sussy fragment 2

> Relevant data discovered. Outputting ADDENDUM ONE for SCP-6200

> Output paused. You have ONE saved note. Would you like to access this first? y/n

>> y

> Accessing recorded note…


Recording log one. My name is Rs. Zachary Rainer and the date is, uh (Pauses) July 11th. It's currently 10:32 A.M, roughly 5 and a half hours after NICE drive researchers resurfaced from their dive. Of course, we can't really remember anything from that dive. Trying to absorb all of the human consciousness would've easily killed us if we tried it. Monitoring teams were supposed to be recording our excursion, but those went offline due to the lockdown. Just our luck.

Emergency systems brought us back from the sub-reality layer. Seven researchers are alive and healthy, but the same can't be said for anyone else. (Pause) The current cause remains… unclear. I'm in the process of updating some documentation with notes and information as it comes, although I'm not sure if anyone else will have access to this document. Not even really sure why I am making a document (Faint chuckling) old habits, I guess.

Everyone else is, well, frightened. We were trained for researching, not for whatever the hell this is. The rest of the group is a bit… shaken. Wouldn't be surprised if most of them believed that this was all happenstance. Or, you know, whatever else they can think of. I couldn't blame them — what are they supposed to be thinking in a situation like this? (Sigh) But I'm just not as easily convinced. It isn't adding up for me. I mean, the entire world eats shit in a basket — and us seven just happen to be the lucky ones? Yeah, sure.

I guess I can't say that. (Sighing) There may be others outside, after all, though we've all been too scared to try and find out. It'd probably sound selfish to think us seven were somehow the "chosen ones" for all this.


It's getting late. Or, uh, early right now. Should probably get some rest before I lose my chance to. Tomorrow is never promised, right? (Chuckling before pausing) Man, I just sounded like Dad right then. How weird. Anyway, this is my future reminder to stay on track with these notes. Maybe they'll be important someday.

Yeah, maybe I'll be able to learn what's going on just before I disappear like everyone else. That's a fun thought.


End recording.


ADDENDUM ONE - RECORDED LOGS FROM SITE-119: A series of Site-119 logs have been recorded and archived by automated programs per the request of user: zrainer119. Which directory would you like to access first?

> End of archived data.

> Refreshing database contents...

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