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Item#: 7503
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures:

There is currently no known way of containing SCP-7503. The Foundation, the Horizon Initiative, and the GOC have accorded to maintain a global monitoring operation to detect SCP-7503 related activity and counteract it immediately by any means necessary.


SCP-7503 is a spacefaring theocratic political entity from the alternate timeline designated as α-3. Not only does SCP-7503 exert total dominance over its version of the planet Earth, but it has colonized an estimated 54% of the Milky Way. SCP-7503 technological achievements are anomalous in nature, employing a type of functional thaumaturgy that bears resemblance to medieval alchemic practices.

SCP-7503 has shown xenophobic hostility and imperialistic intentions towards social and political entities outside its control. SCP-7503 possesses FTL1 capabilities and has engaged in a so-called "Eternal Crusade", a militaristic expansion campaign against all extraterrestrial sentient life. SCP-7503's advance has been halted by a coalition of alien civilizations known as the Covenant of the Second Hytoth. SCP-7503 and The Covenant of the Second Hytoth are currently engaged in a galaxy-spanning protracted cold war.

SCP-7503 was first encountered during the Benevento Incident2. Foundation and HI forces engaged in combat against a hostile entity previously identified as SCP-7503 and now designated as a Goliath-class Relicarium by HI researchers. At first, SCP-7503 was believed to be an isolated anomalous entity of Euclid class, however, the discovery of at least two other Goliath-class Relicari in other archeological sites around Italy led to the Foundation to reclassify SCP-7503 to Keter. Fortunately, the two Found Relicari were contained before they could be activated.

After Incident 143, novel information on SCP-7503 was obtained. SCP-7503 should be assumed to have hostile intentions toward prime timeline's Earth. SCP-7503 military capabilities are estimated to be orders of magnitude above the current global military forces, including the Foundation and GOC. There is practically no possibility of mounting a successful military resistance against SCP-7503.

Incident 143:

On June 18, an unknown spacecraft was suddenly detected entering Earth's orbit by Foundation radars. The spacecraft crashed 16 km south of Esmirna, Turkey. Foundation personnel were rapidly mobilized to secure the impact zone and a cover story involving an asteroid crash was divulged. The crashed spaced craft, which was assigned the codename Ark-12 by HI, bore no resemblance no any known spaceship design, instead being described as "a golden gothic cathedral in the form of a warship" by a witness.

After 16 hours, the spacecraft gates were opened and five humans emerged from it. They surrendered themselves willingly to Foundation operatives and were brought into custody for interrogation. They identified themselves as members of the Chaos Apostasy, an alternative version of the Chaos Insurgency that is working alongside The Covenant of the Second Hytoth to hinder SCP-7503 advances. They agree to provide the Foundation with crucial information regarding the nature, history and goals of SCP-7503. The information provided by the members of the Chaos Apostasy has so far been corroborated with translations3 from the Ark-12 database.

A Brief History of SCP-7503:

The point of divergence between prime and α-3 seems to be around the 12th century when α-3's version of the Catholic Church took a different approach toward anomalies than in the prime timeline. Instead of condemning the anomalous as heretical, the Church incorporated it into its belief system and encouraged research into it. A specialized church jurisdiction, the Sanctificatio Continentiam Pontificatus Congregatio, was established to conduct anomalous research under the supervision of the Council of Cardinals.

A priority direction of SCPC research was to achieve "sainthood" as a rejection of the flesh and the material world. As a result of SCPC efforts, the Church perfected an anomalous procedure known as "beatification". The exact details of the procedure are unknown, but it eventually entails the removal of all of an individual's flesh and the bounding of their soul into their skeleton. Beatified individuals lose the capacity to move on their own but gain telepathic abilities, including the power to mentally influence and mind-control any Catholic individual4 within a certain radius and operate anomalous mechanical constructs known as Relicari, which are used as a means of transportation and war machines.

