Item #: SCP-6907

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: In preparation for the arrival of SCP-6907, Joint Task Force Sigma-8 "Most Unlucky For You" has been formed in order to subdue, contain, or neutralize SCP-6907 immediately upon manifestation through the use of overwhelming force.

Should these measures fail, and containment is deemed unfeasible, Foundation assets are to stage a disinformation campaign with the purpose of making it appear to the general public that the federal government of the United States of America has called a recess, as SCP-6907 is expected to kill a large number of heads of state. To this end, fabricated video appearances and press releases from members of the government are to be created to maintain this illusion.

Once this has been completed, clones are to be created of deceased heads of state, which are to be implanted with memories from their genetic templates and placed into their governmental roles. Once enough politicians have been replaced, the disinformation campaign is to gradually taper until normal functions of government can continue.

Description: SCP-6907 is a Type White1 humanoid anomaly projected to appear on 07/26/2014 in western Maryland. Exact details of its appearance and capabilities are difficult to accurately gauge at this time, but based on historical records (see Discovery), a variety of SCP-6907's capabilities can be inferred:

  • Biological immortality.
  • Invulnerability to conventional armaments .
  • Prolonged endurance without the need for sustenance or sleep.

Based on archeological records and historical accounts, SCP-6907 is expected to attempt to seek out and kill the heads of state of whatever country or jurisdiction it manifests in, and will subsequently disappear. Accounts state that no force is capable of significantly impeding the progress of SCP-6907.

Discovery: On 03/26/2014, a group of hikers hailing from Maryland, USA, made a post on social media detailing their discovery of a stone obelisk near a hiking trail that seemed to have appeared overnight. Foundation agents were dispatched and deemed the obelisk to be an anomalous artifact, leading to the area being secured and the social media posts being discredited as a marketing stunt.

Examination of the etchings on the obelisk revealed them to be the same passages translated into various different ancient languages, including known non-anomalous languages, languages used by extinct anomalous civilizations, and previously undocumented languages. A roughly translated excerpt from these passages is included below.

Upon the syzygy of the phantom stars,
Akendu-fel, Lord of the End, supplicant of Eresh-mla, Scion of Bloodshed,
Will descend upon the land and in his path shall be destruction,
For no army may impede him, nor feat sway him,
Kings and great leaders will be taken,
And in their place leave only bedlam.

This message stands as a warning.
Akendu-fel will appear at this spot,
And set his sights upon the lords who rule this land.
Do not heed the calls of your rulers to defend them,
For there is no glory in decimation,
No wealth in ruin,
No reward in foolish death.
Abandon your lords and look to yourself,
Allow this deity to finish its task,
And you shall come to no harm from him.

Further testing of the obelisk confirmed that it possessed no anomalous qualities or traits beyond its sudden appearance.

Shortly after the discovery of the obelisk, it was observed by civilian astronomers that four large asteroids were spotted between Earth and Mars, on a path to form a syzygy with Earth on 07/26/2014. It was determined that this likely corresponded to the syzygy mentioned in the above passage, and as such marked the predicted time of appearance of SCP-6907.

This discovery was suppressed, and several Foundation research teams were sent to investigate corroborating reports of what was detailed on the obelisk from the archeological records of the civilizations whose language was present on it. Various archeological finds made in the following months as well as re-examination of archived material all corroborated the same information despite many of the instances taking place in drastically different geological locations and time periods. Because of this, the threat outlined in the obelisk's passages was deemed credible.

Addendum: As of 07/17/2014, Joint Task Force Sigma-8 "Most Unlucky For You" has finished their preparations around the projected site of SCP-6907's arrival. Currently, containment of SCP-6907 is intended to be established through the use of overwhelming force in order to stun the anomaly long enough to where permanent thaumaturgical measures can be implemented. Current assets in place for this measure include but are not limited to:

  • 1 MDR-5001 Man-Portable Railgun
  • 3 MDC-7001 Railgun Emplacements
  • 1 MDC-8001 Railgun Platform, assembled on-site due to its size
  • 70 artillery batteries of various caliber
  • 7 attack helicopters of various model
  • 18 armored combat vehicles
  • 874 armed and trained Joint Task Force members
  • 200 kilograms of high explosives placed around the area for remote detonation
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