healer of the Everlasting Sore, the green rockets of Saint Ciprianus the Full-Metal Preacher, and the grey knight-flagellants of Saint Virgil of Our Hope in Hell.

00:03:18 Behind the Goliath units, another group of mechanic construct advances. 300 Relicari Equitea Units, their body resembles a quadruped animal with the torso of an armored knight. Each eque is armed with a lance, a shield, a side word, and a heavy machine gun.

00:05:25 The Relicari Units triple the size of the human troops marching alongside them. 2000 Knights from the Order of Malta, bearing heavy battle armor and personal Gattling-guns lead the human contingent. They are the elite of the non-Beatified Legion. 5900 Auxiliary Knights from the Teutonic Order Engineering Corps follow them, specialized shock troops, sappers, and military engineers. 15000 Men at Arms, recruited from the lower castes, constitute the core of the army. Even them are equipped with imposing battle armor, albeit less elaborate than their knightly counterparts.

00:40:44 The armored-cavalry division flanks the Relicari and infantry contingents. 200 Beato-piloted Carracio Heavy Tanks and 500 Pardoner Armored Assault Vehicles. The war machines are adorned with intricate statues depicting warrior angels, giving them the aspect of mobile altars and chapels. The statues are not merely decorations, but fully functional battle automatons.

01:05:34 The forefront of the army begins to embark on the Ark Ships. The first Chariots start to take off. War begins.

POSTREMUS NOTA: The Legion of the Dolorous Miracle shall constitute the vanguard of the Holy Campaign against SCP-7503. Further troops shall be ready after the securing of the Paulus System in the Theta 3 Quadrant is complete for the next solar month. After the Paulus campaign is finished, the Legion of the Holy Hand of Saint Ignatius and the Most Merciful Company of Maria Invicta will be free from their duties against the Heretic Orthotan Horde. Both Legions shall be deployed to reinforce the Dolorous Miracle for the second solar month from this date.

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