In 1392, the ruling Pope underwent "beatification" and declared itself to be the "Pope-Emperor of Mankind". The Papal States were refashioned into the Sacrum Humanum Imperium5, a.k.a. SCP-7503. With the mind-control capabilities of "beatos" over the Catholic population, soon SCP-7503 exerted dominance over all of continental Europe. Armed with the Relicari and other anomalous weaponry, SCP-7503 launched a global crusade against all non-Catholic nations. By 1492, the last alliance of the Xia Dynasty and the Daevite Empire was crushed, finishing SCP-7503's conquest of Earth.

SCPC's technological and thaumaturgical capacities continued to grow exponentially. By 1588 they had achieved space travel, as well as rudimentary terraforming and habitat building that allowed them to colonize the Solar System. By 1630, FTL was mastered and it marked the beginning of SCP-7503's expansion into the Milky Way. As soon as alien life was encountered, it was declared heretical and the "Eternal Crusade" was launched with the intention of purging the Milky Way of non-human life. The crusade initially took extraterrestrial civilizations (with many of them being technologically inferior to SCP-7503) by surprise and SCPC achieved rapid success in conquering large portions of the galaxy. Eventually, remaining and more advanced alien civilizations organized to resist SCP-7503. This coalition was named the Covenant of the Second Hytoth and managed to stall SCP-7503's conquest.

With its space expansion halted, it is believed that SCP-7503 has turned its expansionist tides into alternate versions of Earth, specifically the prime timeline.

Interviewed: Julis Avicena
Interviewer: Dr. Chakrabarti
Foreword: Chaos Apostasy operative Julis Avicena agreed to offer all possible information on SCP-7503. > > The following log is part of a continuous interview process.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Chakrabarti: Greetings Julius, how are you feeling today? Is there anything I could do to make you and your companions more comfortable?

Julis Avicena: Greetings Dr. Chakrabarti. Thanks, but I believe we are alright. Well, I could abuse your generosity and ask for more of those chocolate bars. Those are considered luxurious desserts in the Empire. A pleasure reserved for high Church officials. You know, those ambitious enough to climb up the ladder but not fanatic enough to want to be beatified… There is actually another thing I'm really enjoying here: being able to finally relax and not worrying about warding off indoctrination every single moment of my life.

Dr. Chakrabarti: I'm glad to hear you are finding some rest here. I understand you found a way to break the indoctrination, could you tell me more about that?

Julis Avicena: Indoctrination is both quite a simple concept and one difficult to understand. I have been reading the documentation you provide me on this area… you call it memetics. I can see the similarities with the SHI indoctrination, but I'm not sure if I would call it a memetic effect. I'm not an expert by any means, but at least in my opinion it appears to be working in a different channel.

Dr. Chakrabarti: There are certainly lots of things even we still don't understand about memetics. But I agree with your assessment, this indoctrination may not be memetic in nature. The telepathic abilities of the "Beatos" certainly play a role. What else could you discover about it?

Julis Avicena: Reading your documents on the Relicai I saw you are already aware of the requisites. In order to be susceptible you need to have received the three sacraments: Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. But that's not enough to maintain total control. A certain degree of "true faith" seems to be needed. People have to actually believe those sacraments mean something and that the Church has the Truth in order to fall for the indoctrination. If that faith is somehow shaken then the indoctrination can be broken. It is not common, but some people will just spontaneously have a crisis of faith and break free.

Dr. Chakrabarti: Were you one of them?

Julis Avicena: No. Others, like me, may need a little help. When the Apostasy identified me as a possible recruit, they approached me with an offer. We also found that certain high-concentration amnestic drugs can help to break long-term indoctrination. But it is ultimately your choice whether you take the pill or not. In some sense, it is harder to live without faith… Anyways, we are always on the look for those individuals. Not only because we need more recruits but because joining us is the only way for them to survive. Otherwise, they will be easy prey for the Horizon Inquisition. On the other hand, in the same way the indoctrination can be broken, it may come back again if the faith is somehow restored. So he always had on the look not only for each other but even for ourselves. I hope this revelation doesn't shatter the little trust you have put in us.

Dr. Chakrabarti: Truth be told, we never really trust anyone. Nothing personal, I know you agree it is the best policy in the long run. So what can you tell me about this Inquisition?

