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Anomaly №: SCP-6789

Object Class: Uncontained

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the global spread of SCP-6789, all human survivors are to report to Foundation Naval Base-01 in the North Pacific Sea. In conjunction with the remaining member-states of the New World Congress, the area surrounding Naval Base-01 is to be patrolled daily in search for the emergence of SCP-6789 phenomena; all encountered structures are to be immediately eliminated. Protection of Naval Base-01 and High Command is of urgent priority.

Until a method of properly neutralizing SCP-6789's effects on human subjects is developed, no missions for the rescue of lost personnel or explorations into SCP-6789 affected regions are allowed. All personnel affected by the anomaly are to be considered lost.

Description: SCP-6789 is a worldwide occurring phenomenon, currently believed to encompass approximately 97% of all of Earth's area and 99.98% of its population.

SCP-6789 facilitates the rapid growth of organic life, leading to the emergence of floral superstructures and the manifestation of fauna believed to be long extinct. The entire anomaly seems to be interconnected, centered around a gigantic floral organism. A nucleus from which all further life is generated. This structure (located in the former city of Częstochowa, Poland) is theorized to have an expansive root system, granting it access to life on a global scale.

Due to SCP-6789's effects on human subjects as well as its suspected intelligence, no exploration missions into the nucleus have been successful. Similarly, unmanned explorations which would allow for entry have been consistently prevented by SCP-6789's protective and regenerative properties.

SCP-6789's growth patterns suggest signs of sentience; paring this observation with the information gathered from SCP-1000-152, it is theorized that behind the anomaly's actions lies a sentient Level IX theologically-ontokinetic entity present within Earth. It's theorized that this entity could have been the source of all life on Earth, or at least played a major role in its formation.

SCP-6789 possesses the ability to actively protect itself and adapt to any and all methods used by the Foundation against it; however, due to the extremely large area it occupies, its movements and adaptations are rather slow — it is theorized that this is true not because is lacks sufficient strength or coordination, but rather it has yet to fully materialize its potential. Sources indicate that SCP-6789 is currently in a vegetative state. With time, SCP-6789's speed and responsiveness appear to be exponentially increasing. The reasons for this are unknown.

Despite SCP-6789's influence being globally distributed, they have been observed to be focused around industrial centers; as such, undeveloped areas such as the North Pacific Sea are relatively safe for human habitation, albeit not immune to SCP-6789's effects.

SCP-6789's floral structures' secondary effect manifests when in proximity to any individual possessing a Cognitive Resistance Value (CRV) of less than 50; during such an event, they will be involuntarily put to permanent stasis for as long as they are within SCP-6789's reach. These individuals do not wither in any way — in fact, most individuals have been noted to become much healthier and stronger following incapacitation by SCP-6789. All humans under the influence of SCP-6789 have been observed to become encompassed in biological cacoons; these structures have been theorized to protect affected individuals, but the true purpose of this process is unknown at this time.

Despite no apparent source for such manifestations, numerous long-extinct species of both flora and fauna have been noted to appear and repopulate their previously inhabited spaces; it is believed that SCP-6789 is singlehandedly responsible for bringing back approximately 23% 54% 78% 90% of species previously extinct due to human action and the creation of an incalculable amount of new ones.

Addendum 6789-1: The following is a table of researcher observations regarding SCP-6789's effects on particular countries and areas worldwide.

