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Clearance Level 1: Clearance
Containment Class: neutralized
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Special Containment Procedures: Outside of archival documentation, SCP-6140-A should be referred to by its legal name, rather than as an SCP object. It is not considered anomalous.

Information regarding SCP-6140 is classified Level-1 and available for research.


Qawet, Daevastan.

Description: SCP-6140 was a CK-Class Scenario which resulted in the re-manifestation of SCP-6140-A, a UN-recognized state officially known as the Republic of Daevastan. Predecessor nations include the Daevite Empire, various tribal sects and its membership within the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, all of which were forcibly suppressed from consensus reality until SCP-6140 occurred on March 20th, 2022.

SCP-6140 occurred due to the destruction of SCP-140, a text which purported to describe the historical Daevite Empire. It is now known that SCP-140 was highly inaccurate. Further, it was discovered that the former prevailing theory as to the operation of SCP-140, that it was restoring an ontologically annihilated civilization into being, was only partially correct: it was also the phenomena that had initially ontologically annihilated Daevite history. The complete destruction of all copies of SCP-140 undid its effects and ontologically reinstated SCP-6140-A to its original form.

Most Foundation installations and personnel were reality anchored in preparation for this event and thus were unaffected. As a result, the internal consensus of the Foundation is now at odds with greater consensus reality. Discrepancies between reality have yet to be fully reconciled; the Foundation is currently working towards briefing personnel on the inaccuracies described in SCP-140.

Addendum 6140.1: Historical Comparisons

The following table outlines inaccuracies described in SCP-140, and the truth as present in the legitimate Daevastan.

SCP-140 / Previous Reality Post-6140 Consensus Reality
The history of the Daevites is remarkably consistent, displaying little evolution over time. Completely unsupported. Daevite culture has transformed significantly as technology and social conditions changed.1
The Daevite Empire contained an imperial cult to the Scarlet King, which survived to the modern day as the Children of the Scarlet King. This cult focused on violent masculinity, as embodied in the Scarlet King. The Scarlet King never existed. The myth of the Scarlet King was invented by SCP-140-A to downplay the leadership of the Eptem Ansor2 and subvert the Daevite matriarchy in favor of a more familiar Western patriarchy.
The Daevite Empire had one of the largest slave populations of any civilization in history, with approximately 75% of the total population being enslaved. True. However, shortly following this peak, a slave revolution destroyed the Daevite Empire. All successor states have defined themselves as heirs to this revolution and vocally opposed slavery, save for the short-lived Koevar sect, which collapsed following a military coup.
The Daevites were led by a long-lived and anomalous human subspecies known as the daeva, which practiced extensive cannibalism. The daeva were baseline humans who styled themselves as divine and were known to practice cannibalism. However, the daeva ruling class was obliterated during the slave revolution that destroyed the Daevite Empire.

Later Daevite nations used the title of daeva for various leadership positions, but these later daeva were had little relation to the original ruling class and did not style themselves as divine.3
SCP-076 is a humanoid anomaly within Foundation containment, an immortal warrior only capable of thinking about violence and farming. SCP-073 is another immortal humanoid, also in containment, believed to be the brother of SCP-076. Their names are believed to be Ab-Leshal and Qayin, respectively, and they are suspected to be related to Abel and Cain from Genesis. Ab-Leshal and Qayin are Daevite cultural heroes with no relation to any Abrahamic faith. Together, they led the slave rebellion against the Daevite Empire. Neither was anomalous.
The Daevites practiced an anomalous form of horticulture, capable of creating sapient and highly anomalous plant matter with various effects. Various anomalies contained under the designations SCP-3140, SCP-392 and SCP-3399. Daevite horticulture is highly advanced, but not anomalous. Techniques used in the nation have formed the basis for general horticulture around the world.

Addendum 6140.2: Profile of SCP-140-A



In the months following SCP-6140, multiple Foundation investigations were launched to explain the massive discrepancy between the observed Daevastani nation and the country described in SCP-140. One such inquiry was into the SCP-140-A (the author of SCP-140), who Foundation historians suspected of having authorial bias.

An investigative team determined that SCP-140-A was Thomas Bruce, 6th Earl of Elgin and ancestor of Richard Bruce. It was originally believed that Thomas Bruce had sponsored Ab-Leshal Curix in publishing a work which described the Daevite Empire. Analyzing records present within Daevastan, it has been determined that Ab-Leshal Curix never actually existed and was merely Bruce's pen name.