Julis Avicena: They are the secret police of the Empire, purging every sign of "heresy" wherever they find it and whatever they decide it will be this time. They are the reason we work mostly as independent cells. It is better this way to maintain the charade that we are still loyal subjects of the Empire. Even though we are their principal target, no one is safe. Everyone who shows even the slightest sign of breaking the indoctrination will become prey for them.

Dr. Chakrabarti: One of your companions mentioned something interesting about the "indoctrination". If I understood correctly, the physical proximity to a "beato" should also factor into it…

Julis Avicena: Yes, it is easier to break away when they are not around. Fortunately, they can't be everywhere. Only 15% of the population has been "beatified". Mostly government and Church officials, but also the Relicari army. Since they are functionally immortal and can occupy their post indefinitely they don't let anyone new in unless strictly necessary. At some point, we feared they wanted to turn all humankind into them, but they seem eager to maintain the hierarchy. As far as we know, "Beatos" can't indoctrinate each other. But among them there is a strict hierarchy. They keep the details of the procedure well-guarded. Still, there seem to be different levels of it, corresponding to different psychic prowess. Not all saints are created equal.

Dr. Chakrabarti: Yet their collective power is terrifying. I understand you would not be able to conduct your operation without The Covenant of the Second Hytoth.

Julis Avicena: That is probably true. They provided us with tons of resources, plenty of the sort you would call anomalous. Without their help, we would have fallen a long time ago. In exchange, we serve as intel and help to sabotage SHI military campaign against them. That is partially the reason we ended up here. We were investigating a massive military mobilization we suspected was another Crusade against the Covenant. But something was off. For an interstellar military campaign of that magnitude, they should have been preparing a massive armada. That is the way their crusades usually start. But there was no armada this time, instead just smaller ships, more suited for intraplanetary travel. That was how we realized they weren't getting ready for space travel…

Dr. Chakrabarti: Please go on…

Julis Avicena: We were already aware of parallel timelines because of Covenant intel. We also gathered some information suggesting SCPC was looking into time-related anomalies. So we got suspicious. We manage to steal one of their ships and confirm it had been modified for transtimeline travel. This explained the lack of an interstellar armada, they didn't need one if their plan was to invade Earth… another Earth.

Dr. Chakrabarti: So you decided to leave everything behind to warn us. A very brave and risky move. Some even may doubt you did it for, pardon the expression, Christian charity.

Julis Avicena: I know you have a lot of reasons to be distrustful of us. As we have said before, you are free to check our ship logs to corroborate what we are telling you. But even that's still a bet. They could be fakes for all you know… but even men of science like you have to sometimes take a leap of faith… Whether you believe me or not, my conscience is clean. And as for this being a charity operation… (Pauses for a while before continuing.)

Julis Avicena: Let me tell you something. Back there neither we nor the Covenant have been able to make advances against the SHI in centuries. But we hope that maybe… just maybe… if they were to be defeated here, they could be destabilized enough to be vulnerable in our timeline. We the apostates won't rest until the Empire is gone. We will try anything to have our victory, no matter how hard or dangerous. That is the nature of this mission… Our motto is "Ad astra per aspera", after all.

Dr. Chakrabarti: "Through hardships, to the stars." I admire your conviction, Julius, but I don't want to sour your hope. But we had already had some encounters with SCP-7503. Their military technology is formidable and I have to admit we had a hard time against only one Relicarium.

Julis Avicena: And that's only the recon. They are testing your defenses. The true extent of their strength will be seen soon.

Dr. Chakrabarti: And we are doing everything in our power to prepare against SCP-7503.

Julis Avicena: And even that may not enough… you need to go beyond.

Dr. Chakrabarti: We will. We are the SCP Foundation. The real one… And we always do…

Julis Avicena: One last thing, doctor. I know they are still your allies in this timeline. But I would not put a lot of trust in them.

Dr. Chakrabarti: In who?

Julis Avicena: The Horizon.. the Inquisition. The ones you call the Initiative.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCPF is currently in urgent discussion with the GOC and the Horizon Initiative to prepare against the threat posed by SCP-7503.

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