Country SCP-6789 Density Additional Notes
United American Kingdoms Baseline Following SCP-6789's manifestation in the North American continent, Yellowstone Base has been lost, with all personnel having been evacuated before the spread of SCP-6789 into the Duchy of Wyoming. SCP-2000 remains accessible through direct portals, as SCP-6789 structures do not appear to have penetrated the insides of the underground complex housing it; it's unknown why this occurred, considering SCP-6789's attraction to machinery. Similar to other Foundation sites worldwide, Yellowstone Base has lost its main purpose — the Great Yellowstone Supervolcano, which was once monitored and restrained has been noted to cease volcanic activity. Most nearby areas previously thought to be inhospitable have been healed and are populated by wild flora and fauna alike.
The Kingdom of Libya Extreme The main difference between pre-SCP-6789 Libya and post was the total destruction of more than 274 industrial complexes which were once the country's pride. Of note is the total decontamination of the connection between the Libyan Ocean and the mainland; this change has been so extreme that even the Devil's Throat is now clear of all traces of oil contamination. Similarly, the Great Libyan Canal is once again accessible through the European Straight despite once being blocked by industrial waste for more than 27 years.
The Antarctic Empire Above Baseline Despite the extremely harsh environment created by the Antarctic Empire, SCP-6789 growths did not struggle with adapting to the conditions; in actuality, most floral megastructures spawned around the country were noted to be the largest on record. Growths were noted to be universally dense regardless of human development, unlike previous trends — the only exception to this rule was the complete destruction of the country's floating capital. It's theorized that this was caused by the city's proximity to the Ozone Hole.
Republic of Poland Extreme Being the origin point for the entire anomaly, Poland's entire area is dense with SCP-6789 flora. Despite this, the most compact area is the core itself, the Silesian Voivodeship. There, numerous formations and structures which do not appear to be present anywhere else in the world are located — examples include trees larger than 100 meters in height or half-transparent biological domes acting as insulative barriers for the most polluted areas. All such places have been noted to heal much more quickly, with instruments noting that Poland's once poisonous groundwater is now at an almost perfect level of quality. Fish and other water life have since repopulated these waterways as they did before the industrial revolution.
The Tuvalu States Extremely Low The situation noted in the Tuvalu States is certainly the most unusual — though not because of what most would expect. Throughout the entire country, almost no plants exist. Large tracts of land consistently possess almost no growths whatsoever. The Tuvalu States account for more than 75% of the planet's surface that has yet to succumb to SCP-6789. The only parts of the country that have been effected are the highly populated industrial complexes, though these account for less than 0.00001% of the country's area. Although an attempt was made at establishing a Foundation Base within Tuvalu, all expeditions were met with failure due to resistance from SCP-6789 towards all construction efforts. Further plans were stopped once Foundation Naval Base-01 was designated as humanity's safe haven.

Addendum 6789-2: The following are all proposals executed by High Command in an attempt to eliminate SCP-6789.

Proposal #01: Via the usage of Foundation physicists, thaumaturgists, and theologists, attempt to contact the deity located within SCP-6789's core. Use Foundation rituals to imprison, reason with, destroy, or otherwise neutralize the entity.

Council Vote Summary: 1300

Result: Proposal accepted and applied. Despite the ritual's perfect execution, no answer was received.

Proposal #09: Via the usage of a Foundation-developed anomalous disease specific to SCP-6789's floral structures, attempt to reclaim critical Foundation bases and habitation centers. Resume previous containment efforts once successful.

Council Vote Summary: 802

Result: Proposal accepted and applied. Despite the development and release of said disease, SCP-6789 structures seem to have developed total immunity in less than a month. How this was achieved remains unknown.

Proposal #19: Apply Ennui Protocol and through the usage of Project Lethe to metaphysically destroy the concept of industrialization from the entirety of the human psychospace. Await the total collapse of all SCP-6789 structures and resume human life as normal.

Council Vote Summary: 512

Result: Proposal accepted and applied. Despite a perfect execution of the protocol, no results were observed. Connections between this and information learned via extensive interrogations of SCP-1000-152 are pending verification.

Proposal #43: Via the usage of Foundation-made spacecrafts, attempt to populate one of several habitable exoplanets. Abandon contact with Earth following success of the mission to limit possibility of SCP-6789's spread.

Council Vote Summary: 403

Result: Proposal accepted and applied. Foundation Vessels Bastion and Fortress created with the combined resources of the American National Aviation Administration and Prussian Aeronautics Society. 5 hours prior to launch of the vessels, SCP-6789 emerged rapidly within the launch facility. Personnel and vessels are to be considered lost.

Proposal #44: Via the usage of lethal memetic triggers activated via Project Lethe, eliminate all of humanity barring High Command and wait for the natural death of all SCP-6789 structures. Repopulate the Earth with SCP-2000.

Council Vote Summary: 302

Result: Proposal accepted and attempted to apply. Despite the activation of the meme, SCP-6789 structures appeared to prevent the activation of the trigger's lethal phase, nullifying its success.

Proposal #67: Via the usage of Project Lethe and Kholoud-memetic triggers, revert humanity's state of development to pre-industrial times through the degradation of brain development. Rob humanity of thousands of years of scientific, cultural, and technological development. Await total destruction of modern infrastructure by SCP-6789 and the release of all individuals from SCP-6789's effect. Apply Ennui Protocol following its success.

Council Vote Summary: 100

Result: Proposal accepted.

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