Item#: 6517
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6517 is kept in a storage locker containing a freezer system to preserve the inner contents of SCP-6517.

Description: SCP-6517 is a red, heart-shaped container consisting of 21 chocolate slots originally located on Dr. Colbern's desk. Chocolates contained within SCP-6517 are designated as SCP-6517-1. SCP-6517-1 bears no visual difference to a commercially sold Valentine's Day chocolate.

SCP-6517 has a front cover with a miniature pink satin sash labeled "Choc o' lusts" in purple lettering. Under the front cover is a crudely written message printed in ink. SCP-6517 has no branding on its container other than one phrase located on the back of the container, reading, "For who you crave, so they can crave!"

Whilst underneath the anomalous properties of a piece of SCP-6517-1, the affected consumer will go in search of the unknown giver of the box. The only known recipient of SCP-6517 is Dr. Colbern; however, it is theorized that other instances of SCP-6517 may have been delivered.

Addendum 6517-01: The note contained within SCP-6517.

I love you… do you love me? I hope these chocolates help you find your love for me.

- Your secret admirer

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