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This is Zachary Rainer—

—and Lauren Jeane.

… and Lauren Jeane. And this will be the… final? (Pausing) Final, journal log.

Should we should try and keep things nice and short?

Well, I mean — sure. You're the one who wanted to make this after all.

(Rs. Rainer chuckles.)

You're right. I did.

(Silence for 15 seconds.)

It's been almost 30 days since we resurfaced from diving. Since then, we have lost all but 3 personnel. This, of course, doesn't include the previous Dr. Kaiden Sinclair, who we later realized was not the actual doctor.

Do you want to explain this part, Lauren?

Uh, sure.

After some investigation into Dr. Kaiden Sinclair and the "Project 'PARASYTE'" precursor study held before Project 303-13, we eventually learned that he had been compromised by a parasitic anomaly. This parasite was able to then transfer itself into the Noosphere along with the rest of us — presumably infecting it and the rest of all human perception.

With the obvious exception for us. Even though we still don't necessarily know why, yet.

We'll need to spend some more time later trying to piece it all together.

(More silence.)

That isn't everything you wanted to say, is it?

Unless you wanted to mention the little thing we have going, maybe.

Zach. Not now, please. There are more important things we need to worry about.

(It goes silent once more.)

We can, uh, we can discuss that later then.

(He clears his throat)

I could talk about how all of the anomalies that surrounded us before are gone. Completely vanished, I mean. Our best guess is that Dr. Sinclair was the primary anomaly, and wasn't able to transfer himself to another host before dying.

(Dr. Jeane vocalizes in the affirmative.)

Which means our next task will be turning things back to normal.

Hopefully there's a solution that doesn't turn us into lab rats or corpses as soon as we return things back to the way they were. If that's even possible at this point?

There is. We'll just need to explore our options.

You make it sound so easy Zach.

Well it's not exactly rocket science.

What are our options then? For making things go back to normal?

We can try to live things out and hope for the best.

Or we could jump ship — find some anomaly that can take us back in time, switch realities, anything really. The world's our oyster.

Have you talked to Aaron about it?

It wouldn't matter if I did, would it? Not like we have any other things to do here.

So, that's the plan then?

It's all we need.


Should we go ahead and end this here then? Not like it has much of a point anymore.

(He chuckles.)

Right. Yeah, we'll end this here. Just don't let me forget to tell you about this idea that I've been having for the three of us.


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