In 1786, Thomas Bruce visited the Grand Khanate of the Daeva. At the time the country was a significantly reduced from the height of its former power, the historical Daevite Empire, and existed as squabbling regional powers. Bruce was fascinated by the past of the country, to the point of completely ignoring its present state. He wrote the Chronicles of the Daevas, which ignored most of the country's history and blended its popular mythology into the nation's history. A single copy of this text from the original print run of 75 copies was preserved in the Daevite National Library, allowing it to survive both CK-Class Scenarios.

It is believed that Bruce made contact with an unknown occultist for the printing of the Chronicles of the Daevas. An extensive ritual was performed, and the printing began on June 20th, 1788, the summer solstice. Soon after, SCP-6140 began on September 22nd, 1788, the autumnal equinox. This event fully removed Daevite predecessor states from reality, transforming the inaccurate ethnography into the only ethnography.

Addendum 6140.3: Dr. Jad-Leshal's Testimony

The Overseer Council asked Dr. Jad-Leshal Prattan, a Daevastani member of the Foundation,4 to give a briefing on its national history in the immediate wake of SCP-6140. The following is a transcript of the briefing that he presented to the Council on March 21st, 2022.

Hello, everyone. Hope you are well. I recognize some of you, but the feeling is not mutual.

You've asked me to give a briefing on my home country, which none of you knew existed. To make it worse, you are more familiar with a wildly inaccurate eighteenth-century English Orientalist's scandalous and highly embellished depiction of our country, which was in fact anomalous and removed our country from existence entirely. This version of our country, if it had ever existed, would have been the bloodiest and most anomalous civilization in the world.

You called me here to describe what my Daevastan is. I'm not going to do that. You can find out what we're like later. No, today I am going to argue that we deserve to live, because that's the real reason you called me here: to decide what to do in the wake of this CK-Class Scenario.

I don't even know where to begin with that.

I think I'll start with myself. Why I'm here.

In the timeline and world I remember, we were not expecting anything to happen on the equinox. As such, we had reduced security in the temporal-exclusion and reality-anchoring sites and more personnel allowed outside them — all at normal levels, of course. I happened to be outside a site at the time, travelling between one. Then 6140 hit, and now we don't agree about anything.

So you have that as a problem. We clearly have more consensus reality on our side — it's everybody else in the world who isn't a skipper! — than you do, so. So we're here to stay, I think. You have to let us stay, it's your - our - whole ethos. And that means I need to give you a crash course into our history.

My people, my nation, we're not anomalous. If the briefing you gave me is true — and I really have no idea, because it was incredibly brief — then we have been on the wrong side of the joke for something along the line of two hundred years. We're the victims here. And I'm worried that your knee-jerk reaction will be to play the joke again, because that's what you do. I've dealt with all of you before, in my reality, the one I remember. I guess those versions of you are lost, but let's be honest: you haven't changed. None of you have changed in the entire time you've been alive. That's centuries for some of you, right?

We're a peaceful country. If it wasn't for the actions of a single Orientalist and his book — a book I read as an academic curiosity — we wouldn't be sitting here today. You wouldn't know the difference between us and anywhere else in the world. Yes, we had a bloody past. But not without consequence! Yes, the Daevite Empire had one of the highest rates of slavery in the world, of any country ever. Perhaps it was only higher in Sparta, with the helots.

But you know what happened next? We ripped the daevas apart and burned their palaces to the ground. A single prince decided to eat an enslaved child, when there were more slaves than freemen. So his estate rose up and hanged him. And then because there were more slaves than daevas, that initial rebellion spread outward, and toppled the entire empire. The true history of our nation is not one of eternal slavery, no. We were the first nation in the world to outlaw the practice and we never let it return.

But a single man saw that past. That single moment in which a prince ate a child and he stretched it into eternity. He made it the past of the country — that slavery was the backbone of our entire past — and the present. The revolution wasn't salacious enough for him, so he took the moment in time that was, and he made it the only image of the country, the only one that could exist. But without the release of revolution. Depravity, but without consequence. And it spirals from there, becoming worse and worse. Because we had no voice, nothing to say "Stop. It wasn't like that."

It was nothing but tragedy, what he did. So I come before you today, and I have to beg you: do not repeat what he did. Do not do the same things. Do not force us back into the dark.


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